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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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129 Archangels

Seeing the expression of the Magi army, Zatiel knew that his goal was achieved and that even those Rank 3 Magus will follow his orders, although he also detected that there may be certain individuals that could generate a problem, he will handle them in due time.

The immense increase in power that Zatiel obtained by activating the Catalyst Negative Energy runic set and creating a balance with his All-encompassing Sun-flame drained his energy and vitality at a very fast speed.

According to his calculating, if he does not activate any other spell beside his innate ones, and do not use Life Release, he will be able to fight with a battle power equal to an Advanced Rank 3 Magus for a 45 second.

Despite that short amount of time, Zatiel found it a success, since, without it, he would have the power to only kill at most a peak Rank 2 Magus.

The attack he just released now drained all of his energy, so he immediately deactivates his True Names along with his domain and descended until he landed in the head of one of the dragons.

 His action once again raises wonder in those Magi since, normally a dragon will never let someone stand over his head, and at most they will let them ride on their back. But in this dragon there was no annoyance but instead a feeling of glory as if he found the act of Zatiel standing in his head an honor.

Seeing that he had the attention of the entire army, Zatiel proceeded to speak.

" I don't have an understanding of the personal knowledge you have on our enemies so I will give a full explanation for you all." Zatiel voice was low, but due to the complete silence that was in the area, everyone was able to hear it.

No Magus dare to neglect this information since it was something that directly affected his chances of success and survival, after all, the greatest enemy was the one you know nothing about.

"The invasion will be in a Middle World dominated by the Heavenly Race, that has already been terraformed by them, as to increase the size of their armies and produce more of their kind."

The expression of everyone was serious as they hear the information since they were worried about their opponents.

The Heavenly race was a top tier race of the universe and despite the Magi Path being very powerful, they are usually at a disadvantage during a fight with them.

"The Havenly race is very powerful and their bloodline heritage is superior to that of dragons, but due to the way they are born, their number is very low.

The most prevalent bloodline of the Heavenly race is the Angel bloodline, which can be divided into four big categories, consisting of angel of order, angel of battle, angel of protection, and angel of supremacy.

The most common of them is the angel of order, with a power equal to that of a Magus. The angel of battle and protection should be a little stronger than a Magus in the same Rank and level, as for the angel of supremacy, you could consider them as strong as the dragonborns that are accompanying me."

Zatiel had a very good understanding of the Heavenly race, and by his calculations a Neo-Demons with a Rank 3 assimilated bloodline should be able to equal the strongest of the angel type.

This fact proves how powerful the Angel bloodline was since a Neo-Demons should be the strongest race of the universe, and those with a Rank 3 assimilated bloodline they can only equal an angel of supremacy, even though they can kill a Magus in the same Rank and level with ease.

After hearing Zatiel word, all of the Magi turn to look at the Neo-Demons, and after making some calculations and thanks to their powerful consciousness, those Rank 3 Magus were able to have an accurate understanding of their strength.

By their predictions, they will need three normal Magus at the same level of power to fight against them.

After giving them enough time to process the information, Zatiel spoke again.

"The other bloodline that the Heavenly race has is known as Angelic Paragon bloodline, which also has diverse categories mostly related to the elements, and usually they are the ones that are in command of those with the Angel bloodline. They are extremely powerful and also very scarce in numbers, with usually not more than one hundred in a Middle World dominated by them.

If they are born in a satellite world of the Heavenly Creator World, they do it at Rank 2. They possess a battle talent that, as long they are in the peak of their Rank, allows them to fight against those in the next Rank on the Novice level."

Zatiel looks at the two Neo-Demons with dragon form that are accompanying him. They are Kilo and Rax that had advanced to Rank 2 just in time for the invasion. 

Thanks to their bloodline and Neo-Demon abilities, when they were at Peak Rank 1, they had the skills to fight against a Novice Rank 2 Magus without the need for runes or armors, of course, that was only fighting on equal ground and not dominate them as Zatiel could have.

