Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
125 Universal Existence
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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125 Universal Existence

Sophia, Ezequiel, Dante, and even those with a pacifistic nature like Nathan, David, and Henry could not help but feel admiration when they hear the recording.

No matter their personal opinion about the actions of the Incarnation of Death and Destruction was, they felt great respect for someone, who by himself and without the help of anyone, was able to influence the outcome of a war that as extended for billions of year and who could make all the devil of the Nine Hells of Baator trembled when they think of him.

You could even detect awe in the voice recorded by the mighty being, who had investigated him.

The only one that maintained an indifferent expression was Zatiel, but that didn't mean he did not feel anything, it was just he did not want to show them to the rest.

The seven of them remained silent as the voice continued speaking.

"When the Archdevils of Dys, saw the demonic legions that had already filled Avernus reach the level of Hell that they dominated, they acted immediately and kill all of them, before they could establish a stronghold and give the Incarnation of Death and Destruction the opportunity of arriving unhindered.

But even though they killed millions of them, the endless legions continue marching forward, without fear like pure killing machines.

The Archdevils understood that even if they kill every demon that marches to Dys, they will only be treating the symptoms and not the disease since the Incarnation of Death and Destruction could always make more demons of the Abyss reach Avernus and follow the path of those who had just died.

The only way to truly stops these legions, was to regain control over Avernus, and erase every demon in there, but that will mean facing the Incarnation of Death and Destruction, who could now channel all of the Origin Power the first level of Hell.

Even if it were to meant the death of their race, no devil will ever sacrifice himself for others, so in the end they could only kill the demons that arrived at Dys and plan for the time when the Incarnation of Death and Destruction arrives.

Once he obtained complete control over Avernus, the Incarnation of Death and Destruction spent the next fifty thousand years creating a runic formation that covered the entire level, and once it was completed he left the Nine Hells of Baator.

He did not return to the Abyss but instead went to Hades, the home plane of the neutral evil fiend race, the yugoloths.

The yugoloths had always played a very important role in the Blood Wars, second only to devil and demons, working mostly as mercenaries, but sometimes they acted as the hand in the shadows that seek to control the outcome of the battles as they see fit.

They have worked very hard to make the illusion that they are fiends whose only purpose in life was satisfying their greed, but in reality they were a manipulative and secretive race that saw every conflict between fiends as something they should rightfully manipulate and control.

The Altraloths, are the leaders of the yugoloths, but even these extremely narcissistic and arrogant creatures knew that there was no way they could manipulate someone as the Incarnation of Death and Destruction, and they feared that he had come to their plane to perform some type of retaliation for their race involvement in the Blood Wars.

Even though they were Being of Laws, their battle power has always been weak and even with the help of the Origin Power of Hades, they could only equal a normal Abyssal Lord, but they knew that the Incarnation of Death and Destruction was everything but normal.

But to their luck, unlike his invasion in Avernus, where he killed a Being of Laws after another, in Hades the Incarnation of Death and Destruction restringed himself to explore the plane and disappeared from the eyes of everyone after a couple of years.

After one hundred years, the Incarnation of Death and Destruction appeared again but he wasn't alone, accompanying him were hundreds of skinny fiends with grey skin, lanky and bony arms, a head that resembled the combination between the skull of goat and cattle and eyes completely empty of any sort of emotion.

The moment the Altraloths saw these creatures following the Incarnation of Death and Destruction, they were shocked beyond measure since they were the legendary fiend race known as baernaloths, their ancestors, and the ones who hold the title of The Creators of Evil.

The baernaloths were one of the universe's greatest mysteries, and just like the Incarnation of Death and Destruction their origin is unknown. Despite their modest battle prowess, these creatures are one of the most feared fiend races that have ever existed.

They were creatures completely without emotions and were known for propagating anguish and discord tough all the universe, with a mechanic and systematic behavior, without a greater purpose or seek of sadistic satisfaction.

The reason for their title as The Creators of Evil was that they spawned a great number of the fiend races of the universe, and although they did not create the devils and demons, they indeed were the responsible for the birth of some of the most violent and powerful of their kind.

