Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
126 Battle at the end of Hell
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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126 Battle at the end of Hell

When Zatiel hears the recording assuming that the Incarnation of Death and Destruction had become a Universal Existence, he sighed and shook his head.

'Becoming a Universal Existence after swallowing the origin of two levels of Hell and seventy layers of the Abyss. What a joke, how could Rank 10 be so easy to achieve?.' There was a self-mocking expression on his face as he though that.

The other six were to busy imagining the event that the recording was describing to notices Zatiel changes, and continued hearing the voice in the orb.

"In our universe, the highest peak of power has always been Rank 9. A level of power that when an individual reaches it, he immediately made his world or plane, a super potency.

But in the historical remains that you can be found in the universe like The Exodus Ark, The World Tree and the holy training ground of the Heavenly race, Eden, all sorts of depictions and mention about Universal Existences have appeared.

A Universal Existence is someone whose every action can affect the entire universe and whose influence should expand into every world and plane that exists, but no one has ever heard about one of them appearing before.

Hundreds of possible reasons have been hypnotized about the absence of these being but there has never been a consensus.

When the Incarnation of Death and Destruction reached a level that we could only assume was the one referred to as Universal Existence, two main consequences were seen in the life of every being in the universe.

First, due to his actions in Abyss and Baator, these two great fiend planes have lost to much power and they were crippled, making their invading forces, not appear for a long time, especially when it came to devils.

The rest of the High World and Planes from the universe saw all of their Beings of Laws return home and prepare their defenses.

The Being of Laws knew that their only chance against the now all-powerful Incarnation fo Death and Destruction was working together and use the Origin Power of their homes without caring for the consequences.

But contrary to what they believed, the Incarnation of Death and Destruction did not go from a world to the next affirming his supremacy or continued to control the next levels of Hell. 

The Incarnation of Death and Destruction left Hell, and by all intents and purposes, the only thing he did was explore the universe.

He visited the historical remains, planes, worlds, and even some small dimensions.

During the time he spends exploring the universe, he did not kill anyone, but even then, the High World and Planes did not let down their guard and were ready to face him if he attacked.

The millions of years he spent exploring are known across the universe as the Epoch of Civilization, due to the immense development that happened in the Low and Middle Worlds and Planes, now that the High Worlds and Planes had all their force in defensive mode and had no time to perform invasions.

The Epoch of Civilization extended for millions of years and it only ended when the Incarnation of Death and Destruction went back to Dys, but this time he did not stop there, as he proceeded to Minauros immediately.

The moment he entered the third hell of Baator, he made hundred of dark stars appear and throw them to the distance, before advancing to the next level, Phlegethos.

These dark stars had immense power and the ability to track down Archdevils, so by the time that the Incarnation of Death and Destruction had reached the fourth hell, most of the Archdevils in Minauros died, and only the strongest ones were able to survive.

The Incarnation of Death and Destruction did the same in every level he passed as he descended to the ninth hell of Baator, weakening the plane even more by stripping it from its greater warriors.

After killing more than eighty percent of the Archdevils of Baator, the Incarnation fo Death and Destruction finally reached Nessus, the ninth hell."

Once the recording reached this point it stopped for a moment and the people hearing it though that maybe it was all.

But to their delight the voice spoke again.

"From this point forward, the actions of the Incarnation of Death and Destruction on Nessus, are merely speculation since there was no-one left alive to describe the event, and any sort of scrying will kill anyone who would try.

Nessus is a land of extremes, with volcanoes that could burn higher than a sun and regions so cold that could freeze a Being of Laws, with a blasted and torn landscape.

The inhabitants of Nessus where greater devils, who could be considered the strongest force of Hell, after the Archdevils, and who working together could defeat Being of Laws.

The ruler of Nessus was the Prince of Evil, the one called the Supreme Master all of Devils, the Archdevil Overlord Asmodeus.

Asmodeus was supposed to be the strongest and more capable devils that as ever existed, but due to certain reasons, he was unable to leave Nessus with his true body so he was forced to use avatars to interact with the other levels of Baator, as well some planes and worlds.

The moment the Incarnation of Death and Destruction entered Nessus, he attacks immediately with a ferocity and power so immense, that even those watching Baator from the void, could see the explosion happening in the ninth hell.

The explosions continued for a long time and the repercussions that it had in the other levels of Hell were not small, since it practically created massive earthquakes all over Baator, killing trillions of devils.

When the explosion finally ended and silence installed itself fro a couple of days, everyone thought that the fight was over, but then from Nessus, an aura so evil and foul that even Archdevils and Abyssal Lords would found it disgusting appeared and it extended until it covered all of the Nine Hells of Baator.

For a moment some people thought that it was the aura that the Incarnation of Death and Destruction was generating after killing Asmodeus, and possibly devouring his soul, but they immediately discarded that idea, when they saw how a beam of dark energy was fired from Nessus, with so much power that it left Hell, and extended into the void.

At the end of the beam of energy was the Incarnation of Death and Destruction and his condition was unknown since he's body vanished in the void instantly.

Something peculiar that happen was that at the same time that the evil aura was generated from Nessus, a strand of the same type of aura was felt from the last layers of the Abyss."

Even when the recording mentioned the Incarnation fo Death and Destruction, being thrown out of Hell by a beam of energy so powerful that it could destroy a High World, Zatiel expression remained indifferent, but when it mentioned the strand of that evil aura in the Abyss, everything changed.

For an instant he was unable to control his emotions and his fists were clenched so hard, that blood came out of them, but even then his expression remained peaceful, not letting the others know of his state.

Zatiel eyes were calm but in his heart, a coldness and desire of destruction so immensely high was born, that occupied his every thought.

After a moment, Zatiel was able to calm down his emotions and continue listening to the recording.

"Up to this day, despite the several attempts made by several powerful individuals, the origin of that evil aura is unknown.

The condition of the Incarnation of Death and Destruction was unknown and probably very precarious, but it was confirmed that he was still alive since vestiges of his presence were found from time to time in different parts of the universe.

More than ten million years have passed from that final fight in Nessus. During that time, new Archdevils have been born and they have implemented a periodic purge of the weakest devils to feed them to Hell and increase the speed of recovery in the plane.

Due to its weakened state, other worlds made incursions into Hell from time to time, and since the plane is uninhabitable to every race beside fiends, the ones who pillage in it, only do it for a couple of days before leaving.

As for the Abyss, their damage was greatly inferior to Baator and since there was no loss in Abyssal Lords, it was able to return to normal functions after a couple of hundreds of thousands of years."

After saying those last words, the orb created a map of energy above him, in which the geography of Hell and the Abyss were present, before returning to Nathan's hand.

Zatiel commands the chip to scan the maps, before standing up.

"I am very satisfied with the information. I hope that we can work more in the future." There was a peaceful smile on Zatiel face as he spoke

Nathan knew to identify the hidden meaning in Zatiel word, so he stood up and gave a small bow.

"I also hope that our transactions are prosperous and long. I will not take more of your time." Nathan smiled as he left along, David, and Henry.

Once it was only the three Neo-Demons in the room, Zatiel spoke to them

"Remember, even if you are at the peak of the universe, one wrong step and you can fall and lose everything. In two months we will march to the Sinux Magic Tower, and leave this world, be sure to be prepared before that."Zatiel didn't wait for them to reply and went to his laboratory.

The three Neo-Demons did not find anything weird in his advice, but when they saw his eyes, and feel the emptiness in them they were shocked.

This was the first time that they have ever see him truly angry, and although they were curious about the cause, they knew that it was not the moment to bother him, so they all went to make their final preparations.

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