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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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136 Parasite

'A.I. Chip show me the result of the Heaven Swallowing rune.'

[Bip... Analyzing rune's effect.

Rune successfully intervenes with bloodline combustion of the Heavenly race individual, slowing down the speed at which it happens and absorbing part of the energy generated.

86% of the energy generated during the bloodline combustion of the Rank 1 Angel has been absorbed, granting the host a 0.03% advance in the process of creating the Elemental Bloodline Marrow.]

'The help I obtain from a Rank 1 Angel is too little. If I only use them, I will have to kill thousands, maybe even tens of thousands since the advance will be slower when I start transforming the marrow on my spine. I need to focus on hunting stronger members of the Heavenly race, otherwise, I will be too slow.'

Despite the rise in the Elemental Bloodline Marrow being so small, that was insignificant, Zatiel was very pleased with the Heaven Swallowing rune since it will improve enormously the speed at which his body transformation will advance.

Once he was done with assessing the effectiveness of the rune, Zatiel went to pick up the wings he had rip off the Angel's back and stares at the army.

"Dante, who among those at Rank 1 who use fire-related spells, was the one achieved the greatest merits and whose action in the battlefield generated and effect beyond what was expected of him."

Who Zatiel was looking wasn't the one who defeated the strongest opponent or displayed the greatest fighting power among those at Rank 1, since if he used those search parameters, the winner will always be a Neo-Demon and will not recognize those who can show great military might by working in teams, taking advantage of the enemies flaws or assist in battles of a higher level than their own.

Dante was still surprised by all the events happening just now, but he immediately focuses when he hears Zatiel words and after analyzing all the data of the battles and exploration made, he spoke.

"It is the Advanced Rank 1 Magus Jeriko, a man under Zitra's command. Although his fighting power is not impressive, he is very ingenious, always finding ways to help others during fights of higher power and sometimes acting as bait to guide the enemies to an ambush." Dante stares at a young man at the back of the army with red hair.

Jeriko's appearance was quite normal and could easily blend in a crowd, but by his posture and the look on his eyes, it was obvious that he was someone who has been forged on the battlefield.

After hearing Dante analysis, Zatiel agrees, although he would have preferred for a member of his clan to obtain the reward, it did not really matter since they could gain it later and he knows that objectivity and meritocracy are important for an army to become stronger and for its members to push forward and break their limits.

"You, come here and reclaim your reward."

Jeriko became very excited when he hears those words, but as a warrior that has met with many life and death experiences, he has great control over his emotions and did not let them affect him, so he immediately moves forward until he was before Zatiel.

"Rank 1 Magus under Soul Forging existence Zitra, Jeriko greets army leader, Zatiel Daybreak." Jeriko performs a bow as he gave the usual salute in a Magi army.

Although they were around the same age, Jeriko knew he could not compare to the man in front of him, who was strong enough to kill everybody in the army by himself.

"Every action has an effect, your performance during this first battle was great so you deserve a reward. I can implant these wings on you, and they will work as a piece of upgradable magic equipment, which will grant you an increase in 35% in the power of your fire spells, outstanding flying abilities, and they can work like shields. If you advance to the next Rank, you will need to infuse magic items with fire properties in the wings if you want their effect to reach the standards of the next Rank. Are you satisfied with this reward" Zatiel words were loud, allowing the entire army to hear him.

All the members of the army were impressed with the abilities of those wings and even more when they found out that they could be upgraded when he advances to the next Rank.

This meant that he will not have to change them once he reaches Rank 2, unlike them who will need to obtain different magic equipment since their Rank 1 armors will no longer be enough to help them in battle because they are not capable to stop the might that a Rank 2 spell generates.

Although some of the members of the army were feeling envy, most of the Magi knew of the help that the man provided during the battles, so they see fitting for Jeriko to obtain the wings.

"Yes, I am very satisfied!" Jeriko also understood how useful those wings were so he immediately accepts.

"Ok, then turn around, uncover your back, and deactivate your magic defenses." Zatiel activates his Eye of Life and Creation and fills both wings with golden fire, healing any sort of damage he had made when he ripped them off.

