Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
124 Transforming Hell into the Abyss
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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124 Transforming Hell into the Abyss

"The Incarnation of Death and Destruction not only was able to become a Being of Laws by his own means, having a power that belongs only to him and that it did not diminish no matter what happened with the Abyss but also, like the rest of the Abyssal Lords, he was able to channel the Origin Power of the layers that he ruled.

Even though the first sixty layers of Abyss, that were ruled by him, have their origin damaged due to the billions of years of fights among the devils and demons, the increase in power that he could obtain by channeling their Origin Power, was enough to make him virtually undefeatable in them.

And that was even more true in the layers from sixty-one to seventy that had their origin intact.

The origin of this Abyssal Lord was unknown and trying to find anything about him was practically impossible. According to my research, he can use a special law that allows him to find out those that had a connection with him, so he used that track them down and erases anyone who knew anything about him from existence, making his identity an absolute mystery.

To this day, even after the things he did, no one truly his appearance due to him always being covered in shadows made from his laws."

Zatiel was once again surprised by this man's wisdom. He finally accepted that this man was someone that had knowledge that could not be measured and proceed to remain calm as he hears the recording.

"Due to him ruling the layers of the Abyss in which the Blood Wars happened, he was a central character in it, and the number of devils that died by his hand could be counted in the billions easily.

It was a one hundred thousand years after he ascended to Abyssal Lord, an age that could be considered extremely young compared to the other Abyssal Lords that had lived for hundreds of millions of years, that he made the unthinkable and alone charged to Avernus.

Despite the first of the Nine Hell, have its origin damaged, its size was not inferior to a High World and was able to create a small number of Being of Laws level Archdevils.

These Archdevils could use the Origin Power of Avernus to increase their powers and because they thought that the Incarnation of Death and Destruction was just like the rest of the chaotic and mad Abyssal Lords, only two of them went to intercept him.

These actions were also motivated by the Archdevils neurotic and scheming mind, making it very difficult for them to work in big groups since they always thought that others will attack them.

Although their way of thinking was not wrong since history has proven them right in more than one time.

These two Archdevil were average in fighting power among those of his same Rank, so they acted just like what you would expect from his race and develop all types of machinations, creating traps and ambushes along the path of the Incarnation of Death and Destruction, to weaken him before attacking.

Unfortunately for them, they underestimated the might of the only Abyssal Lord that was not shackled to the layers he ruled, and by using pure brute force, the Incarnation fo Death and Destruction broke all obstacles on his path to Avernus.

The moment he entered the first level of Hell, he tracks down the responsible for his problem and kills them, before the rest of the Archdevils could do anything.

An Archdevil like any other Being of Laws is extremely difficult to kill, and since they died in Avernus, in which origin their soul was fused, they should have been able to revive without any external help in a couple of thousand of year, of course, they would have been very weak at first and it would have taken millions of years for them to be at their peak again.

But the Incarnation of Death and Destruction made honor to his title, and although no one knows how, after he killed those Archdevils, their souls that should be resting int Avernus's origin, disappeared.

This news immediately made those Archdevils, that thought themselves eternal as long they remained inside Baator, panic and after some discussion and planning, an army of containing billions of devil headed by five Archdevils marched against this Abyssal Lord.

These archdevils knew that even if this army of devils had reached such an immense number, they will never be able to truly harm the Incarnation fo Death and Destruction, and the only reason they bring them was so they could drain some of his energy.

As the army advanced, the Archdevils were ready to chase the Incarnation of Death and Destruction for hundreds and maybe thousands of years, employing all sorts of tricks.

But even after finding that such an immense force was tracking him, the Incarnation of Death and Destruction did nothing but wait for them in the peak of the Pillar of Skull, a mountain made by out of the head of the devils and demons killed in the Blood Wars.

When the army finally reached the Pillar of Skull and saw the Incarnation fo Death and Destruction just sitting there, even though they were literally billions against one, all of those devils and even the Archdevils, hesitate to march forward.

