Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
121 Clan members
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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121 Clan members

Dante has been monitoring Zatiel condition from the beginning by using the Elder Brain, so he notices his advance in Rank, and without delay, he increases the amount of energy that the tower was provided to him.

A golden whip coming from the Sunlight Core and a transparent one originating from the containers of natural energy reached Zatiel, charging his body and consciousness with an immese amount of energy.

With this immese amount of energy at his disposal, Zatiel promotion to Rank 2 continues without any problem.

The amount of dark golden flames inside the domain started to increase to the point that they covered the figure of Zatiel and the Nether Crow, and it continued until even the massive figure of the Undying Leviathan vanished from sight.

The amount of dark golden flames continue increasing, and it reached the point that the domain could not contain them, and some whips of fire were being discharged to the exterior.

When the horde saw this, most of them started to become nervous, as the could feel the immense amount of power that was in that fire and knew that it could kill most of them instantly but seeing that neither the kobolds or the two people at the lead move, they remained still.

The hours passed, and the amount of dark golden flames inside the domain continued increasing, releasing more whips of flames to the exterior that extended for dozen of meters.

The members of the horde that were seeing this immense ball of flames, had the illusion of being in the presence of a dark golden sun that was releasing solar flares.

It was on the third day, since Zatiel started his advance to Rank 2, that the amount of fire inside the domain reached a point, where the whips of flames it released, due to its inability to contain all that power, extended for almost one hundred meters.

Seeing this, the members of the horde started to feel fear, as the domain of dark golden fire gave them the feeling it was going to explode at any time and incinerate their bodies, but seen that the elders of their tribes remained quiet, they just waited.

It wasn't that the elders of their tribes were not worried about the danger that the domain of fire present to them, but they did not believe that the man that sent to recruit their tribes had only do it so they will die, not to mention that they were in his tower and his people were together with them.

When the domain shrinks it to almost half its size, an immense burst in power was felt inside it, and like the members of the horde feared, the dark golden flames exploded, covering everything in a radius of one thousand meters instantly. 

The people in the horde started to scream, as some parents were trying to grab their children, but before the hysteria could grow up, a harsh bird cry and monstrous roar were heard.



The might inside the cry and roar was immense and made all the members of the horde to froze, and they felt their blood telling them, they were in the presence of a superior being.

It was only now that they had a moment to see their surroundings, and really feel the effect of the flames in their bodies that they realized that no damage at all was done to them.

The golden flames inside the domain may have been fused with the abyssal fire, but it did not mean that it losses its healing abilities, all the opposite they were increased, and the members of the horde were feeling that now.

The wounds and damage done to their bodies by decades of fights and living in a horrible environment were been healed at an impressive speed. 

Dante and Ezequiel had seen through the effects of the flames from the beginning so they did nothing and allow them to reach them, as for the kobolds, they had a blind trust in their Ancestor so the did not feel any sort of fear when they flames reach their bodies.

Of course, these effects were only due to Zatiel considering them as allies, if the dark golden fire were to touch his enemies, not only will the flames burn their bodies, but now it will also severely harm their consciousness.

Zatiel figure could bee seen in the air, and the amount of power that there was inside him had increased tremendously. There was no change in his body, besides the fact that his Eye of Life and Creation was now glowing even brighter and a great amount of energy was being contained in it.

He had his domain active, its diameter had reached five hundred meters and the power of the dark golden flames inside it was immense.

The bodies of the Undying Leviathan and Nether Crow were no longer merely skeletons but fully developed now,

The Undying Leviathan was covered in blue scales and an extremely hard exoskeleton was covering his head and other parts of its body, where you could find weak spots like the neck. Its size had duplicated and is length was now two hundred meters.

As for the Nether Crow, its entire body was covered with feathers that seem to resemble obsidian crystal, its six eyes were red, all with different forms of inscriptions inside them, and there was also an enormous red eye on each of his wings, carrying the same kind of inscription.