Jeriko did not hesitate and immediately follows Zatiel order, before waiting.

Once both wings were healed, Zatiel made them float by his side, as he takes some rune inscriptions tools from his ring and starts to work on both of Jeriko's scapula.

The runes were not very complicated, so Zatiel finishes rapidly, and then he made both wings touch the runes, before sending his energy into them.

"Heavenly Polymorph!"

The runes activated and immediately Jeriko start to feel a great pain on his back, as his bones started to break, and generate spikes that penetrated these wings, filling them with his blood vessels and connecting them to his nervous system.

Although it was very painful, the process was also very fast, so very soon the wings fused completely with Jeriko.

Jeriko was amazed by how he felt like the wings were an extremity just like an arm or a leg and not something external to his body, and although they were a little stiff, he was sure that with practice he could control them with ease.

"Thank you very much." Jeriko made another bow, as he was very happy with the wings since they had increased his battle power to the one of a Master Rank 1 Magus.

Zatiel just nods and as he sees the desire in the rest of the Magi army a meaningful light appeared on his eyes.

"Once we have completed the magic tower and the Soul Forging existences of the Magi World reach this place, you will be free to explore this world. During that period, you can bring me a member of the Heavenly race alive and I will implant their wings on you."

When the army hears this they all become excited, and they were already making plans and forming groups for future hunting.

"Finish reading the mind of those Angels," Zatiel instructed Dante, before closing his eyes and focusing in recovering his lost energy.

Dante knew that he had made a mistake before, so once he hears Zatiel command, he did not hesitate and start to work.

Although he will still frown sometimes, he was able to maintain his composure. It also was of help that although they were cruel as well, these Angels had not reached the level of depravity that they first one had.

Once he finishes with the last Angel, and after organizing the information he just obtained, he spoke to Zatiel through the Chaotic-Core.

"Father after analyzing all the information in the mind of the captives, I have made several findings. This world's name was Juxis, but once it was dominated and altered by the Heavenly race, it was designated Beta Heavenly, due to it being a Middle World. The ruling organizations are three Dukedoms, each one with a Duke and ten general, all Angelic Paragons at Rank 4. There is no king in this world since that is a title that only an Archangel can posses.

We are currently in the Fornes continent, in its periphery to be more exact and the entire continent its under the ruling of the Sfinix Dukedom. Our presence has already been noticed by them, but they have no clue about our whereabouts since a message has been sent to every Heavenly race member to look for us.

I have also created a map that contains all the zones and territories on the continent. By your request, I have marked all the cities that have a high population and also the best possible terrains to create the magic tower"

Zatiel analyzed all the information, and once he understood everything he waved his hand and made a dark golden fire appear that cover him, Dante, the three Brain Golems, and the captives, hiding them from the rest of the army.

When the rest saw this, although they were a little surprised at first, they all understood that in every army there are things confidential.

 After making sure that no one could see them, Zatiel looks at Dante.

"Initiate the implantation of the parasitic tadpole."

Zatiel face was expressionless as he gave the order, but Dante was different and after a moment his eyes became cold and resolute.

He sends a signal to the Brain Goldems and the helmets covering their heads open up, showing an immense brain.

It did not take long to golden tadpoles to begin to come out from the Brain Golems, but these were different from the ones the army had implanted in their hand, they had eight sharp legs and a tail that had a mouth with sharpened teeth in the end.

These tadpoles were similar to the ones the Mind Ruler race uses to infest their victims and transform them.

Once they appeared, the tadpoles immediately went to the unconscious prisoners and begin to climb their bodies until they reached their noses.

Then they entered through a nostril, and start to advance until they reached their brain, where they made their eight legs pierce in specific locations and sent their tail to penetrate the core of this one.

Zatiel was looking at Dante as he made those tadpoles parasite the brains of these people and seeing that he was able to do the task without hesitation, he remains quiet but there was an approving light in his eyes.

War is not a place for mercy, and no matter what his feelings for those Archons were, they are the enemy and since they can't harm a member of the Heavenly race due to the alteration made in their souls, their only use is as disposable spies.

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