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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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114 Blood Wars

Nathan, David, and Henry were truly amazed by the effect of the golden light and the way that those formations were able to connect one with another, transforming the natural energy of the world and sent it into the core, constantly increasing its power.

The runes that Zatiel inscribed could be considered the best of its Rank, but still, they were Rank 2, and the abilities they were currently showing were beyond what runes of its level should be able to perform.

What Zatiel did was applying the concept of runic sets, in which groups of diverse runes are made to work together and empower each other displaying a power above its Rank, into this runic formations.

Although it did not sound too difficult, being able to connect the hundreds of formation that a tower carried and made them work as one was something even some Rank 3 Runemaster did not have the confidence to do.

When Nathan feel that golden light touching his body he understood that these runes formation did not only probed Zatiel abilities as genius runemaster, but it was also showing its imagination to see beyond their original purpose of something and create new ones.

The original purpose of the Perpetual Dynamic Core was purely for battle, but now was working as a source of vitality that affects all those under its light, and although in someone like him, a Rank 3 life form, the effect was almost imperceptible, he was sure that if someone at Rank 0 were to be under this light they will be able to work for days without stop and all of his wound would be healed in a matter of hours.

As a citizen of the Scientia Kingdom, Nathan knew a lot of spells that could produce even better effects that the golden light was generating now, but they use too much energy, and having them active in a radius of hundreds of kilometers was not practical.

But when Nathan analyzed the golden ball of flames and its light, he understood that the vitality it released did not take energy from the flames.

And more impressive yet was that as the ball of golden flames increase in power, also did the vitality effects in its light.

"The title of genius is truly fitting in someone like you. Tell me, is it possible to buy those diagrams and the way to connect them?." Nathan was truly fascinated with Zatiel rune abilities, and there was great respect in his eyes as he spoke.

To the people of the kingdom, what inspires respect in them the most is not battle power but knowledge, intelligence, and the imagination to use them.

David and Henry were also looking at Zatiel when Nathan ask for the diagrams. Even though the three of them have seen his every movement during the construction of the tower, how to connects the runes and made them work as one, was something they couldn't understand just by watching.

"There is no problem in selling it, but you must know that even if the runes are made perfectly, the effect will not be the same."

Zatiel was sure that the kingdom must have similar runes formation and he had no problem selling this one.

"I know, it is the source of energy which you used to alter the materials and inscribe the runes the responsible for the vitality effect. But although they are difficult to get, we have some sources of energy with similar abilities in the kingdom." Nathan was very smart and understood the secrets behind the runic formation.

Of course, he lost an important part and that was that without the Eye of Life and Creation to use the laws in the flames, the effect of the golden fire would have been mediocre and without the capability to grow.

"Good, then how about those automatons for the runic formation" Zatiel found those silver humanoid very useful.

They may not be fit for battle due to the lack of fighting abilities and weak defenses, but they work as excellent construction machines and have the ability to transform their bodies into a liquid state before solidified again with all sorts of forms.

There was a drawback in the fact the there was a need for someone to manipulate them, but the elder brain containing a piece of Dante consciousness will be able to do it without a problem.

"Done," Nathan was more than satisfied with the transition, even though those automatons were expensive, to him wealth is only useful in the seek of knowledge.

Zatiel handed a crystal that contained the diagram and the way of using those formations to Nathan and this one gave him a silver core.

The moment the crystal reached Nathan's hand, he along David and Henry sent their consciousness inside it.

The reason for their actions wasn't that they thought Zatiel could be tricking them, but due to the immense temptation that new knowledge represented to them.

Zatiel also did not waste his time, and sent his consciousness in the core, making all the automatons enter inside the magic tower.

The trio could have spent hours researching the diagrams and communicating with each other about the ideas that this information has brought them, but knowing that they have still matters to attend they stopped.

"We have finished our work here. If there is not anything else you need, then we will be leaving."

"I do need something. Tell me does your kingdom also researched important events in the history of the universe and the current state and geography of some High Planes."

Nathan was a little surprised for Zatiel request since he could not think a reason why someone that has not reached Rank 4 could want that type of information, but he still answered.

"There is a branch of the kingdom that does that type of work, and although I am not a part of it, I could contact them for you."

"Excellent. I want information about the Blood Wars happening between Abyss and Baator, especially the period known as The Blight of the Nine Hells, and the current state of those planes." Zatiel expression was solemn as he asked the question and great interest was present on his eyes.

There was confusion on David and Henry's faces when they hear Zatiel request, although they known about the Blood Wars, the have never heard about The Blight of the Nine Hells.

But Nathan was different and his eyes narrowed when he hears it.

"Any accurate information related to The Blight of the Nine Hells is extremely expensive to obtain since it was a period that generated repercussion through all the planes and worlds in the universe and it involved fall of several Being of Laws." Nathan was very curious about the interest of Zatiel for this information, but since it could be considered impolite ask about it, he did not say anything.

"We have that information in the kingdom, but it is not something that can be bought with just wealth."

Zatiel was relieved to hear that the information he needed was in the kingdom, as for the way to obtain it, he knew what they want the most and he has plenty of that.

"I have a compendium describing the one hundred most uncommon breeds of demon that exist, it includes their bloodlines, anatomy, fighting strategies, and evolutionary paths. I can trade it for the information"

When the Magus hear this, his eyes brightened. Research on demons is very useful as their bodies itself are treasure troves and the amount of spell and techniques created by studying them are countless.

 "Can I have a sample of that information," Nathan knows that the man in front of him wasn't simple, but the type of information he was mentioning was extremely rare and it shouldn't be possible for someone at Rank 1 to obtain.

Zatiel did not have a problem with the request of the Magus and gave him a crystal, "Here is the information of ten different types of demon."

Nathan immediately sent his consciousness and the information inside marveled him, as it was extremely detailed, and even with is abilities it took him a long time to go through all of it.

"I will have to go back to the kingdom and relay your request to those that handle that information, but seeing this, they will surely accept. Here take this please" Nathan took a small black book and pass it to Zatiel.

"By using this book you can look at some of the services and information that our kingdom provides and buy it directly. It also has the ability to contact me directly if you need anything. I hope that our partnership maintains for a long time."

Nathan was beyond happy with this trip since it has allowed him to interact with someone with immense knowledge and he was sure that as long they continue working together, the benefits will be impressive

As for Zatiel, he was also glad to find about this power, that despite being one of the greatest one of the Magi World only sought knowledge and did not think of using force to obtained

After that, the trio gave Zatiel a small bow before flying away.

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