Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
127 Arrival of the Daybreak army
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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127 Arrival of the Daybreak army

Close to the Sinux Magic Tower there were around one thousand Magus, and by the way they were behaving, they seem to be an army.

This army was divided into nine big groups, with each one of them having one hundred Rank 1 life forms, ten Rank 2, and led by an individual at Rank 3.

Despite the occasional conversation between the members of the groups, each one of them was maintaining his position and displaying a great level of discipline. It was obvious that they were not your typical Magus that did not know how to follow orders or act as teams.

All of them were in the ground, even those at Rank 3, and sometimes they will look at the sky with respect and admiration.

In the sky there ten people, and despite being so much less than those in the ground, the difference in power was so immense, that every one of them was capable of killing that entire army without any sort of help, and the reason was that they were Soul Forging existences.

Even though each one of them has great power and might, there were two that gave a feeling of being superior to the rest, not only in their power but also their temperament.

One of them was a young man with golden hair and a pair of blue eyes that seem to have a silver light inside them. He had a sword on his back, and a wave of killing intent was unintentionally surrounding his body that makes the rest feel apprehensive just for watching him

And the other was a woman, her face was delicate and with skin like porcelain, her hair was dark and eyes were green, she was someone with extreme beauty, but this was not what makes her special.

The thing that made her being equal to the man with the killing intent was the particles of light surrounding her body that sometimes will transform into darkness, giving a sense of balance and immense power.

The man was Heinz, and the woman surrounded by light and darkness was the youngest individual to have ever possessed the title of Princess in the Aeternum Empire, Zitra.

Those at Rank 4 were talking among each other, and although they did not show it, some of them were feeling annoyed, and the reason is that they have been waiting for the last part of the army to arrive for several days now, and to people like them, having to wait for someone was not something they were used to.

Not to mention that this part of the army will be the one leading the first part of the invasion and it was the one under Heinz's banner.

They will occasionally look at Heinz, hoping for an explanation, but the cultivator remained silent and although technically they were in the same Rank, the difference in power was immense so they did not dare to bother him.

Some were hoping for Zitra to speak up, but despite the tales of the woman's cold temper, she did not say anything and remained with an indifferent expression.

Finally, a man approaches Heinz. For some reason this person's body gave no sense of vitality, his skin was stuck to their bones and it looks like if it was petrified, and his eyes were filled with blue flames.

Despite this man's appearance and the threatening feeling that the immense amount of negative energy inside his body gave, there was a peace in his face that made people feel comfortable.

When Heinz felt someone approaching he knitted his brow, but when he saw the man he relaxed and an amicable smile appeared on his face.

"Professor Totto, I did not think that your old bones would also be impatient just for waiting a couple of days." By Heinz's tone and the fact that he was joking with the man, it was obvious that they had a friendly relationship.

"Lad, you should show more respect to your teacher, maybe you are stronger now, but remember how I use to spank you when you misbehave as a child." Totto say that with a serious expression, but it was just due to his face not being able to move too much, or else he would be laughing now

When Heinz heard that he almost blush a little, but as a Rank 4 he had immense control over his body. Despite that, he could not help but feel embarrassed, but there was little he could do against the man that had taught him as he grows up.

Seeing that his joke broke the tension in the air, Totto continued speaking.

"You know that for someone like me, patience has never been a problem, but I felt bad for them since they do not dare to come to you in case you get annoyed," Totto says as he looks at the rest of Rank 4 individuals that now were showing gratitude for his intervention.

If the others would have asked him, Heinz would have just say that the rest of the army was coming and that they needed to wait, but since it was his teacher, he was being polite.

"My brother should be arriving with the army today."

"Oh, the brother that you are referring to should be Zatiel Daybreak, the runemaster, right. I have heard histories about him, and by what I can tell he is a great genius, but giving someone at Rank 2 the complete control and responsibility of an army of this size may be too much."

Totto did not mean that Zatiel was unfit to lead the army for not having the abilities, but for a single person at Rank 2 make dozens of Rank 2 Magus and hundreds of Rank 1 obey his commands without questioning him will be extremely difficult.

Usually in an invasion in a Middle Wolrd, the fist ones to enter will be those at Rank 2 and 1, who will be tasked with several jobs, such as recognizing and the creation of the magic tower that will work as a stronghold.

The reason for the first ones to enter being those at Rank 2 and 1, is for two main reasons.

The first being the fact that the moment that any invader forces enter a world, this one will generate a restrictive pressure that will limit their powers, and the strongest they are the higher the restriction will be and the more time they will need to recover.

And the second is that if a Rank 3 life form or above, enters a world without the cloaking help of a magic tower, the effect that he will have in the world will be enough for those powerful native beings to track down their specific location immediately.

Normally, an army that was formed by several groups will have one leader for each subdivision, but Heinz had been clear that the first part of the invasion will have only one absolute leader.

Although the rest were not sure about this arrangement, the cultivator did not accept anything different so they could only comply.

The day was ending and when those in the sky were wondering if they will need to wait for another day, in the distance a source of light so potent appeared that made them feel like the sun was rising again.

The first ones to detect it, were Heinz and Zitra, and when they track its origin, the first one smiled and the second winded his eyes.

The source of light was a domain filled with dark golden flames and inside it was a massive beast, that seems to be swimming in them.

Above the beast head there was Zatiel, Sophia, Ezequiel, and Dante, and a few meters behind them were three ten-meter tall giants with bulky shapes covered with a dark armor, that left no part of their bodies visible.

Occupying the rest of the creature's body were three hundred beings of all size and shapes, whose bodies were also covered completely with armor, but these were white, and there were metallic wings in their backs.

Inside the five hundred meters diameter domain of dark golden fire, were one hundred and fifty Sunlight Champions, whose bodies glowed with golden light and was covered by a flaming armor, who for some reason seem to be able to fuse with the domain and could just stand inside it, and use it as transportation.

To the left and right of the domain were two massive one hundred and fifty meters long dragons with scales that seem to be made of obsidian mineral, with the one on the right having a white glow in his chest and the one in the left a dark red glow.

Each one of these dragons had twenty-five of what it seems like four meters tall dragonborns in their back, each of them having a silver armor that should weight around a ton, but it seems it was weightless to them.

When the Soul Forging existences saw this army they were shocked, but it was not the power that brings them the surprise, but the fact that besides the four people in the massive creature's head, they have not a single human in it, and every one of members had their bodies filled with very complex runic inscriptions and top tier armors.

Although making an army of hundreds by grouping those of the weaker race was ease, they were usually very weak but the consciousness of those Rank 4 was powerful enough to detect the power in those Sunlight Champions and understood that at least when it comes to combat, they are equal to the Magus under them, and those dragonborns were even stronger.

All of them looked at Heinz and were wondering how he was able to create this army.

The cultivator saw their stares but he remained silent. He knew that although this army was technically his, it was formed by his brother and they were only under his banner to make it easier for the rest of Soul Forging to accept the entrance of an army belonging to a Rank 2.

Zitra was also looking at Zatiel and her eyes sparkled as she saw those dark golden flames that seem to be formed by the fusion of two contradictory but harmonious sources of energy

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