Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
138 Neo-Demon against Angelic Paragon
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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138 Neo-Demon against Angelic Paragon

The runes in those armors are known as Fiendfire and its original effect was simple yet very powerful. It allows the carrier to use a very dangerous and powerful type of energy known as fiend fire which was a type of flame that was able to penetrate with ease magic defenses and whose heat was superior to most of the magic flames that exist.

The use of fiend fire has several downsides since it overuse can cause irreparable damage to the life force of an individual and it could corrode their consciousness twisting their personalities.

Zatiel was able to alter the rune, changing its effect, making them consume the life force and energy on the carrier completely before exploding into a ball of fire with the capacity of harming the consciousness of those who touch it.

And the most important quality of the rune was that if an explosion of fiend fire happened next to another one, they could combine themselves, increasing their destructive power beyond the mere sum of their individual damage.

The white warriors were the drones that Tao had created. In the beginning, they were designed to be used as cannon fodder during battles, but their power was so mediocre that Zatiel had chosen to change their purpose, and with the rune absorbing all of their life force and energy, each one of them was able to create an explosion of fiend fire with equal power to a weak Rank 2 Spell.

Zatiel has changed a lot, and although he was still incredibly cold to his enemies, he was not able to send his Neo-Demos nor even those Sunlight Champions into this type of suicide task, but with drones that were not different than an undead army, with no true life or soul in them, he had no problem killing them all.

By combining those three hundred explosions, the result was a dome of black fire that covered a diameter of thirty kilometers and whose power was reaching the Pseudo Rank 4 level. 

Not all the flames were contained inside the center of the explosion, as whips and small fireball were launched in all directions, filling the entire city with black flames.

From the upper part of the dome of fire, a figure came out flying. He was a man with green eyes and red hair, his body was four meters tall with six wings made of blood on his back and a muscular constitution.

Surrounding this man was a very thick red aura filled with all sort of rune inscriptions. Although the aura was now all cracked and seems to be about to break, its abilities were impressive since even though the man was at the epicenter of the explosion, his body had no damage at all.

Of course, that did not mean he was not hurt as you could see blood leaking from his eyes, mouth, and ears. This happened due to him having his consciousness grabbing all those drones at the moment of the explosion which resulted in it being severely damaged.

The man was an Advanced Rank 3 Angelic Paragon, and his bloodline seems to be focused on increasing his body capabilities, which surely gives him outstanding regeneration abilities, but a damaged consciousness was something very serious since it restricted the amount of power he could release with his spells and also hinders his perception 

But things were not over yet since at the moment he came out of the flames an immense sense of danger assaulted him, but due to his damaged consciousness, he was only able to detect the eleven beams of chaotic energy when they were about to land on his body.

As an experimented warrior, he was able to respond to the threat immediately, making all the power on the red aura focus in the front of him and covering himself with his blood wings.

The rune that created that red aura must have been of great quality as it was able to resist most of the power of those eleven Abyssal Blast, even after been damaged.

But just as the man believed he had overcome the danger, another eleven beams of chaotic energy, that had been fired right after the first ones, landed straight on his body.

The Angelic Paragon body was truly impressive since even after receiving those eleven Abyssal Blast directly, he only ends up with his left arm destroyed, some of his wings broken and wounds all over his body.

The explosion throws him back for meters, but he was able to gain control over his body before entering the dome of black flames again.

Unfortunately for him, his enemies seem to be determined on throwing him into that inferno, since as he was fighting the chaotic voice that threatens to rip away his sanity, the massive armored head of an Undying Leviathan, surrounded by a domain of dark golden fire, crash against him, submerging him, the creature and the man, riding the creature, whose body was covered in a golden fire of life and a dark fire of death inside the dome.

The moment the figure of Zatiel disappeared inside the dome of black flames, a voice was heard in the mind of Ezequiel, Sophia, Kilo, and Rax.

"Kill every member of the Heavenly race in the city!"

The eyes of the four Neo-Demons become cold as they separate. Immediately after that, the city was filled with giant fists covered in lightning, tornados made of black water, and a sea of dark red and white fire.

Zatiel had just made the Undying Leviathan crash into the ground with the Angelic Paragon at the point of his head, and he jumps with his sword filled with negative energy ready to attack.

Zatiel knew that although by activating his runic set, he could achieve an Advanced Rank 3 battle power, this Angelic Paragon could easily fight and kill multiple Peak Rank 3 life forms.

The only reason he was willing to fight against him alone what due to its severe injuries, and the fact that they were inside the dome of fiend fire, that although it harms him as well, thanks to his flames the damage was minimal, and it was also the place where he could charge his trump card.

Just as Zatiel was about to reach the Angelic Paragon that was supposed to be trapped under the head of the Undying Leviathan, he saw a spear with a shaft as wide as his chest appear.

The spear crashed against the Undying Leviathan head, making an incision that trespassed the reinforced armor and tears half of his head, before throwing the creature, with a weight of thousands of tons, dozen of meters away like if it was nothing.

The maneuverability of the spear was amazing since in the exact moment after the Undying Leviathan was out of the way, it changed direction and clashed against Zatiel.

Zatiel did not dare to let that attack land on his body and summons every inch of the physical power he has and he attacks with his sword, in the point of the spear where he could neutralize most of the momentum that it carried.

Zatiel swordsmanship was flawless, but even though he was able to diminish a great amount of the power in the spear when his sword clashed against it, he knew that he had misjudged the physical might of his enemy as the bones in both of his arms broke, in several areas, throwing him away almost one hundred meters back.

"You dare to kill members of the Heavenly race. DIE!!!." The eyes of the Angelic Paragon with filled with blood and burning with holy fury.

There were severe injuries all over his body, and it seems that most of the bones in his chest where pulverized due to the impact with the head of the Undying Leviathan but even then, the destructive force he could generate as he waved his spear with only one hand was impressive.

The Angelic Paragon didn't hesitate and mobilized the little amount of energy he could, to charge his spear with blood and conjure dozen more around him.

He was ready to send them all against Zatiel, when he felt a presence on his back, and attacked it with all of the power in the blood spear.

The presence was a ten-meter tall crow, with multiple red eyes filled with inscriptions, that was moving at an impressive speed.

The spear skills of the Angelic Paragon were amazing, but just at it was about to split the crow in two, the inscriptions in the creature's eyes glowed and it moved its body in the perfect angle, managing to dodge the spear.

The Nether Crow beak impacted right in the area of the Angelic Paragon chest that was more damaged, but even then it was only able to pierce twenty centimeters, due to his opponent impressive body defenses

"Disgusting beast!" Along with his cry of rage, the Angelic Paragon made his spear disappear and sent a fist into the Nether Crow's chest making a huge indentation in it, sending the bird flying away and at the same time throwing those the blood spear surrounding him to Zatiel, who was at his back and he had felt approaching.

His damaged consciousness did not allow him to track the path of those spears that he was not seeing, but he was able to felt them crash against something and as he turns back to see the state of his enemy, he was shocked.

Zatiel was right in front of his with a sword filled with an energy that was the antithesis of life, and as he sees the body full of perforations of the Undying Leviathan, he understood that Zatiel had used the creature as a shield, to get closer to him.

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