Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
108 Second Sword Realm
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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108 Second Sword Realm

Dante carefully manipulated the golden flames and he slowly started to send them into the drop of blood containing Zatiel stem cells.

When the golden flames touched the drop of blood, this one started to radiate a great amount of energy and in the next second it duplicated his size, This process happened over and over again, and as the stem cell increased their quantity, Dante made sure of guiding the specialization process.

Even with Dante's abilities, the process was extremely slow since the changes that he was making in his brain and nervous system, needed to be checked constantly, as any mistake in this part would ruin the body.

As the hours pass and the body started to form inside the elder brain, the golden sun was moved inside him and the heart was formed containing it.

It was after eleven hours, from the moment that the stem cells were charged with the golden fire, that the body was completed.

Dante made several inspections on the body and once he was sure that there was no problem in it, he integrated his soul with it.

Once Dante's soul entered the new body, some changes happened it the elder brain. The Eye of Life and Creation disappeared and it was no longer producing any golden flame, but his golden exterior remained and the vitality that you could feel in it was certainly greater than the one a normal Rank 3 elder brain should have.

It seems that although the time it was nourished by the golden sun and in possession of the Eye of Life and Creation was small, it still was affected by the laws that they represented.

A minute after the soul of Dante integrated with the body, this one opened his eyes and come out from the elder brain, landing outside the pool, showing his appearance to Zatiel and Heinz.

The body was that of a child around ten years old, his facial features were very similar to the one of Zatiel, and although some small differences separated their looks, it was obvious for anyone who sees the two of them, that they were father and son.

His hair was black, the irises of his normal eyes were white, and there was the distinctive Eye of Life and Creation on his forehead that displayed his bloodline heritage.

The boy was very handsome just like his father, and his eyes radiated an aura of great intelligence.

Heinz moved his finger and a red aura reached Dante covering his body with a red robe.

Dante walked to Zatiel and Heinz's side and gave a small bow.

"Father, uncle."

"Why did you chose that age?" Zatiel was curious about his son's choice since he could have made his body adult immediately.

Of course, how old the body appearance was, did not affect his battle power at all.

"I feel that this age, better reflect my emotional maturity."

Dante knows that even though he may be able to process information hundred or even thousands of times faster than those in his same Rank, his life experiences were nonexistent, and the control he had over his emotion when it comes to important matters was weak.

Zatiel knows of the boy's shortcomings when it comes to his feeling, but he did not found it a problem, after all, he literally born today, and the fact that he was able to recognize his weakness was already a great display of maturity.

"Hahaha, so young and already speaking with such wisdom, he is definitely your son, brother." Heinz could not help but laugh at the child's words.

When Dante hears those words, he straight up his pose, and pride appeared on his face, as for Zatiel he only proceeds to laugh along with Heinz.

"I was going to give this to you, brother, but I think you would be happier if it goes to your son."

Heinz made a drop of blood appear and sent it to Dante's chest, where it landed right above the place where his heart was and transformed in a tattoo of a sword.

"That will allow you to release a one-time attack that carries a power equal to the one I can perform when I release my Law Avatar. After delivering the attack it will transport you to any place you want in a radius of one hundred thousand kilometers."

"Thank you, uncle!" Dante was elated with the presence of the sword tattoo since it was something it could save his life even in the most threatening of situations.

Despite being only a one-time attack, if it were to land in a Rank 4 life form before he activates his Law avatar, it could end his life.

Zatiel was also very grateful since he understood the great value of that drop of blood, and knew that it should have taken Heinz a lot of time and energy to create it, especially since it has such a powerful teleporting ability.

"Brother, by what I saw in your battle against Lun, I take it that you already achieved the first Sword Realm, right?"

"Yes I did, and I must tell it is impressive. Not only my attack increased in power but my Law of Sword advanced all the way to the "Initial" level of comprehension once I reach it." Heinz was still marveled by the upgrade he obtained by reaching the first Sword Realm.

"Good, then it is time for you to start training in the next realm. To reach the first realm you needed to make the sword a part of your body, and the second is much harder since to reach it you will need to treat the sword as an extension of your consciousness." Seeing that Heinz was focused, Zatiel continued with his explanation.

