Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
141 Destroyed in body and soul
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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141 Destroyed in body and soul

Create a stable portal to another world or plane, with enough energy to transport thousands upon thousands of considerably powerful creatures, some of whom were at Rank 4 was an incredibly difficult thing to do.

Most world and planes have great resistance to any type of portal made from exterior forces and that wished to create a connection inside them to another plane. And even if the portals were created, the amount of energy that any individual will need to use it will be immense.

But the Abyss was different. This was an evil and chaotic plane with an insatiable hunger to corrupt other planes, extend its domains, and the worlds dominated by demons in the universe.

For this reason not only did the Abyss not oppose any sort of connection made to him but it charged those portals with its natural energies, increasing the number of individuals that could pass through it, and if the place where the portal was made was one of connected to great suffering and death, then it will call his demons to bring chaos to the plane and increase the destruction.

Normal demons were happy to leave the Abyss and bring havoc into other planes since most of them constantly suffer from torments by the actions of their superior but those at Rank 4, were different.

Unless they had a good reason, most Rank 4 or more powerful demons, will not enter another world or plane, where the portal was made from someone else since the number of times that demons had been enslaved in situations like that is not small. But then is when the particularities of this portal were shown.

The portal that Zatiel made was an ancient runic formation in which the bodies of especial creatures were mixed with the chaotic energy in order to create a portal to the Abyss, and since he used hundreds of thousands of Angels' bodies to do it, it released an aura that was incredibly tempting to those Rank 4 demons, since eating the souls of Heavenly race members was something very useful for them.

The demons that were coming out from the portal, came in all sizes and shapes some looked like deformed rats and others like gigantic red gorillas. 

The demons were passing through the portal at an impressive speed, occupying the entire one thousand meters diameter when they did, crushing to death those weak ones, that were moving too slow.

In the few minutes that the portal has been active, almost fifty thousand demons have already passed through it and the number continues growing at an impressive speed.

When Janes saw those demons, loathing and killing intent filled his heart, and without hesitation, he flashed through the air, nearing the portal and making the energy in his body rise to his peak.

Around the Angel of Supremacy, one hundred stars, one hundred meters in diameter made of pure light were created, each one having immense power and enough heat to burn all the oxygen in their surrounding.

Janes understood that time was of the essence. He could not let the number of demons to grow beyond control and neither allow them to disperse, since if that happened the number of casualties on the Heavenly race side will be uncountable.

Now that they were under the effect of the restrictive pressure of the world and all pack together, it was the best moment to attack and kill them all.

"Heaven Star Thrust!" All one hundred stars were fired with so much power and speed that they created sonic booms, and the area under their paths was incinerated, along with all the demons in it.

Their target was the portal. Jane knew that destroying it was the best course of action before more demons came out.

The speed of the stars was amazing but before it could reach the portal, from it a massive dragon head came out, crushing to pieces all the demons in its path before producing a roar and launching a red fog against the stars.

The red fog corroded the stars, making them explode, killing thousands of demons but not harming the portal.

Janes could see how the five thousand meters figure of a disgusting dragon came out from the portal.

It has purple scales, a slender and snake-like body, supported by dozens of legs like those of a centipede, it had dozens of small black wings that were able to carry him despite his immense weight.

The most impressive characteristic of this dragon was the deformed faces that could be seen between its scales, which screamed as if they were withstanding a horrible pain.

Evilness could be seen in the eyes of the dragon as he observed his surroundings and seeing all that life and beauty, a wicked smile appeared on his face.

"Excellent, this world is full of life, ready to be contaminated and the winged delicacies are present here." The dragon looks at Janes, and acid spit was drooling out of his mouth.

Seeing the power of his enemy attack, Janes was shocked. He recognized at that demon as a Deathmask Dragon, and he knew that it was powerful but with the restrictive pressure of the world chaining him, he should only be able to use twenty percent of his power.

It was only now that he had taken a moment to analyze the dragon and other demons, that he found out the familiar aura around their bodies. This was an aura similar to the ones the Heavenly race has on them, and when he saw the portal from where they came, Janes understood everything.

The portal not only helped the demons reach the world but also cover their bodies with an aura that hides them from the World Consciousness. Although it was only temporal, it will save them from the weakening effect of the restrictive pressure.

Janes knew he was at an immense disadvantage and his chances of winning were almost null, so he prepared to escape, but before he could do anything a sense of danger assaulted him from behind.

"Where do you think you are running, winged rat." 

From behind Janes, shadows started to gather and in an instant, they materialized a demon of one hundred meters, with horns in his head, and a skin that seems to be made of volcanic stones. He has six arms and in each of them, was a red sword.

He brandishes his swords and creates a red tornado that swallows the Angelic Paragon, along with thousands of demons.

Janes was an experienced fighter, so although the attack took him by surprises, he was able to conjure his stars and put them around him to protect himself from the tornado.

The stars were barely able to withstand the destructive might of the red wind, but unfortunately for Janes, his opponents grew in number and above him, another massive demon appeared.

The creature was five hundred meters tall with a head that resembled a monstrous elephant, a humanoid body with oversized hands tipped with vicious claws. It had a serpentine trunk ending in a long, narrow spike.

If we speak just about physical power, then this demon surpassed the other two greatly.

It launched a fist carrying all the weight of his body against Janes.

It was capable of destroying those stars weakened by the red wings with ease and when it landed on the Angel of Supremacy's body, it generated an explosion more powerful than a nuclear bomb.

James was buried in the ground after being sent flying away by that attack and his legs and abdomen had exploded, but as a Rank 4 life form, he was still alive.

"I need to escape and warn the other." Janes knew that if he falls here, millions of his people will die, so without hesitation, he starts to burn his own soul.

His action will mean, that even if he manages to escape he will die very soon, but there was no hesitation on his and was ready to make the ultimate sacrifice to help his race.

His energy spikes and Janes' body was transforming into dots of light, but before he could finish, from beneath him, a dark fire carrying an unbelievable power breaks the ground and consume his body until it was destroyed, leaving only his damaged soul.

When the rest of the demons saw the soul, immense greed appeared on their eyes but before they could act a dark phoenix rises from the ground and swallowed it.

The demonic swordsman, the demon with an elephant from, and the Deathmask Dragon show anger in their eyes, but they did not dare to act and remained still.

All of those at Rank 4 remained in the city protecting the portal, allowing more than a million demons to pass through it.

Some of the more powerful demons were planning to create their stronghold around the portal. Allowing them to have a constant supply of soldiers and also connect with their Abyssal Lord of the layer they inhabited, but when the day was finishing, something happened.

The runes formation that created the portal started to change and before any of those Rank 4 demons could do something, they exploded along with the portal.

The Rank 4 demons were shocked when this happened, as they understood that without the portal their only way out of this world is by navigating inside the void, that was full of dangers.

If the ones present were devils, they would have made all type of plans and try to found out the origin of the portal, but since they were demons, they acted according to their instinct, and they were telling them to hunt down and devour the members of the Heavenly race to increase their power.

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