Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
140 Midst of chaos
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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140 Midst of chaos

Even though the four Neo-Demons were hurt and their energy pools were low, they did not stop hunting down and killing the members of the Heavenly race inside the city.

They have already killed the strongest of the members of the Heavenly race and leveled the city to the ground, but some of the weaker ones remained alive, hiding.

Although they were not a threat to any of the Neo-Demons. Since Zatiel had commanded to kill every member of the Heavenly race, that was exactly what they would do.

Some of the Angels were trying to communicate with the exterior and ask for help, but unfortunately for them, the explosion of the Fiendfire runes had made the surroundings filled with very destructive energy.

The massacre continued and all the Rank 1 Angels hiding were tracked down and killed, increasing the number of dead bodies on the ground.

You could also see the body of human natives and Archons in the streets. They were the pets and servants that the members of the Heavenly race, that were kept inside the city to do their chores and have their fun. 

The four Neo-Demons did not directly attack them, but they were so weak that the collateral damage was enough to kill them.

Most of the native's faces were emotionless even in their death, possibly due to them giving up life a long time ago, but there were some that had smiles on theirs. 

Those were the ones that saw the city that was their nightmare reduced to crumbles and bodies of the monsters they hated with all their souls piling up in the ground.

Neither of the Neo-Demons enjoyed seeing the death of those slaves, but as people who had seen how cruel can the world truly can be, they were able to continue with the task at hand without hesitation.

Zatiel did not join them. He was forcing his body to get better and he replenished his energy pool fast by consuming tons of meat of Rank 3 magic creatures and dozens of pills.

Seeing that most of the enemies with a decent battle power had been eliminated, Sophia rose into the sky and positioned herself in the center of the city.

Her energy starts to rise, and a miniature ocean of Styx water starts to form behind her. 

Sophia closed her eyes as she starts to inhale, and the moment she does, the Styx water begins to concentrate in front of her mouth, creating a small sphere of extremely high density.

The immense amount of Styx water behind Sophia's back was transformed into a sphere with a diameter of one meter.

When there was no more water to deposit inside the sphere, Sophia opened her eyes and released a dragon cry that transformed the sphere of Styx water into a wave of dark sonic force that covered the entire city.

This was Sophia's Innate Spell known as Styx Cry, and by combining it with Oceanic Nothingness, she had made a spell that could cover an entire city, rotting the bodies of those touched by it and also crushing them due to the immense pressure.

Due to her increasing the range of the spell, the power in it was weakened and in the four Neo-Demons, it only caused a sensation of discomfort and could not trespass their magic defenses, but it was more than enough to kill any Rank 0 and weak Rank 1 life form in its reach.

The cry continued for ten seconds and once it stopped, the entire city was submerged into complete silence.

Sophia's face was extremely pale. She was completely exhausted and her energy pool was practically empty as she flew slowly to Zatiel direction until she was in front of him.

The two look at each other and their previous expressions of coldness and indifference as they destroy the city was replaced by a smile full of warmth as they grab their hands and sat next to each other.

Once the entire population of the city was killed, Ezequiel, Rax, and Kilo started to rip the wings of those Angels and steal their spatial rings and anything of value they could find.

Zatiel spent ten hours resting, and although his body was far from being on its top condition, it had healed greatly.

"The army should not take too long to arrive at the settlement of Angels. I need to hurry."

After assessing his body condition, Zatiel made his instruments appear to process material for rune crafting and started to work.

Most of the materials were ones he took from his rings, but there was another that he got just recently. It was the body of the Angelic Paragon by his side.

Once he finished with the processing, he started to inscribe runes all around the periphery of the city, and due to the immense size of this one, he had to work for more than twelve hours without end. 

Even with his Animus abilities, that extended period of intense concentration made his head feel like it was going to split apart.

Zatiel did not activate the rune formation immediately and first called Ezequiel, Sophia, Kilo, and Rax and instructed them to focus on recovering as much of their energy as possible before resting for one hour.

After resting and seeing that the others were better as well, Zatiel took a piece of Star Heart from his ring. This piece was one-fifth of the size of the original, but even so, the elemental chaos it was irradiating was impressive.

"Once I deposit this piece of Star Heart inside the rune formation, we need to run as fast as we can," Zatiel's face was solemn as he said those words, and the other four became serious and had their energy ready to act.

Seeing that they were ready, Zatiel looked at the formation and the thousands of Heavenly race bodies inside it.

"Like a wise man once said, 'In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity'," Excitement and coldness appeared in Zatiel's eyes as he smiled and placed the Star Heart inside the formation.

Once he did that, Zatiel along with Sophia, Ezequiel, Rax, and Kilo activated their spells, and flew away with their maximum speed, without waiting to see the effect of the rune formation.

The moment the Star Heart touched the rune formation, it melted inside it and slowly the runes started to fill with energy until the entire periphery of the city was shining.

The rune formation started to act and the bodies of the members of the Heavenly race began to decompose until a rotting liquid, in which some bodies could be seen, was formed.

The liquid gathered in the middle of the city and raised into the sky where it started to form a circle with thousands of meters in diameter, and with black ectoplasm in its center.


In an area where hundreds of bodies of Angels could be seen torn apart and burned, was a Heavenly race army.

The army was composed purely with Angels of which five hundred were at Rank 1, thirty at Rank 2, five at Rank 3, and one at Rank 4.

The Angel at Rank 4 was different from the rest, as he had two pairs of wings, instead of one. He was part of the strongest type of Angel, an Angel of Supremacy.

His hair was white and his wings were made of solidified light and just like all members of the Heavenly race he was very attractive. But now his face was contorted by the hate he was feeling as he saw his people's mutilated bodies.

"Those invaders dare to kill our innocent people. I will show them the price of harming a member of the Heavenly race!" The rage on the man's eyes was burning with great intensity.

"My Lord! We have analyzed the area and according to our findings, the ones responsible for this hideous act were Archons. It seems that they were controlled by the enemy and they were carrying explosives," The man who spoke a Rank 3 Angel and his expression was furious.

"They used those disgusting beasts to harm our people! Here my order, send the Rank 1 Angels to every city in a radius of five thousand kilometers and kills every Archon and native beast they can find. If someone asks why you are doing it, tell them it is an order from captain Janes."

The man's cruelty was impressive, he was sure that those Archons were forced to act, but even so, gave the order to kill millions of them, and in the eyes of the army there was satisfaction.

"Also tell the men to make sure those beasts suffer before they..." Janes stopped his words and his entire body trembled for a second, and he looked at the distance with shock.

Disregarding the confusion on the faces of his people, Janes transformed into a stream of light and with an unimaginable speed, he vanished into the distance.

Jane's face was somber as he felt an ominous aura coming from the distance, and he was concerned as he knew that in that direction there was the city of Berrak.

The man's speed was beyond impressive and in a matter of minutes he was able to see the city, and his heart grew cold when he saw that gate made from the body of his people and from which thousands and thousands of beings were coming out.

He was someone with a great experience and has explored the void multiple times, so he immediately recognized those creature's origins.


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