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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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139 Graveyard

The bones on Zatiel hands were broken and since he could not allow himself to spend his golden flames to heal them, because doing that will make his energy pool so dangerously low, that maybe his runic set will be deactivated and although his natural regeneration abilities were impressive, the clash between the sword and spear happened less than five seconds ago.

Due to that, the strength he could put on his sword was decreased and not enough to trespass the Angelic Paragon's impressive physical defenses, but Zatiel's sword headed to the exact spot where the beak of the Nether Crow had pierced.

Ignoring the pain on his arms, he uses every ounce of strength on his body and buries the sword charged with an immense amount of negative energy into the Angelic Paragon's chest until it almost came out from his back.

The sword cut everything on its path, decomposing the blood, bones, and organs that were in contact with the black energy inside it. But the negative energy was not merely destroyed those parts of the Angelic Paragon's body, it was replacing the life force for itself.

Those organs were now a source of contamination and they will affect the rest of the body until they were extracted since the energy needed to heal them was more than the one to form a completely new organ.

"AHHH!!!" The Angelic Paragon screams due to the horrible pain and the feeling of having parts of his body being invaded by an energy that was the complete opposite of life.

He makes energy on his body burst, without regard to the consequences that doing that will generate on his damaged consciousness, making red diamonds replace his arm skin before sending a punch to Zatiel.

As the arm moves, waves of wind were been formed and Zatiel was surprised by the power that the Angelic Paragon could generate despite having one of his legs destroyed, his consciousness damaged and invaded by the chaotic energy in the Abyssal Blast, and part of his heart corrupted by negative energy.

Zatiel knew that he could not let that attack hit his head or chest, so in the short time frame he had, he jumps backward and raises his left leg, so this one could take the punch first.

The moment the diamond arm touched the leg, it made this one explode and sent Zatiel body flying way for hundreds of meters throwing mouthfuls of blood.

The attack not only destroyed his leg but due to the immense power inside the fist, it also destroyed part of his hip, and the left side of his body was damaged, with his kidney and lung severely hurt.

'Just one attack at full power was enough to injure me this bad. He is on the brink of death, inside a realm of fiend fire and he is still this powerful. The Angelic Paragons are as strong as ever.' Despite the severity of his condition Zatiel was calm, and he analyzes his enemy's condition.

The Angelic Paragon knew how dire the state of his body was, with not only his heart affected by the negative energy but also his lungs and due to him using his energy without control, he had worsened the damage to his consciousness, making it easier for the chaotic voice to affect him.

He was not the only Rank 3 Heavenly race member in the city, but he was the only Angelic Paragon, and since most of them had their houses inside the radius of the explosion, he was sure that even if they survived, their fighting power will not be enough to stop the other people accompanying his opponent.

Even inside the dome made of black fire, the Angelic Paragon could feel the entire city trembling, and as the picture of his people being butchered, his eyes filled with absolute rage as he sees the enemy leader in front of him and madness clouds his mind.

"I WILL KILL YOU!!!" By this moment the Angelic Paragon consciousness was submerged into chaos, and he made the red diamonds cover his entire body before launching himself to Zatiel like a wild beast.

The Angelic Paragon resembled a cannonball and a sonic boom was generated due to the power and speed of his body.

Seeing his enemy closing in with insanity in his face and the power to destroy his body at the first contact, Zatiel remained calm, and when he was about to reach him he finally activates his trump card.

Using Life Release, Zatiel fired three beams of energy that he created by absorbing the fiend fire in the surrounding from the moment he entered the dome of black fire.

The Angelic Paragon was attacking without any form of defense, so he was not able to stop the three beams of energy from reaching his head.

The red diamond skin defenses were impressive since it took two beams at point-blank before breaking and when the third reached the head of the Angelic Paragon, it destroyed the upper part of it.

The beams had diminished most of the Angelic Paragon's impulse and with his death, his diamond skin vanished. 

Zatiel throws himself against him burying his right hand on his chest just before a light started to burn inside him.

As the bloodline combustion was happening, Zatiel was using Heaven Swallowing to absorb the energy generated and increase the amount of Elemental Bloodline Marrow inside him.

Zatiel did not remain inside the dome of black fire as he did this and carrying the body of the Angelic Paragon he flew away.

The fight had left him in the periphery of the dome, so it only took a moment to exit the fiend fire and once he did that, he deactivated his runic set and focuses all of his attention on changing the marrow inside his right arm.

Using such an impressive pure amount of energy made the creation of the Elemental Bloodline Marrow incredibly fast and he felt as if thousands of small drills were piercing his bone and burning them inside.

Even with that pain, Zatiel did not lose of sight the condition of his body and made dozens of pills appear before swallowing them.

The energy that the bloodline combustion of a Rank 3 Angelic Paragon was hundreds of times more than the one of a Rank 1 Angel, and due to the interference of the Heaven Swallowing rune, the process went for more than five minutes.

When the light inside the Angelic Paragon finally was turn off, the marrow inside Zatiel hand and forearm had all being transformed to Elemental Bloodline Marrow and the blood it was starting to generate was no longer red but golden.

This blood could be considered an elixir and if a Rank 1 life form were to ingest it, it would not only heal any wound he has but also improve his vitality.

Thanks to the golden blood and the pills, Zatiel body healed greatly, but there was still damage to his vital organs and in order to regenerate his left leg, it will take more time and energy.

He was in no condition to continue fighting due to his energy pools being almost empty, and he will need several days of rest before being on his peak condition again

Despite the fights against the Angelic Paragon been incredibly dangerous, forcing Zatiel to give his everything and put him at the edge of death more than once, the gains were impressive.

'A. I. Chip, how effective was the Heaven Swallowing rune now, and how much the Elemental Bloodline Marrow has increased with the consumption of the energy of this Angelic Paragon.'

[Bip... Heaven Swallowing rune has managed to absorb 46% of the energy produced during the Angelic Paragon's bloodline combustion due to the amount of energy being too high and the speed at which it was generated too fast. The amount of Elemental Bloodline Marrow has advanced from 1.2 to 5.4%]

Zatiel had killed almost a dozen Rank 2 Angels that he found on his path to here, but even all of their help was not half of the one obtained with this Angelic Paragon.

'The gains are impressive, but it was only thanks to breaking his red rune barrier at the beginning that I could win, or else there is no way to me to defeat him, even with the runic set activated. I need to increase my power if I want to hunt Angelic Paragons.'

Only now did Zatiel observed the state of the city and the saw the immense destruction and thousands of dead Angels on the ground.

Ezequiel and Sophia were both pale and there were injuries around their bodies but their condition was not serious. It seems that their fight ended not too long ago.

Rax and Kilo were together, both with serious injuries all over their bodies and with the first one being on his dragon form, and having lost one of his wings.

Even with the city on chaos, the rest of the Rank 3 Angel weakened by the explosion and its most powerful warrior fighting with Zatiel, it was obvious that the battles the four Neo-Demons had as they butchered the city were not easy.

The city of Berrak, one with more than one hundred thousand Angels, with a mighty Rank 3 Angelic Paragon and a shield that could stop a Rank 4 spell launched from outside was reduced to a graveyard less than half an hour after Zatiel arrived.

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