The bloodline that the two of them had assimilated has reached the peak Rank 4 and their battle power should be the same that an Angelic Paragon.

The expression on the faces of the Magi was solemn since even if all of those one hundred Angelic Paragons have never advanced and are still at Rank 2, which was impossible, they would be enough to kill the first part of the army that will enter the world.

Although it may seem that a Magus was very weak compared to the members of the Heavenly race, it was not so simple. The members of the Heavenly race, even the most common angel of order, need hundreds of year to born, but with each generation of mortals in the Magi World, at least 0.001 percent of them become Rank 1 Magus, reaching a number that can be counted into the dozens of thousands.

Not to mention that there are always talented people among those Magus that can train side paths to increase their abilities and the Magi Path have almost no restrictions as you advance in the Ranks as long you don't use the bloodline path.

After seeing that they had assimilated the information he gave and were waiting for more, Zatiel spoke again

"There is another bloodline in the Heavenly race and although the probability of we facing them is almost null, I will still inform you about them. I am referring to the Law bloodline of the Heavenly race, the Archangel bloodline. They are the most powerful individuals in the Heavenly race, with every one of them, having the best equipment that their race could give them."

When Zatiel spoke those words, even the Soul Forging existences in the sky felt uneasy, since among them the only one who could face them in the same Rank was Heinz. All the others could only run if they see them.

"The Archangels born in the Heavenly Creator World, do it directly at Rank 6, as for those that do it in a satellite planet, terraformed and dominated by the Heavenly Race, they do it at Rank 4 but they advance to the next one incredibly fast, so they meddling in a war inside a Middle World is almost impossible."

When he first spoke about the Archangels, most Magi were afraid, since just one of them will be enough to scare away most of the Soul Forging existence and stop any sort of invasion, but they were able to calm down when they understood their peculiarities.

"Now that you know their power, I will explain their behavior and society. They are an enemy of any fiend race and ferociously hunt them down which is why they self proclaim themself embodiment of good. Among their members, the Heavenly race is loving, kind, generous, and helpful so trying to make them turn one against another is foolish." 

The Magi were looking at Zatiel and seeing the disgust that was present in his face, they knew he had not finished.

"Their conduct with other races are completely different, they are sadistic and cruel, they enjoy harming and tyrannizing them to prove the superiority. To them any people besides his race, are beast, so if you ever are captured by them, I advise for you to kill yourself if you don't want to be torture until you lose your mind."

Even if they were beyond cruel Zatiel would not feel such revulsion against them, since he understands that in the universe if you are powerful enough you can do anything, but it was their hypocrite behavior that makes him wanted to kill anyone of that race.

After throwing those thoughts to the back of his mind, Zatiel focuses and calls for Dante.

The boy flies to Zatiel side immediately, and behind him were the three ten meters giant following him.

With Dante standing beside Zatiel, anyone could see their immense resemblance, and it was apparent that they were connected by blood.

"He will be your commander and strategist. Besides a few matters I will handle directly, every aspect of the first part of the invasion will be controlled by him."

Imamdely after saying those words, Zatiel could feel the discontent, not only of the Magi army but also of the Soul Forging existences in the sky. But he did not care about any of that and focuses on Dante.

When he saw the boy with a firm posture and confident attitude, he smiled and nodded, before looking up at those Rank 4 individuals, and with an indifferent expression, he spoke.

"I will lead the first part of the invasion, and I will choose whoever I think is most fit for the task."

Some of those Soul Forging existences feel annoyed with his attitude but no one dares to due anything, since it will mean offending Heinz.

After saying those words to those Rank 4 individuals in the sky, he looks back at the Magi army and this time his attitude was a little less cold.

"But I will give you a chance to prove to your talents. Choose among yourselves your best commander, to lead one hundred hundred Rank 1 and five Rank 2 Magus. They will have a fight against one hundred Sunlight Champions, the three giants in black armor, and the two dragons led by my son.

If your chosen commander defeats my son, then they will share the responsibilities and obligations of the job and I will also give him a High Rank 2 runic set and High Rank 2 armor ."

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