Due to their knowledge, the number of mighty individuals in the universe that has sought their help was not little but they never help those how they did not want to, and when they do, it was just some words and advice. As for using torture to force them, it was useless against this type of creatures who feel nothing

But once again the impossible happened around the Incarnation fo Death and Destruction, and he made hundreds of the creatures follow him. They did not go to Hell immediately, but instead explored hundred of worlds ad planes, abducting millions of creatures of all races, to the point that they even caused the extinction of some of them.

After immersing the universe in fear for hundreds of years, they entered Avernus and isolated themselves in the fortress that was created over the entrance to Dys.

For millions of years the Incarnation of Death and Destruction and The Creators of Evil did not show themself, but the legion of demons never stopped charging into Dys, with the casualties reaching the trillions already.

At first, the Archdevils though that this was some type of test that the Incarnation of Death and Destruction was doing to have a better idea of the power of Dys, but one day one of the most cunning Archdevils noticed something weird in one of the demons that arrived with a legion.

After analyzing him, he found out that this demon was just an empty shell without a soul, and whose blood was altered, being the combination of the blood of the Incarnation of Death and Destruction itself and billions of nanometric runic inscriptions.

When the rest of the Archdevils found out about this, the immediately investigated its effects and found out that whenever this blood was spilled in Dys, it fused itself with the origin of this level of Hell, changing it.

If the number of these type of demons had been greater, the Archdevils could notice it sooner, but by mix one of them in billions of demons, they remained hidden for so long, that even though they found out about them, it was too late, since the alteration to the origin of Dys was already done.

The Archdevils understood that their chances in a battle against the Incarnation of Death and Destruction, in which they could not use the Origin Power of Dys but he could, will be null.

It was little time after the Archdevils found out about his scheme that the Incarnation of Death and Destruction left his fortress and his power increased tremendously. As for the Creators of Evil, those that enter the fortress never came out.

Without wasting time, he immediately assaulted Dys, and now with his power increased and control over the Origin Power, he was able to slaughter all the Archdevils in his path.

It took him a couple hundred of thousands of years, but just like Avernus, the devils of Dys were exterminated to the last one and replaced by demons.

Once he obtained complete control over Dys, he created the same immense runic formation that was in Avernus over it.

To the relief of the devils inside the third level of Hell, Minauros, the Incarnation of Death and Destruction did not send his legions to attack them and remained in Dys.

Millions of years passed, but the Incarnation of Death and Destruction remained inactive, always in Dys, something that made all those that saw him feel perplexed.

It wasn't until the first changes in the origin of Avernus and the first sixty layers of Abyss happened, that the Archdevils and Abyssal Lords understood what he was doing.

He was using those massive runic formations to extract the origin of the two first levels of Hell and the seventy layers of the Abyss dominated by him.

Although both Archdevils and Abyssal Lords could use the Origin Power of their planes to increase their battle might, it was just channeling that power and not making it their own, like the Incarnation of Death and Destruction was doing.

If the natural energies are the somatic cells who had already a purpose from the moment they are produced, creating water, air, fire, earth, and everything by following the matrix that is the laws, then the origin of a plane are the stem cells, the ones that gave birth to everything, create anything and it is what makes possible for a world and a plane to have life in it.

The actions of the Incarnation of Death and Destruction were equal to crippling these planes for billions of years, or maybe forever and it could be considered a declaration of war against the inhabitants of them.

But by the time the Archdevils and Abyssal Lords realized the situation of their homes, more than fifty percent of the origin of Avernus, Dys, and the first seventy layers of the Abyss was absorbed, giving Incarnation of Death and Destruction enough power to challenge all of them.

If they could have made their difference aside and all of them attack the Incarnation of Death and Destruction together, working as one, without caring for their life, they could have been able to defeat him, but even with a threat like this, no devil or demon was willing to risk his life for the sake of others.

Years passed, and finally, after three million years, the Incarnation of Death and Destruction drained all the origin in the levels of Hell and layers of Abyss marked by his runic formation, making them places devoid of any life and so weak that pieces of them broke and fell into the void.

No one truly knows how powerful did the Incarnation of Death and Destruction became after absorbing so much power, but some think that he was able to become a mythical Universal Existence, a Rank 10 life form.

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