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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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131 Archery

The moment Rolo felt the consciousness cover him, he instantly signaled his men so they would act according to the strategy they had previously made, and after that, he proceeded to focus on the opponent's movements.

According to his calculations, due to him being a Rank 2 life form, his cognitive abilities and the speed at which his orders were communicated to his army should be superior to Dante.

But before his man had even had the time to channel their energies and launch a spell, a blinding flash of light covered the entire area with such a potency that those Rank 1 Magi felt their eyes burning, and the worst part was that it also affected their consciousness, leaving them completely blind.

Those at Rank 2 were also affected, but due to their superior abilities and stronger consciousness, they were able to overcome the effect of the flash of light almost instantly.

Rolo was able to track the origin of that blinding light to the staff in the hands of the Sunlight Mages, but he had a more serious problem to attend to.

Half of the Sunlight Warriors had activated a rune in their arms, and had filled their spear with an immense amount of sun fire, before throwing them against the Magi army. As for the other half, they were already approaching their opponents with the same runes activated, and it seems they wanted to enter in a melee fight.

And it was not only the Rank 1 Magi on the ground that were in danger since in the sky, approaching the Rank 2 Magi were two balls of fire forty meters in size, one white and the other dark red, were approaching them and the destructive power they carried was tremendous.

What alarmed Rolo the most was that the massive figure of the two dragons had vanished, he could not detect them in any place and he could only see Dante, and the three giants in black armor, one floating above the boy, and the other two by his sides.

But despite his plan being disrupted and his opponent had taken the initiative, as someone that has taken part in battles in which any mistake could mean the massacre of his entire army, Rolo did not lose calm and at a very fast speed, he sent orders to his men.

A group of ten Rank 1 Magi in the rearguard, that were less affected by the light, acted immediately after receiving Rolo command and they channeled all of their energy, creating very compacted walls made of earth right in front of the army, just in time to stop the spears.

In the sky, four of those Rank 2 Magi created two teams, with one duo conjuring a massive tsunami to fight the white fireball, and the other duo were combining a spell of wind and one of fire to create their own fireball and fight the dark red one.

The only one that was doing nothing was the fifth Magus, the one picked up from another group, who just remained by Rolo's side like a statue.

The moment the earth wall appeared and blocked those spears, the Sun Tadpole in the hand of those Sunlight Warriors that had marched immediately against the Magi army glowed, and they adjusted their speed, slowing it down a little.

The other half of the Sunlight Warriors haven't stayed put after throwing those flaming spears, they took all types of weapons from their rings and proceeded to advance. 

As for the Sunlight Mages, they had started to charge a spell from the moment they finished their Sun Flash, and above their heads, there was a ball of sun fire three meters in diameter and it was growing in size and power every second.

The spears had great power and pierced through most of the earth wall but thanks to those Magi putting all their energy in the spell; it didn't break.

The Rank 1 Magi relaxed when they saw the attack blocked and were preparing to launch their counterattack when the fire around the spears increased and finally exploded, releasing a blast of sun fire that broke the earth wall completely and sent flying those that were near the explosion.

Thanks to the slight adjustment in speed, those Sunlight Warriors were able to remain outside the explosion range and now with an unobstructed view of the Magi army, they proceed to throw their spears, creating explosions just in the perfect location to break the army formation entirely.

The moment those forty spears of fire exploded, a green membrane appeared around fifteen of those Magi, saving them from being severely damaged, but also ending their involvement in the battle.

The eighty Sunlight Warriors penetrated right in the center of the Magi army and split into small groups, before starting their attack and creating even more chaos among the disorganized army.

Rolo sees the state of the Rank 1 Magi army on the ground and he feels frustrated. He was able to see that although those spears indeed incapacitated fifteen people, their true damage was due to separating the small subdivision that he had formed and whose members were now being attacked by the Sunlight Warriors without their comrades by their side, making ineffective most of the battle tactics they have learned.

All of a sudden, as the image of that explosion of sun fire of the spears that gave the Sunlight Warriors the opportunity to generate great damage, he thinks of the dragons and the ball of flames, and immediately his eyes widened.

"The four of you, retreat!"

Hearing their commander's warning, the four Rank 2 Magi were alerted, but unfortunately, it was too late and they were not able to react to the Neo-Demons coming out from above the ball of fire and crashing in their direction.

One of them was smashing with a war-hammer filled with dark red fire and the other with a battle-ax cover by white fire.

The two Neo-Demons were incredibly fast despite their immense size, the strength of their attacks was increasing as they approached the two Magi.

A green membrane appeared around both Magi before the attack landed, and when the weapons touched them, they released an explosion of fire that threw the two of them like a meteor against the ground.

Seeing their partners being defeated, both Rank 2 Magi launched their most powerful spell, sending a tsunami and tornado against the Rax and Kilo.

Due to both Neo-Demons attacking with all of their power, they were too exposed and were not able to dodge, and were forced to block the spell, so they activated their armor before roaring with all of their power, making a flaming head of a dragon appear in front of them.

The tornado and tsunami were very powerful since they were created by Master Rank 2 Magi, and were able to destroy the dragon head, but not before losing some power, so by the time it reached the Neo-Demons, and thanks to their armor, it only generated some wounds on Kilo and Rax and forced them to cough blood.

What came next was a fight between the two Neo-Demons and the two Magi that filled the sky with hurricanes, huge waves, and a sea of fire.

Rolo was finding hard to believe how everything has developed, despite a great number of things happening during this battle, the reality was that not even a minute has passed since the consciousness of both Soul Forging existences had covered them, and he had already lost two Rank 2 Magi and the amount of the Rank 1 had decreased by almost twenty.

But things did not end up here since he saw how the battlefield among those Rank 1 was being drowned by arrows that carry such much potency that seems to be fired from a cannon.

The one firing those arrows was Dante, and they were two types of arrows, a physical one that created great damage to the Magi and one made of golden fire, that when it landed in a Sunlight Warrior, it healed them and recharged their energy.

Rolo was surprised by the precision with which Dante was firing those arrows since despite entering into a battle with hundreds of people moving and fighting at a very close distance, not one of them missed a target and even more impressive was when one of the physical arrows seemed to be about to land in a Sunlight Warrior, only for this one to move in the exact moment, and let the arrow crash into a Magus.

Although he also wanted to help those Magi on the ground, unlike Dante that was at Rank 1 and whose interference in that fight could not be considered shameful, he was a Rank 2 Magus. Not to mention that he could send one of those giants to attack him, and he could feel the immense physical power that they were emanating.

The Magus did not have much time to think about his next course of action, as an immense danger assaulted him and he could see how a beam of sun flames was approaching him.

The ones sending that attack were the Sunlight Mages. From the start Dante had planned to use the spell against the only Rank 2 that was left alone and whose actions could have affected his plan.

Dante had chosen to take this battle as a test, and since in a real war, he could not hope for his enemy to maintain order and not start to kill those Rank 1 life from just because he got angry, he had planned to handle Rolo as well.

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