Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
134 Elemental Bloodline Marrow
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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134 Elemental Bloodline Marrow

Oliver was sitting on his throne and in front of him were ten people. They were six men and four women, all of them with three pair of wings.

There were all sorts of things forming the wings of these people, with one even having what it seems like a tornado shaped wings.

These men and women were extremely handsome, and absolutely no flaw could be found in them.

Even though Oliver was the most powerful person in the room, they were not far behind, and by their attitude, you could see that although they respect him, they were not showing any sort of submission.

"Lord Oliver, does a mere invader force really need the ten of us leaving our current missions and come here. We are very close to finding the hiding place of the Fallen and once we do, we will be able to erase that plague from our world." The person who spoke was a four-meter tall man with a muscular body and wings made purely of blood.

Hearing the words of the man, the rest of the Angelic Paragons exhibited displays of support. Like all members of the Heavenly race, these generals are extremely proud.

And they were in their right since they had the power to rip to pieces a normal dragon in the same Rank and were on a Middle World, meaning that the maximum level of power inside it was Rank 4, wich all of them have.

Normally, Oliver would have agreed with them, but the situation surrounding this invasion was especial.

"There is a prophesy connected to this invasion, a part of it says 'the sun cocoon will open, eight wings will cover a golden sun." Oliver's expression was serious as he says those words.

The moment the Angelic Paragons hear those words, they were shocked and their carefree attitude vanished immediately and was replaced with a solemn look.

"How it is possible!. This Beta Heavenly has only reached the late stage of a Middle World a couple millions of years ago. The accumulations for the supreme being of our race to be born will need hundreds of thousands of years more. " The one who spoke was a woman with black hair and green eyes, whose wings seem to contain a raging ocean inside them.

Seeing that all ten general were focused, Oliver process to explain the origin of the prophesy and the death of the Angelic Paragon that spoke it.

"I also don't understand how the Archangel can be born so soon. I will go to the Garden of Creation and speak with The Seven to see if there is any abnormality we should know. You ten will mobilize our forces and find those invaders"

"For the invaders to provoke a prophesy like that, they must be from a peak High World. The initial search will be very dangerous and we cannot let our people be exposed to that danger, so I propose to use the Archons, they are great in numbers and in order to motivate them, we can kill one thousand beasts every day they don't find news." The man with the blood wings spoke with a completely natural tone as if killing thousands of the people that work for them was something normal.

Oliver and the generals found no error on the man's logic reasoning and accepted immediately.

"Lord Oliver, should we inform the other two Dukes"

The person who spoke was a general, with wings made of silver blades.

Oliver shows hesitation but after a moment, determination filled his face.

"We will handle this threat ourselves, and then when the Archangel wakes up, we will be in his grace for having taken care of a problem that could have affected him"

When he spoke those words not only his but also the generals' eyes were filled with a dutiful and zealous light.

The favor of an Archangel was something that even the most talented members of the Heavenly race, will not hesitate to spend his life in isolation, just for the chance of getting it.

Once everyone had their jobs, Oliver and the ten general leave the city, flying with an immense speed that increased every time they moved their wings.


Zatiel was in the frozen forest, focused on replenishing his energy and increasing his affinity and understanding of the natural energies of this world, in order to get free of the restrictive pressure that was limiting his power.

As a Neo-Demon with a Law bloodline, Zatiel's talent could be considered at the peak of the universe so he was progressing at a very fast speed.

As he waited for his energy pool to be full again, he was going through the steps that a Rank 2 Neo-Demon must go through to reach the peak of the Rank.

As most races and paths had to do, he needed to fill his consciousness with an immense amount of energy until this one is saturated with it, and in Zatiel case, he will be filling it with his Abyss Aura and Sun Force.

By doing this he will be training his energy pool and soul, increasing the power of his spells, the control over the natural energies, and his cognitive abilities among other things.

And as a Neo-Demons he needs to progress in his body transformation. In Rank 1 he had to change his original heart into an Elemental Chaos Heart and finish his Bloodline Heart.

Now on Rank 2, he will need to extract and fuse the blood essence of these two hearts, one containing the special abilities of his assimilated bloodline and the other the fragmented runes that were taken from the Chaotic Core in order to make it.

This especial blood essence will need to penetrate into the core of your bones and reach the marrow, the one who handles the creation of blood, in order to start to change it, creating what is called Elemental Bloodline Marrow.

By transforming your marrow into Elemental Bloodline Marrow, your body will obtain powers even more impressive than the ones owned by the original holder of your bloodline and it could also give you some special skills.

In Zatiel case, once his Elemental Bloodline Marrow reaches a high enough percentage of completion, the healing abilities he obtains by using his golden flames will become a natural characteristics of his body.

With regards to Sophia and Ezequiel, their Elemental Bloodline Marrow will allow one tho having lightning running through his veins, which will increase his speed and striking power and the other will be virtually invulnerable to any sort of poison or curse and will have an immense resistance to any type of energy that tries to invade her body.

'At this rate, it won't take me long to free myself for the world restrictive pressure. A. I. Chip, scan me.'

[Bip... scanning host

Name: Zatiel Daybreak

Race: Neo-Demon (Rank 2, Daybreak Bloodline)/ Animus (Rank 1)

Strength: 95.7

Physique: 189.2

Speed: 117.3

Abyss Aura: 153.2

Sun Force: 168.9

Mind Force: 23.4

Elemental Bloodline Marrow completion: 0.0%

Note. The host is in a weakened condition and can display 49% of his power]

Zatiel had managed to become a Rank 1 Animus a few weeks before leaving with his army, giving him access to a large range of abilities, but since he was a Rank 2 Neo-Demon, the help that it could bring in battle was very small.

That didn't mean it was not very useful since it was thanks to his Mind Force that he was able to detect when someone saw him entering the world.

What bothers him was the completion of his Elemental Bloodline Marrow. To create the fused blood essence of the two hearts and make it change the marrow, a great amount of energy was needed.

Also, the process is extremely painful and needed a great level of concentration so Zatiel could not divide his focus as he trained.

If a Neo-Demon were to consume great amounts of energy and spent all of his entire time in completing his Elemental Bloodline Marrow, he could advance 3% every year.

A Rank 2 Neo-Demons can live up to one thousand and five hundred years, so they have the time to gradually change their marrow.

But Zatiel has never been some that take the normal path when there is a more efficient way at his disposal.

' The special characteristic that stops me from taking the bloodline of the members of the Heavenly race I will kill, its what makes them a very useful source of energy now.' Zatiel eyes were cold as he planed his movement in this world.

Zatiel and Dante remained still in the forest, one focusing on recovering his power and the other guiding the actions of an army

Five days went by and the army finally returned, bringing with them hundreds of chained humanoid beast and also some people with two wings.

There were no casualties on the army, but the damage in some of the members was significant, with a great number of them missing a limb and a few unconscious or in a comatose state.

It was only thanks to Dante's impressive commanding abilities, with which he always found a way to save their life in the last second, that there no dead on their side.

Zatiel knew that the number of lives lost during this war will no be small, so he did not bother with some injuries that he will be healing very soon.

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