Unlike the other Abyssal Lords that gave an aura of evil cruelty, the Incarnation of Death and Destruction was more similar to a black hole, a force of universal destruction, emotionless and indifferent to any form of life, something born with the single purpose of erasing existence.

It was only after one of the Archdevil arms himself with courage, that he gave the order, and being forced by their lawful nature, the devils charged against what they knew was their end.

The battle was so intense that everything in a radius of ten million kilometers was destroyed in the first couple of minutes.

Even for someone as mighty as the Incarnation of Death and Destruction, fighting five Archdevils after disintegrating an army of billions of devil was too much.

But just as the fight was about to end, and the Archdevils were practically burning their energy to give the finishing blow, the Incarnation of Death and Destruction channeled the Origin Power of Avernus, increasing his power tremendously.

No one knows how it was possible, but the Incarnation fo Death and Destruction essentially broke the rules the universe and was able to channel the power of Baator for himself, something only Archdevils should be able to do.

When the five Archdevils realized the immense increase in power that he obtained, all of them panicked and try to run, unfortunately for them, they have been to focus on winning and the distance between them and the Incarnation fo Death and Destruction was too small, not to mention that the energy they had left was pitiful.

The Incarnation of Death and Destruction killed the five of them, and just like before, their souls vanished from Avernus's origin.

When the events of this fight were known, it shook the devils of the Nine Hells to their core since an Abyssal Lord was able to use the power of their own plane to kill them.

There was a great number of Abyssal Lords that were burning with greed when they found this since they wanted that power for themselves, but even when they were in Abyss none of them could face the Incarnation of Death and Destruction, and if they were to go to Avernus to question him, they were sure that they will die for angering this force of the universe.

 A massive invasion happened after that when the Incarnation of Death and Destruction made absolutely all the demons that inhabited the layers dominated by him, to come to Avernus.

If an army of thousands of billions of demons try to enter Avernus, the Archdevils would attack them immediately, but with the Incarnation of Death and Destruction protecting them, they were powerlessness to do anything.

Once this demonic legion reached Avernus, the Incarnation of Death and Destruction immediately leads them to attack the sanctuary of the Creator of the Evil Dragonkind.

That fight was one of the greatest that has happened in the history of the universe, involving more than one hundred thousand billions fiends and generating such great destruction that some pieces of Avernus were broken and lost in the void.

On the ground demons and devil were killing each other, performing a scene of such butchery that affected the laws of the plane itself.

But the most and maybe only important fight was happening millions of kilometers above them between a black hole and a five-head dragon.

The Creator of the Evil Dragonkind was one of the mighties Archdevils that exited and his control over the Origin Power of Avernus was superior to any other devil.

But the Incarnation of Death and Destruction was able to channel exactly the same amount of Origin Power that the seven Archdevils he killed, had control when they were alive, making him superior.

After a fight that threatened to destroy Avernus itself, the Creator of the Evil Dragonkind was killed and his soul vanished from the plane origin.

Her death was the event that started the period known as The Blight of the Nine Hells, the era where the devils, the race that is the nightmare of countless planes and worlds felt what it means to be a prey and feel fear every single second of their life.

After achieving victory, the first thing the Incarnation of Death and Destruction did was to establish his fortress in the place where the sanctuary of the recently deceased Archdevil was.

This action created severe repercussions among devils since that was the place that connected Avernus with the second of the Nine Hells, Dys.

The demons of Abyss continue arriving without end, and the mission given by their lord was to start the genocide of the devil race in Avernus.

Once the Incarnation fo Death and Destruction healed from his last fight, he joined his legion and started to hunt every Archdevil that remained in Avernus.

For the next five hundred thousand years, a massacre happened in Avernus until the point that the entire devil race was exterminated and replaced by demons, transforming this, the first of the Nine Hells into what it seems another layer of the Abyss.

Once he obtained complete control over Avernus, the Incarnation of Death and Destruction started to send his legion into Dys, making all the inhabitants of the second level of the Nine Hells fell absolute terror.

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