Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
119 Advance to Rank 2
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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119 Advance to Rank 2

It was only when Dante saw that Sophia and Ezequiel had killed the enemies and, not counting the wound on Sophia's arm, they were in top condition, that he rested and deactivated his Mind Force.

He knew that these two people were the ones his father trusted the most and that had followed him from the beginning.

Despite being of the same race and having a more powerful bloodline, Dante could not help but be impressed by the power they were able to display.

After all, he channeled the power of ten Abyssal Blast and only was able to eliminate a Novice Eye Lord, meanwhile, Sophia alone was able to severely injure Eye Lord at the Master level and kill a Rank 2 Magus without any help.

And Ezequiel's ability to hide from the perception of an Eye Lord and act in the exact moment when he could make the most damage was impressive.

The moment he relaxes, Dante feels a wave of tiredness assaulting him, due to the fact of the great stress and energy that using his Mind Force to find those three enemies took.

The reason Dante was able to find them was due to him using one of the disciplines that an Animus can practice, known as Clairsentience.

This discipline focuses on developing an Animus extrasensory perception that gives them the ability to gain information about an object, person, location, or events, and if you are talented and powerful enough, it was not restricted to the present time.

As an Animus, Dante's perception was impressive and although he was not able to detect the presence of those three enemies at the beginning, he felt a great feeling of hostility coming in his direction.

Once that happened and seeing that he was not able to localize the people, Dante knew that they were not only hiding but also very powerful, so he immediately focused all of his Mind Power into Clairsentience and informed Ezequiel and Sophia about the danger before giving the command to the kobolds to be ready to act.

Due to him being only a Rank 0 Animus, he was barely able to detect the three of them, and it was only when they were about to show up that their presence became more clear, and he saw their location.

If his Rank as an Animus had been greater, then he would have detected them before they even got close to the horde, and according to the information he had about this path of power, when Clairsentience reaches a high enough level, you could even glimpse a couple of second into the instant future.

Although seeing two seconds into the future did not seem like much help, it could allow you to predict your enemies' first move and make a perfect response, taking advantage of any possible flaw they could have.

Of course, there were several limitations to this power, but still, it is incredibly useful and a killing tool if it is applied in the right form.

"Prince, should we contact our brothers, and tell them to return in case of a new threat present itself." 

The one who asked that was the strongest of the kobolds that were following Dante.

"No need, with uncle EZ in here we are able to respond to any threat that a Rank 2 individual could pose, besides the possibility of their sending more people at Rank 2 just for the sake of eliminating this horde is not likely. There may be some Rank 1, but our people are more than able to handle them."

After some thought Dante rejects the kobold plan. Even so, he contacted the rest of the groups that were searching for tribes in Wasteland.

"Be aware of a possible danger coming in your direction, in case anything happens, contact us immediately. Speed up the search and come here immediate once you have found your target, so we can start moving the horde to the tower"

"Yes, Prince." The leaders of the teams responded immediately before going back to their work.

Once that was out of the way, Dante examined the current condition of the horde, and when he saw their expressions, his eyes narrowed a little

'There is an upside to this situation. They were able to see a display of our power right in front of them.'

There was shock in every member of the horde as they still could not fully process the event that just happened.

Out of nowhere, two people show up and they were going to launch a spell powerful enough to kill almost all of them, but they were not only stopped but also killed with their bodies disintegrated.

This proves to them that the woman with crystal wings and the man covered in lightning were powerful enough to kill all of them even if they work together.

"The threat has been neutralized and as long you remain under our watch we can assure your safety. We will wait for other groups to arrive before going to the Daybreak Magic Tower. In the meantime, you should rest." 

Dante's voice was calm, but there was a great strength in his words that made every member of the horde that heard them obey.


Zatiel had no idea of what was happening in Wasteland, but from the moment he gave the instruction to Dante and sent Sophia and Ezequiel to help him, he stopped concerning with that completely.

He wanted the people surrounding him to be those that can make their own decision and not someone to whom he should hold their hand in every turn and save them every time a powerful enemy was present.