"The second Sword Realm is known as 'Sword spirit', to achieve it the first thing you need to do is have a sword strong enough to company you during the entire time you spend training in this realm since if your sword were to be broken, you will have to start again from the beginning and it will be even harder the second time."

Heinz fulfilled that condition immediately since the sword that was using now was very powerful and even, in the future, when he advances to the next Rank, he would not need to change it.

"You will need to constantly nurture the sword with your consciousness until eventually, just like the stars, develop a consciousness itself. This consciousness is commonly known as sword spirit and it would not only increase your offensive power, but also the defenses of your soul. Here, take this." Zatiel took a crystal from his ring and engrave some information in it before throwing it to Heinz.

Heinz catches the crystal, and since he had an idea of what was in it, he could not wait and immediately sent his consciousness inside.

Exhilaration fills Heinz's face as he read the title which says, Path Technique: Sword Empyrean.

"Since you reached the first realm on your own, then you can use this Path Technique to guide you into the next realms safely. Although it is extremely difficult to reach the fourth Sword Realm, if you do it, you will reach the level of comprehension needed over the Law of Sword to use it, when you attempt to become a Being of Laws."

"Awesome!" The more Heinz reader this Path Technique, the more he loves it and he could not wait to start training it.

To become a Being of Laws, you needed to have perfect control over more than one law so even if Heinz reached the fourth Sword Realm, it did not mean that he could progress to that Rank.

But he has always been very talented in the Law of Killing, so with the help of the Path Technique, his advance will be much easier.

"We still have other matters to discuss." Zateil feels the need to call the cultivator's attention when he saw the way he was behaving.

Something was telling him that if he doesn't stop him, this brother of his was going to enter deep seclusion to train for several years, and for his next plans, Heinz was a fundamental part.

"First, the less important matter, I will need your help to contact the Scientia Kingdom, it is my understanding that when it comes to the creation of magic towers they are the best in the entire Magi World."

The Scientia Kingdom that Zatiel was referring, is the third great power that ruled the surface of the Magi World, and although they are the oldest organization of the planet, the lands under their control are much smaller than the ones from the Eye Dynasty and the Aeternum Empire.

But this did not mean that they were the weakest since, in all of their millions of years of their existence, no power has ever dare to challenge them or invade their terrain.

It was rumored that this was because those Being of Laws behind those powerful organizations have strictly prohibited any sort of aggression against them.

"No problem, they are easy to contact and although they are very expensive, they are indeed the best in what they do."

After saying those words, Heinz adopted a serious expression before speaking again.

"I must warn you brother, you must not harm any of them, since the repercussions of harming a citizen fo the kingdom is something even I fear. But luckily you don't have to worry about them offending you, because they are extremely pacifistic people and the only thing they seek is knowledge"

Zatiel has ear allot of rumor about the kingdom, and seeing Heinz's expression, he knew that they were not unfounded, but it was to be expected that a Hight World with a civilization that has existed for millions of years has some mysteries.

"Don't worry, I only want them to create my tower and nothing more. Now before I go the next topic, tell me how are the relations between the Magi World and the Heavenly Creator World"

When Heinz hears Zatiel speak about the relation between worlds, he could not help but sigh.

"Ahhh, sometimes I wonder how extensive your knowledge can truly be."

Heinz's reaction was understandable since the only reason he even knew about the Heavenly Creator World was due to him bean a Rank 4 individual with an impressive background, who has explored the universe.

To the cultivator's words, Zatiel only shrugged his shoulder. He did not care that Heinz could deduce some information about his identity.

"Ok, whatever. Answering your question, it is obviously a hostile one, after all, what kind of relationship could we have with a race full of individuals who see the rest of the races of the universe as inferior beings, and they dare to look down on you even when you're stronger than them." The disdain in Heinz's face was obvious and it seems that the impression he has of that world is awful.

'I see, they have not changed at all, extremely xenophobic as always.' Zatiel impression of the Heavenly Creator World was just as bad as the one of Heinz.

"Tell me, how would you feel about starting a world war against them?."

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