Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
113 Daybreak Magic Tower
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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113 Daybreak Magic Tower

"Ok, then we will start immediately. Here are the materials needed to make the basic rune formations that the tower needs to operate along with its diagrams, you can decide whether you want to make some alterations or add new sub-formations." Nathan handed a ring to Zatiel before descending to the ground along David and Henry.

The moment he touches the earth, Nathan starts to mobilize the energy in his body. Even though his path did not grant him great battle might, all Rank 3 life forms have an immense amount of power in their bodies, especially if they have reached the peak and are starting to comprehend the laws.

The ground starts to tremble and noises could be heard as the creatures that lived close to this place were running away.

Unlike most Magus would do, Nathan waited until the creatures were far away before launching his spell. It seems that the pacific nature of the citizen of the kingdom was directed to all life forms.

"Alter Earth!"

The name of the spell sounded simple, but the power it carries was immense as the ground under Nathan's feet started to break immediately, and you could feel how the entire power of an earthquake above magnitude 10 was concentrate in a radius of fifty meters around the Magus.

The earth split apart and a hole more than one hundred meters deep was formed.

Once the hole was created the earthquake stopped, but the spell didn't, and now David and Henry made the energy of the body burst and the three focused their energy in the spell.

The earth starts to change, compressing itself, the base and walls of the hole were becoming uniform and you could see a metallic luster in it.

The process was taking much longer than the creation of the hole itself, but as they worked, the hardness of the earth was reaching the standard of a Rank 2 metal, and it extended for kilometers. 

But this metallic earth was not just hard, it also had the properties of dissipating any sort of vibration or kinetic energy, so if a great impact was to reach the tower directly, it could disperse great part of the attack's power to the surrounding.

This alteration will also make it harder for any type of subterranean incursion since they will have to pass thousand of meters of magically reinforced earth to reach the tower and even if they do that undetected, there will still be the problem of how to pierce the walls of the tower.

If the enemy was powerful enough to do all these without people detecting him, then it will be easier for him to directly attack the tower.

As the members of the kingdom were working, Zatiel was processing the material. The diagrams were pretty simple and with his improved cognitive abilities thanks to his status as an Animus and connection to the elder brain, he was able to understand them in less than a minute.

The processing of the material was simple, but still, Zatiel was fully concentrated, and his Eye of Life and Creation was acting at complete capacity since he was making some alterations in the materials.

Every time the processing was about to end, Zatiel sends a small thread of golden fire into the material.

Doing this will normally destroy the material since, a foreign agent entering during the last phase of processing will create a chaotic reaction, but by using the A.I chip he knew exactly when to add the flames and how much he could do.

Zatiel was doing this because he wanted to add some of the attributes of his flames to the runic formations so they could enhance the sub-formation he will inscribe.

It took Nathan and the other five hours to make changes permanent on the ground where the tower will be.

Although they had to maintain a complete focus in the spell, thanks to their path, the mental fatigue they felt was almost null.

Nathan flies to the side of the hole and extracted from his ring metal plaques of all form and sizes, along with hundreds of small humanoid automaton that seem to be made of mercury due to their silver appearance.

"We are ready to start building the tower, whenever you are." Nathan looks at Zatiel and there was curiosity on his eyes as he saw those materials that he had processed.

Although the inscription of the rune formation could have been done after the tower was constructed, it was better to do the two together. This way, they will be able to detect any problem that could happen along the way and repair it.

The number of materials was big, but just like the group of three, Zatiel did not feel any exhaustion just for some hours of processing.

"Let start immediately." Zatiel flies to the trio and floating around him were containers carrying the already processed materials which had a golden glow in them.

Nathan, David, and Henry nodded before flying into the sky and closing their eyes.

The moment they do that, the hundreds of automatons started to move and carry those metal plaques. Even though each of them weighed more than a ton, those automatons moved them as if they were weightless.

They started to assemble the metal plaques with perfect precision and coordination among themself, and the moment those plaques joined together their conjunctions disappeared making it seem as if they were one from the beginning and not letting any physical entrance from the outside, besides those designed as such.

Zatiel didn't lag behind and as those automatons built a piece of the tower, he inscribed the corresponding runic formations in it, and the entire time he had his Eye of Life and Creation and golden flames active improving the quality of the runes.

As he worked he felt someone watching his every movement, and knew that there were those three Magus, that were focusing the part of their consciousness that was not controlling those automatons on him.

He had agreed to this from the beginning and since they make sure to not let their consciousness reach his body, he just continues working.

Every single line of runic inscription that Zatiel was creating could be considered a perfect work of a Rank 2 Runemaster, and despite the exhaustion that will usually accompany his work on these high-level runes, he was going on without a problem.

Zatiel and the trio continue working from more than twelve hours before taking a break, and even then, it was less than thirty minutes before resuming the tower construction.

Whenever they rested, Zatiel used his Mind Force to enhance his metabolism and replenish his loss energy, before using it again to reduce the mental stress and fatigue.

It was after a week that the construction of the tower was finished. It was obsidian black with all sort of runic formations on it that appear to be forming a golden path.

The part of it above the ground was more than two hundred and fifty meters tall, and it gave the impression that it could pierce the sky.

In the peak of the tower, there was a spherical object of five meters in diameter, constantly spinning, and inside there was a red glow due to a magma nucleus. This is a special artifact known as Perpetual Dynamic Core created in the kingdom, and it could work as a container of unstable and always growing energy.

Seeing that the construction was over, Zatiel finally rested and deactivates Mind Force, and after doing it a wave of exhaustion attacks him. The magic of the elder brain's mind was a virtually endless source of fuel for his power but he needed to use his vitality as well and even though it was great, it is not unlimited.

But there was good news, as he could feel the changes in his mind growing and was sure that he one step closer to be able to use his own mind magic.

"Here is the control core of the tower, send a part of your consciousness inside and you will gain authority over it" Nathan passes Zatiel a dark core covered by runes.

Zatiel took it and did as the Magus instructed.

Once he sent his consciousness inside and took control over the tower, this one started to glow as the runic formation starts to activate.

The tower acted as a black hole and the natural energies of the world were disappearing inside it at an impressive speed.

As this happened, more and more of those runic formations were being initiated, making those that see the tower think it has golden flames running inside it.

Normally most of the natural energy that was suctioned by a Magic Tower would go to the energy containers located on the lowest floor, but here only half of it was going that way.

The other half was injected in the sub-formation that Zatiel created which was sending threads of golden fire into the Perpetual Dynamic Core.

As the flames reached the core, this one started to spin faster and faster, and the magma nucleus started to change adopting a golden color.

It was slow at first but less than a minute after the golden flames reached the core, a giant golden ball of flames was created, inundating the space in a radius of three hundred kilometers in golden light.

These flames could not compare to the one that Zatiel could create with his golden sun and lack any control over the laws, but even so, the vitally of everything in his touches grows, and its power only continues to increase.

A smile appeared on Zatiel as he saw this, as for the three Magus they were surprised.

This is where the story about the Daybreak Magic Tower begins, a place that in the future will inspire fear and respect in every creature in the Magi World.

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