Besides, with the abilities of the trio, they should be able to handle any situation that will need him.

Right now, Zatiel's complete focus was on finishing his Bloodline Heart and making his Sun Force reach 150 points, so he could reach Peak Rank 1 and insert his energy into his consciousness before mastering a Rank Spell.

Zatiel was already very close to both of those goals, so after ten days of consuming an immense amount of high energy food with his metabolism multiplied by one hundred, he manages to complete them.

Normally the next step would have been to inject his Abyss Aura into his consciousness, but due to him having two different energy pools, Zatiel needed to do the same with his Sun Force as well.

When they were on his body, both energy never truly interacted with each other, besides when his golden sun devoured some of his abyss aura. But even then, that was not something special since it would have happened with anything next to the sun.

But now that they will be inside his consciousness and not limited to his body, Zatiel was planning to fuse the two of them as one.

Zatiel took control over the golden energy that was his Sun Force and the dark energy that represented his Abyss Aura and sent it to his consciousness.

Due to him using two different energies, the process was even more slowly than usual, and it required all of his concentration. 

Since it was something related to his consciousness and he was sending energy with great destructive power inside, any sudden interruption could create a severe backlash.

Time passed, on the third day of him slowly charging his consciousness with energy, he felt a spike of energy close to him, but since it was happening inside the tower and there was no way someone at Rank 4 or beneath could have reached this place without being detected, he did not worry and continued his work.

The reason for the spike of energy was due to Sophia advancing to Rank 2 and the great increase in energy that she obtained.

Even if she has mastered her Rank Spell and was at Peak Rank 1, normally she would have to accumulate energy for a couple of years before advancing, but by tapping in the tower reserves, she was able to make a smooth advance.

Once she reached Rank 2, Sophia immediately contracted the energy that she was releasing so she would not disturb Zatiel and focus on her new power and abilities.

It was after five weeks that Zatiel was able to fill his consciousness with all the Sun Force and Abyss Aura that it could contain at Peak-Rank 1, making it look like a dark and golden fog was filling it.

With that done, Zatiel could finally start with mastering his Rank Spell, which he had selected from one of the presents in the Path Technique Aumvor Serpiternus, the one related to necromancy and powerful destructive spell that he was using.

But Zatiel's plan was not just to copy that spell, he wanted to make some alteration and make it fuse, not only with his Ring of Abyssal Fire but also his Sun Domain.

What Zatiel wanted to do was extremely difficult. 

Sophia had an Emperor Bloodline and was part of the race with the greatest talent of the universe, and yet she found it very hard to fuse both of her Rank Spell and was only able to do it, due to both of them having a similar nature in their origin.

Of course, had she chosen to use a less powerful Rank Spell that Oceanic Nothingness, it would have been easier, but the goal of the Neo-Demon woman has always been, become strong enough to help Zatiel, so she wished the mightiest one around.

With the ability to reduce a Rank 2 life-form to bones in less than three seconds, you could say it met her expectations.

Zatiel wanted to achieve the fusion of three spells and since his Sun Domain used completely different energy, the difficulty increased exponentially, but if he were to achieve it, then the power of that spell could reach the standard of a Rank 3 spell once he advances to Rank 2.

Before, it would have been impossible for him to fuse both the power of his Golden Sun and Abyss Aura, and at most he would have made a mix between them, but now that they were in his consciousness, there was a chance.

Once everything was ready, Zatiel raises into the sky, five hundred meters above the tower and activates his Sun Domain, making a domain of golden flames appear in a radius of fifty meters around him, and immediately after that, he activates his Ring of Abyssal Fire before transforming it into thousands of small embers filling the domain.

Zatiel closes his eyes and adopts a meditative position in the air, as he concentrates fully on the spell.

The hours passed, one after another, but Zatiel's focus continued the same and did not diminish for an instant.

When the first day was about to finish, the embers of abyssal fire inside the domain started to blend with it, making it seem as if the golden and dark flames were becoming one and the domain itself started to expand.

When this happened, the skeletons of two creatures began to form inside the domain using the dark golden flames as material.

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