Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
123 Incarnation of Death and Destruction
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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123 Incarnation of Death and Destruction

Zatiel along with Nathan, David, and Henry were in a hall that lacked any sort of decoration, and the only things you could find in it were some chairs and a table.

This was a place meant to receive visits, and due to Zatiel's lack of interest for any sort of fancy things, he didn't bother with decorating it.

"I must say that I am impressed by how far you have advanced in less than two years since we built the tower. The people under you have reached a number above ten thousand, and your organization and strategies are very useful since I can see the separation between the races is being erased."

There was a clear expression of admiration on the faces of Nathan as he spoke.

When they arrived at the City of the Sun, the three Magus could not help but be surprised by how good the quality of life was.

What impresses them the most was the fact that the diverse races interacted with each other and did not confine themselves to their own people, something very common to see in organizations that had groups with different origins.

The reason for their unity was due to the rewards being multiplied by a factor of 1.5 every time once more than one race was part of a group that performed a mission.

In normal missions, there was not much effect, but in those that they risked their lives and had to always have the back of the other, the bonds that were created were very deep, and something that created reverberations among the entire members of their tribes.

That was only one of the strategies that Dante put in motion to motivate the thousands of members of the clan to not only increase their power as individuals but also as a single entity that can work as one, under the leadership of someone.

To achieve that type of goal, an intense sense of belonging must be created in the diverse tribes and races, so they see the clan not only as an organization that they joined but a home for which they are willing to die.

Dante chose to create a sense of safety and happiness among the people of the diverse races, and he approached that by focusing on their children.

The events in which the Daybreak clan chose to torture a group of Magus that had a Rank 2 among them, and fight against a Rank 3 Magus all because they dare try to harm a couple of frog-people children made all the races extremely satisfied.

More plans were made after this, in which the children could attend a school where they were taught all types of magic knowledge, history, war strategies among other things.

Although the children did not find this very useful, rewards were implemented so those who prove their hard work will obtain help from the Sunlight Core, to make their advance as Sunlight Champion easier.

The satisfaction that the parents and elders of the tribes feel seeing their young ones not only safely increase in power but also obtain the skill so they could choose all types of paths in the future was immense.

Seeing their families and friends grow, in a place where they were safe and allowed them to increase their power, made those races that were fighting just to survive not too long ago feel like they were in a dream.

Zatiel did not have much to say about Nathan's compliments since from the moment the first tribes arrived at the tower, he handed all the responsibilities of management to Dante.

The boy was perfect for the job thanks to the Elder Brain allowing him to do thousands of tasks at the same time, displaying one hundred percent of his abilities.

"Thank, I don't want to be rude, but I have a lot of things to do and too little time, so we should go right to business." 

Zatiel did not like courtesy, especially when he had so much work left, but since he had a good impression of these people, he was being polite.

"Oh, yes. Sorry for the delay but the information that you wanted, is even more special than I thought, and although your payment will be enough, the way to deliver the information will be through this." 

Nathan took a white orb from his rings carrying all sorts of inscriptions over it.

Zatiel was surprised when he saw the orb since even with all his knowledge, he had no idea what it was.

But Nathan immediately explained its effect and why he was using it to give the information.

"This is known as the orb of distortion, and when I activate it, the message with the information that you want will be reproduced, but although you will have complete access to that information if you try to share it with someone else, your memories about that information will be clouded. Are you still willing to go with the transaction?" 

Nathan explained very carefully the effect of the orb and was waiting for Zatiel's answer.

Zatiel was impressed with the effect of the orb, since to be able to install such an impressive and precise effect on an object, the person who built it has to have a mastery over the laws equal to a Being of Laws.

"Can I have more people hear this information?"

"Up to four people besides you can hear it," Nathan relaxed greatly when he heard Zatiel answer since it meant that he was willing to continue with the purchase.

Zatiel nodded and sent a message to Ezequiel, Sophia and Dante to come to the hall before passing a crystal to Nathan.

"There is the payment."

The Magus smiled when he obtained the crystal, and after a quick check, he saved it in his spatial ring.

The three Neo-Demons arrive immediately and Zatiel proceeds to explain why he calls them and the importance of the information through the Chaotic-Core.

"The information that we are about to obtain will help us understand the current situation on the Abyss and the Nine Hells, and will help us in case we made some incursion into those planes."

The expression of the three become very serious when they hear that, since they understand that their race has a direct connection with the Abyss, and the usefulness of knowing the condition of the plane was immense, so they just nodded and proceeded to sit down.

"You can start."

Zatiel gave the signal to Nathan and he immediately sent his energy into the orb, making it act.

The orb raises into the air, and after a second a voice comes out. Despite being only a recording, the wisdom in it was so immense that you could feel it.

It was clear that whoever recorded his voice in it, was someone very powerful and whose knowledge greatly surpassed most Being of Laws.

"The Blood Wars is the ancient and endless conflict among the two great fiend planes of the universe, the Nine Hells of Baator populated by the cunning and lawful evil, the devils, and the Infinite Layer of the Abyss home of the mad and chaotic evil, the demons. This fight has existed from the Beginning of Time before the Magi World was even created.

Other evil races had also meddled in this conflict, like the inhabitants of Pandemonium and Hades, but they merely acted as backstage players. The truly involved parties have always been the devils and demons.

Its origin and why even after billions of years it has not stopped were things that have created hundreds of hypotheses among those who research it. My personal opinion is based on three points, geography, idealism, and power."

When it reached this part, Zatiel's eyes narrowed since as someone that was a main character in the Blood Wars, he knew that this individual's understanding of the conflict was very deep.

"The two planes were connected by the Styx River, and this connection was stable enough to let even billions of demons and devil use it, to sail into the other plane and wreak havoc, and since unlike portal, there was no payment needed, even Rank 1 fiend could use it.

As for idealism, both fiend races believe that they represent the epitome of evil, with the demon defending chaotic evil and the devil supporting lawful evil, making the two races hate each other the moment they are born.

As for the third point and the reason I think Abyssal Lords and Archdevils truly care for this war, was that when a demon kills a devil and vice versa, they become stronger and their soul becomes purer, helping them advance in the Ranks. The reason why this happens, according to my understanding is that in one point devils and demons were a single mighty fiend race, that for an unknown reason split and now when one of these fiends kill its counterparts, they become closer to their origin."

If before he was surprised, now Zatiel was shocked since what this person just spoke was one of the greatest secrets of the universe, and although he made some mistakes, he was still very close to the truth.

Zatiel had to admit that when it comes to knowledge, this person was possibly the greatest holder in the universe.

"The Blood Wars mostly affected the first of the Nine Hells, Avernus, and the top sixty layers of Abyss, creating great destruction in these two areas and damaging their origins, hence the lack of guarding level Being of Laws in those places.

Despite the great implications that the Blood Wars had, and that it generated ripples that affected the entire universe, it was very rare to see Archdevils and Abyssal Lords act, since the way these fiends achieve their Rank was by signing a contract with their home planes to become guardians of their respective layer fusing their souls with the origin of these, making their power outside them greatly diminished.

But all of that changed when he appeared, the first Abyssal Lord in the history of the universe that achieved the Rank of a Being of Laws, by his own means, without the need to seek the help of the Abyss.

The one whose actions created such big repercussions, that the entire universe was affected by them, the ruler of the first seventy layers of the Abyss, although no one knows his name, due to his actions he was given the title of Incarnation of Death and Destruction!"

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