Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
115 Daybreak Clan
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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115 Daybreak Clan

The next few weeks were very active for Zatiel since even though the tower itself was completed, it still needed a lot of resources to work and be an auto sustainable territory.

He had bought some basic necessities a long time ago, but there was a need to have things that could be useful to Magus.

So Zatiel made some incursion into the Endless Forest and started to hunt Rank 1 and Rank 2 magic creatures for high energy food and materials useful for all kinds of profession and spell, as well magic herbs of a different kind and in great quantities.

Due to his power, he did not face any sort of real danger as he hunted since he always remained outside the inner area of the forest.

It was only after four weeks of hunting and gathering all sorts of material, that his ring was almost full and he returned to the tower.

Once Zatiel was in front of the tower he sends a message through his chaotic core.

"You can come now."

A couple of seconds later four individuals appeared out of nowhere in front of him.

They were Heinz, Sophia, Ezequiel, and Dante's elder brain body. The four of them were covered by the cultivator consciousness due to him teleporting them.

Zatiel contacted them since he had things to discuss with all of them, and now that his tower was finished and he had handled the thing he needed outside, Sophia, Ezequiel, and the elder brain could move in.

The moment the four arrived, they were immediately attracted by the black magic tower that was filled with lava-like golden inscriptions and an impressive sphere of golden flames in its peak.

After a moment Sophia, Ezequiel, and the elder brain moved to Zatiel's side and they smiled at each other.

"I must say, brother, your magic tower is truly impressive. Although the material of the Sinux Magic Tower is of higher quality, when it comes to runic formations it certainly is inferior, despite being done by a Rank 3 runemaster. "

As a Soul Forging existence, Heiz could see the impressive power that the sphere of golden flames contained, and although it was not a threat to him, even if it landed directly on his body, the power it generated was growing with each moment.

"Sometimes it is more important the way you use your runes that the Rank of the rune itself when it comes to displays of power and abilities." Although the Rank of the runes itself was not great, Zatiel was very proud of the effect they were displaying, especially as he felt the vitality in the light growing.

"Tell me, did you obtain it?."

"Of course, it was pretty simple. Here is the contract to make official the position of the Daybreak Clan in the Aeternum Empire, and also to mark as yours the lands surrounding your tower and any other that you take, that has not ruler yet." Heinz smiled as he passes a parchment to Zatiel in wich all sorts of inscriptions could be seen proving its authenticity.

Although Heinz made obtaining the contract appears to be ease, the truth was completely different since before starting to be considered to become a clan of the empire and obtain the rights that title conferred, one needs to have a magic tower that could work as a stronghold and at least have a Peak Rank 2 life form as the head of the clan.

But when someone with the power and background that Heinz have was the one who requested it, things were completely different.

Zatiel scanned the contract and was very satisfied with it.

Normally all sorts of clauses and requirements would be on the contract, forcing the new clan to do a lot of heavy work for the empire, but the one that Zatiel had was different.

In essence, the only thing he needed to do was continue selling a high amount of runes to the empire, and in case a conflict with another powerful organization was to happen, he will have to join the battles.

Zatiel has been selling runes to the empire for a long time and did not plan to stop now, and with matters regarding battles between powerful organization inside the Magi World, that will only happen when those Law Beings that ruled them were to shred all pretenses and fight.

And he knew that the probability of that happening was very small since fights among Law Beings of the same world were very complicated.

The main reason why Zatiel wanted to form his clan, was the fact that now he could make all the individuals under him obtain the status of a member of the Aeternum Empire, giving them the same right that a Magus would have no matter what race they are.

Zatiel saved the contract before looking back at Heinz. "How are the preparations for war going?"

"I already have the World Gate connected to the coordinates that you gave me, and the war resources that we will need are already in my possession. Now comes the hard part, as I will have to search for those Rank 4 individuals that will join us during the invasion." Heinz knew that picking the wrong partner was much worse than having no partner at all, so he was carefully selecting the candidates.

"Be alert, we can never be too careful, especially considering the threat in the shadows." Zatiel gave a meaningful stare at Heinz when he says the last part.

Heinz becomes serious when he hears Zatiel words and nods.

"I will contact you when I have found our possible partners." After saying those words, Heinz teleported back to his tower.

Zatiel turned to see the trio and when he scanned them, he realizes that the two Neo-Demons have advanced a lot in the last month, especially Sophia who was already at the Peak Rank 1.

"Sophia how much have you advance in the creation of your new Rank Spell."

"I have already started to charge my consciousness with abyss aura, but I have had problems in mastering my Rank Spell since I want it to be able to fuse with my previous one."

When Zatiel hears this he agreed, although merging the Rank Spell obtained in Rank 1 and 2 wasn't necessary, it will greatly enhance the power of the new spell.

Of course, it was extremely difficult to do and only those with great talent and domain over the natural energies were able to do it.

With this information, Zatiel already had a plan and the task of everyone.

"Dante, you will choose thirty kobolds and create a search party, that will explore Wasteland in search of tribes that are worth nurturing and you will offer them the change to join my clan. Tell them that they will get the status of a member of the empire and a Path Technique if they join us."

"Yes father, I will start right away." Any information that Dante's consciousness obtained was shared with the true body, so the boy was able to start working immediately.

"I will let you decide how to approach them and the way to guide the kobolds, it will be a good trial practice before the war. If they refuse to join us leave them, but if they accept, they must reach here unharmed, that will be your mission."

Now that Zatiel had a clan in the empire, he could make the kobolds an official part of his power and make them obtain the rights that a Magus will gain.

But if hundred of dragonborn like creatures were to appear out of nowhere, it will raise questions about their origins, so by mixing them with thousands of other creatures and races, it will be more discrete.

"Sophia you will join them, and use the time in there to practice your Rank Spell against some live enemies. Any migration of this scale could rise evil intention on some Magus, in case that happens, kill them." 

Although there was some disappointment in the face of the woman, since she was hoping to spend some time with Zatiel, she knew that the preparations for war were important, so she did not say a word and only nodded before flying away to the Underground entrance.

"Litte..., I mean EZ you will remain in the tower until your Bloodline Heart is finished and then join them."

Ezequiel was already fully grown and his appearance was that of a young man around his twenty, so it was becoming embarrassing for the two of them when he uses the term "little", so Zatiel decided to just call him EZ although sometimes he makes mistakes due to habits.

Ezequiel nodes and without waiting time, he went to the top of the tower.

"Let's go, the elder brain will be kept at the lowest level, there it will train and also control the tower and its automatons. But before it started with that, we will finish the Path Technique that will be given to those new members of the clan."

"As you wish father."

Dante moved the elder brain body together with Zatiel and went to the tower.

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