Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
117 Battle in Wasteland
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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117 Battle in Wasteland

With the matters regarding the Path Technique and plans for the new members of the clan arranged, Zatiel addresses the situation of the tower control and the automatons.

"Here are the cores that will allow you to gain full authority over the tower and the automatons I bought form the kingdom." Zatiel gives Dante two core one dark and another silver.

 Dante grabs the two cores with his tendrils and deposits them inside the Elder Brian's body.

One second after he did that, there was a spike in the energy of the tower, but it immediately vanishes.

"Done father, I have obtained full control over the tower and the automatons. Right now the tower defenses will allow us to withstand the barrage of a Rank 4 individual as long they do not use their Law Avatar, and the Sunlight Core can release ten consecutive attacks with a power equal to a Rank 3 spell, and due to the Elder Brain controlling it, I can assure accuracy of 98.2% on Rank 3 life forms"

Dante remained quiet for a moment after making some calculations he spoke again.

"If we are willing to destroy the Sunlight Core, it can release a one-time attack equal to the power of a Rank 4 spell. The power of the core is in constant improvement and in two and half years it should be able to launch a Rank 4 spell without the need for destruction."

Although the power released only by a Rank 4 spell was inferior to the one that can be done by using a Law Avatar, unless there was a life and death situation, most people will not release their avatars since the price for doing it was not small.

"It is good enough for now. Tell me how efficient are the current surveillance features of the tower." Zatiel was satisfied with his tower being able to release a Rank 4 spell, and although it will cost him the Sunlight Core, he will only need to obtain another Perpetual Dynamic Core to replace the lost one.

"In a radius of fifty kilometers around the tower, I can maintain total surveillance, I can see and hear everything, and in a radius of five hundred kilometers I can identify every single individual and detect any unauthorized intrusion."

"Good, for the time being, focus all of your energy in the migration of the horde composed of those races in Wasteland. Be sure to have enough of those tadpoles for every single one of them when they arrive. I will be in the peak of the tower finishing my Bloodline Heart and preparing to advance to Rank 2."

After seeing that Dante had everything under control, Zatiel flies to the peak of the tower and lands right beneath the Sunlight Core before activating his Mind Force.


Far away from the tower, in a plain of Wasteland, there was a horde of more than one thousand members and although they were all together, almost everyone was only communicating with the members of their own races.

Among the races found here, you could see dark elves, grey dwarves, frog people, centaurs, gnolls, and maurs, among others.

A great variety of emotion could be seen in the members of the horde, in the young ones you could see anticipation and excitement, but in the older ones there was incertitude and sometimes fear.

Not too long ago, all of their tribes were visited by a group of six powerful dragonborns, and they were offered the opportunity to join a clan of one of the powerful organization of the surface.

Although a lot of promises were made, among them a Path Technique that was something all the ones present here wished to possess, the old ones know that the number of individuals on the surface that sees them and their race as nothing more than slaves was not small.

In the center of the horde, there were four people talking, three of them man, consisting of a gnoll, a grey dwarf, and a maur, as for the woman she was a dark elve.

They were the elders of their respective tribes and although their age had weakened their powers, it was thanks to their leadership that their tribes were able to survive in such a cruel and violent place like Wasteland.

"So what are your thoughts about their proposal, and the fact that we will be joining that clan. Do you believe when they say that we will obtain the same rights a Magi possess." The one that spoke was the dark elve, and although she was old, she was still very beautiful.

"Ahhh, it is hard to say, remember that it is not the first time some of those power try to recruit us but most of the time, those who accept end up like guarding dogs with no true rights. Although this person seems to not discriminate among races due to the way those dragonborns talk about him, that treatment maybe is only to those with powerful bloodlines and not us." Replied the gnoll man with a solemn expression.

Gnolls are supposed to be a savage and war-like race, that only follows their impulses, but in this man's voice, there was great wisdom and maturity.

"It is true that there are dangers in accepting his proposition, but there are also if we refused it. It is obvious that those dragonborn find following that person the greatest honor in existence, and if we denied, who could say how they will act. Although my old bones are not afraid of death I cannot leet the young one of my tribe pay that price."

This time the one who spoke was a member of the maur race, this was a race that had the blood of giants in their bodies, but due to their ancestors being forced to live in horrible environments, their bloodline and body have devolved, giving them a hunched like appearance with a body of around three-meter tall.

"The man they call Prince should be the son of their leader, and though I cannot understand why, I get the feeling that he is extremely concern about our safety." The grey dwarf spoke, as he looks at the boy floating in the sky, with four dragonborns by his side.

When the grey dwarf spoke, the other three also turn to look at the boy, and although he had the appearance of a child, the might that they were feeling from his body and especially his blood, was superior to the ones that those four-meter tall dragonborns gave.

Dante's eyes were closed and although he detected those four elders looking at him, he did not bother whit them since he had more important things on his mind right now.

His face was serious and it was apparent that all of his concentration was occupied in something. All of a sudden he opens his eyes and looks at the distance before immediately raising both of his palms and make the four dragonborns do the same.

In the exact place Dante was staring, a second later, two men appeared, and from the energy of their bodies and the red eyes on their forehead, you could see that they were Eye Lords, one of them at the Novice level, and the other at the Master.

The moment those men appeared, they made their energy explode, making hundred of fiend-like claws made of blood appear.

The man at the Master level finished first and launched them against the horde, but just as the other Eye Lord was preparing to attack, he felt an immense sense of danger and before he could react, his body was impacted by ten beams of chaotic energy, killing him instantly.

Once the Eye Lord dies, the claws of blood he made vanished, but the ones made by the man at the Master level remained, and they were about to reach the horde with enough power to kill ninety percent of it.

But despite that, Dante remained calm as he saw this, and the answer to his state show itself immediately.

Hundred of shields of dark ice appeared above the horde creating a perfect dome, protecting them from claws.

Every single of those blood claws had the power to kill a Rank 0 life form easily, but despite being hundreds of them, they were not able to trespass the shields and reach the horde.

The man was surprised by the events happening, since not only his partner die just when they appeared, but the attack he charged with all of his power was blocked and not a single member of the horde died.

From the center of the horde, a woman rises into the sky, making a par of dark crystal wings appear on her back and a dome of ice covers her entire body.

Sophia looks at the man with cold eyes, and her entire body glowed as her runic set was activated.

The man was well informed and knew that despite Sophia being at Rank 1, she could fight with those at Rank 2 at the Master level by using runic sets. Despite the danger, the man did not run since he knew that failure was not an option for him.

Sophia did not wait for the man to act again and flashes in his direction as she launched dozens of dark ice spears forcing him to get away from the horde.

The events that happened were so fast that only now the horde realized how close they were to die, and the next things they saw were Dante and the five dragonborns positionings themself above them.

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