Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
116 Sunlight Champion Path Technique
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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116 Sunlight Champion Path Technique

In the lowest level of the tower, you can find the containers, where the energy of the world, absorbed by the tower, was stored.

In the center, there was a giant pool connected to these containers which were filled with a liquid with a color that seems to be a combination between golden and purple.

"That pool is where the Elder Brain will remain. It is a combination between the energy of the golden flames and the one absorbed from the world. It is highly nutritive and it will allow you to use the Elder Brain's body at full capacity, as well as increase its power and help it make a biological advancement to the next Rank."

Zatiel pointed towards the pool and signaled for the Elder Brain to be submerged inside it.

Dante did not hesitate and manipulated the Elder Brian to enter into the pool, and the moment he did, he felt how it was being enhanced and was constantly replenishing its energy.

"You were right father. Here I can use the Elder Brain's abilities to its fullest without worrying about depleting energy, and with time, its accumulated power will help it advance to the next Rank." 

Dante was extremely satisfied with the place that the Elder Brain will remain from now on.

Although advancement in Rank will not allow the Elder Brain to display the power of a Soul Forging existence on in its own, due to the fact that it is a body controlled by Dante's soul, it will still improve as a life form, meaning that his analytic and cognitive abilities will be enhanced and the extent to which it could be used to control the tower and perform different tasks at the same time will increase.

Not to mention that the amount of mind magic in the Elder Brain will allow Zatiel and Dante to improve at a higher speed their power as an Animus.

"Since you have settled, then let's begin. The Path Technique I am designing is called Sunlight Champion, and it will work by absorbing the radiation released by the sphere of golden flames in the peak of the tower, that we will now call Sunlight Core."

To create a Path Technique named Sunlight Champion, Zatiel used the experience given by working on Rising Sun, which is the Path Technique that he uses to manipulate his golden flames and create spells.

Thanks to that he was able to save a lot of time, but even though he has been using the chip's abilities to figure out the Path Technique, from the moment he scanned the golden light, it was still taking too long.

So Zatiel decided to work along with Dante and use the Elder Brain for the processing of the information since its current abilities were better than the chip's current ones.

"This Path Technique will transform their original energy pool into Sunlight Aura. This type of energy will grant them great endurance, life force, and regeneration abilities. It can be used to conjure spells or directly by applying martial techniques that will grant a form to the aura and use it as a weapon."

Zatiel knew that many of the races that will come from Wasteland are not skilled in the use of spell and are more talent in the use their own body as a weapon. So they can decide to specialize as a Sunlight Mage or a Sunlight Warrior.

Dante analyzed all the information that Zatiel gave him and after a moment, he spoke.

"Since they need to use the radiation of the Sunlight Core to practice and improve as Sunlight Champions, even if they become stronger, they will still be bound to the tower unless they want their path of improvement broken."

When Zatiel hears this, he smiled a little but remains quiet

"And I am sure that father also devised a way for them to improve even faster, which will give positive feedback to the tower."

When Zatiel hears this last part, his smile grows even bigger, since he understood that Dante was able to see through his plan and figure out the next part.

The reason for his smile was simple. Having a smart son will make any father happy.

"You are really clever, aren't you. You are right. I have created a sort of 'altar' where they can leave things that will be consumed by the golden fire, and then 75% of the fire that is created will go to them to increase their speed of training."

Zatiel was sure that a lot of the people that will arrive could discover his plan with time, but even if they did, it will not matter since all the races that have lived in the cruel environment of Wasteland understand that every benefit has its corresponding cost.

And besides, what Zatiel was needed from them was only for them to remain under his lead and nothing more, and even if they leave, they will not lose their power, so what more could they hope to get?

Dante could not help but feel wonder at the Path Technique that his father wanted to create since it will bind those new members to the tower and also give them a way to improve their speed of training that will enhance the might of the Sunlight Core.

"We will use the Elder Brain's abilities to make calculations and process information. Meanwhile, you and I will take care of the details that appear along the way. Remember, it is essential that the Sunlight Champion Path Technique does not create any sort of problem when they make the transformation into a Neo-Demon."

Zatiel's ultimate goal for the new members of the tower was to find those that prove themselves worthy of becoming a Neo-Demon. 

Also, a Sunlight Champion should have a body that can improve rapidly when it makes the transformation.

Seeing that their mission was clear, Zatiel sits down. He closes his eyes and starts to communicate with Dante and the Elder Brain.

With the Elder Brain's processing abilities plus Dante and Zatiel's speed of thought that is hundreds of times faster than those at his same Rank thanks to their Mind Force, it only took four weeks to create the first three levels of the Sunlight Champion Path Technique.

An unexpected discovery during their research was that they theorized a method for a Sunlight Champion to improve its power without the use of the Sunlight Core, but since it will still need Zatiel's help, there was no downside.

It was only now that Zatiel opened his eyes, and it was clear that he was very tired. 

Since even as an Animus, maintaining that level of concentration and speed of thought for so long was very difficult.

After resting for a moment, he notices something and looks at the top of the tower.

'EZ has left, it seems right, he was very close to the next step when he reached here, so in these four weeks his Bloodline Heart should have been completed.'

"Dante, how are things going with the recruitment?"

"We have located several tribes, father, and after monitoring them for a while and discarding those that do not meet our standards, we have approached them. 

Currently, we have one thousand and forty-nine individuals that want to join us. I am waiting for the number to reach one thousand and five hundred before transporting them here and then continuing the search for more individuals."

Despite been separated from Dante's main consciousness, the piece inside the Elder Brian can be considered an extension and not a different part, so they shared all their memories and emotions.

"Good, remember to ensure their safety. No one will join us if we cannot even do that." 

Zatiel was very satisfied with the number that Dante gave him.

"Father I have a suggestion."

"Go ahead."

Zatiel was intrigued by what the boy was going to propose.

The Elder Brain body shakes for a second and from inside it, a small tadpole came out and after Dante uses the tendrils to grab it, he shows it to Zatiel.

The mind ruler race is an asexual one, and the way they increase their number is by inserting the tadpoles generated by an Elder Brain into a living being, letting the tadpole eat their brain, and then take control of the body of that being by creating a new mind ruler.

Zatiel knows about those tadpoles, and although the control they will have over those parasitized by these creatures is great, an army of slaves could never replace one that goes to battle with true fighting spirit. 

Not to mention that it could backfire in the future if they ever found the way to free themselves of his control.

But Zatiel did not let any of his thought appear on his face and let the boy talk, besides he also was curious why the tadpoles, that should be a horrible parasitic aberration, looked like a simple tadpole of the mortal world but golden in color.

"This tadpole has the ability to join with someone, and by channeling a small amount of their energy, less than 0.5%, it can scan its surrounding at all times and sent the information to me, also it can allow me to establish a telepathic link with the carrier."

Dante stopped for a moment, and seeing Zatiel signaling him to continue, he spoke again.

"I propose that every new member gets one of them implanted in their hands. With it, I can ensure their safety, guide them in case of danger, maintain constant surveillance, and make sure that no one with evil intentions is among them."

Zatiel was truly surprised by the boy's plan and innovation, and more than anything, he proud seeing that he found a way to maintain his clan's safety and also search for any threat near them.

"Excellent! Great job Dante! We will do a trial test with the new members and see if it works. If everything goes well, every Neo-Demon will have one of them implanted." 

Zatiel's smile was radiant as he congratulated the boy.

Dante did not say a word, but the happiness and pride he was feeling right now were immense.

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