Despite the fact that they were incarnation made of energy and not truly alive, one could feel some form of vitality and life force inside these creatures, thanks to the Law of Life and Law of Cration that Zatiel golden fire carried.

Zatiel laded in the head of the Undying Leviathan, and the Nether Crow shrink himself before positioning on his shoulder.

The Undying Leviathan waved its fins, and with impressive speed, it moved its thousands of tons body carrying the domain with him, like if it was swimming in a sea of dark golden flames, until it was in front of the horde.

Zatiel resembles a divine god, with his body being bathed in dark golden flames, riding such a marvelous creature, and having another on his shoulder.

"From now on you will be part of my clan, there are several rules that you must follow and the most important ones are these two: My orders are absolute and no infighting is allowed. Anyone that break those rules will die"

Zatiel words were firm and it was obvious that he will not allow any refusal.

Although being punished by death if you disobey someone's order is harsh, the members of the horde did not have a problem with it, since they were going to be under his leadership, and a true leader will never allow any sort of insubordination among the people under him.

What surprised them was the fact that he was forbidding infighting since it wasn't uncommon for those that recruit such a great number of people to promote battles among them, so they could eliminate the weaker ones. 

This rule made a lot of the smaller tribes happy since it will mean they will have time to grow without the fear of being attacked by the rest.

As the members of the horde were talking among each other, one person walks to Zatiel direction and stops right in front of the Undying Levithan head.

The one who walked was the elder of the gnolls tribe and despite he trying to stay calm, being in front of a creature that could swallow him hold was terrifying, but still he breaths deeply before bowing.

"My Lord, I am Knox, may I ask you some questions?."

This attracted the attention of every member of the horde since they wanted to see how Zatiel acted with those of a different race.

The prejudice that Magus had shown them during the entire life was great, due to them having weak bloodlines and a poorly developed civilization.

But to Zatiel things like that were meaningless since he himself was of a different race than human, and no matter how weak their bloodlines are, in the future they could improve it or right away change it if they become Neo-Demon. So without any sign of dissatisfaction, he spoke.

"A record that stipulates the rules and its operations will be given to you along with the Path Technique and other items, and it should answer any sort of question you may have. Since you were brave enough to stand in front of me and are showing enough respect, I will answer your question myself, but be concise."

When Knox hears the way Zatiel spoke, and the way he was treating him, he calms down greatly and he becomes excited when he found out they will give them the Path Technique immediately without any sort of trial.

 But he focuses and proceeds to make the question that generated the greater anxiety among the horde.

"What will be our status in the clan, and what jobs we will have to perform."

Your position in the organization and whether or not you will be forced to do dangerous missions was something that anyone joining a new power will ask himself.

"Every one of you is currently an "outer member" of the Daybreak Clan, to advance to the position of "inner member" you must reach Rank 1 using the Sunlight Champion Path Technique that will be given to you. How to reach the next levels, as well as their privileges and responsibilities will be in the report." Zatiel words were loud and every member of the horde heard them.

Happiness appeared on the gnoll face when he hears this, what Zatiel was describing was practically a meritocracy, where they will be rewarded by their actions and it will not take into consideration their origin or race.

That was something that Knox was more than willing to accept, but he did not lose focus and waited for the next answer.

 "As for your jobs, I will not force one on you. The tower will have a list with all sorts of missions, you can choose among them. Each mission will give you a certain amount of points that can be used to buy resources or use the facilities in the tower. You could also trade them directly for magic crystals."

When they hear this, not only Knox but every member of the horde smiled as the felt the stress leaving their body, now that they know that their biggest fear was not going to happen.

Although those missions will obviously carry some sort of danger, they will choose by themselves whether or not they want to face those trials and will not be forced to be cannon food.

"Thank you, my Lord." Knox bowed again and this time the sincerity in his action was greater as none of the fear form the begging was present.

"Follow my rules, work hard and I can guaranty that your path to power will not be hindered by anyone." After saying those words, Zatiel signal Dante to continue, before going back to the tower accompanied by Ezequiel.

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