Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
142 Gives him the righ
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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142 Gives him the righ

The Heavenly race army has remained close to the Angels' settlement and has stayed in there, waiting for Janes to come back.

They were all curious by the action of their captain, but the chain of command and discipline of the Heavenly race armies is very clear and strict, so they were in no position to question the choices of their leaders.

Some of the Rank 3 Angels were discussing among each other, and there was concern on their faces since they have felt a battle among very powerful existences in the direction where Janes have left.

They knew that instead of help, in a battle among Rank 4 individuals, they would become a burden for their captain. Besides in their minds, there is no way an Angel of Supremacy could die in a battle inside this world, and in the worst case, he would have escaped, so they have decided to remain with the rest of the army to protect them.

The Angels were waiting for their captain to contact them, but all their hopes banished when a purple domain covers all of them, freezing their bodies, energies, and even their consciousness.

"Hahahaha, so many delicacies waiting for me. How could I just ignore them?."

Terror filled the hearts of all those Angels when they hear that voice accompanied by thousands of screams of pain.

Five minutes later the demonic horde was marching through the settlement where the Angels' army has been, but now not a single trace of these Heavenly race members remained, not even a drop of blood, and the same could be said of the corpses that were not long ago spread through all the settlement.

The demonic horde was advancing at an impressive speed and their numbers were diminishing. This happens due to some weak demons not been fast enough, so they were left behind and other demons that have made groups among themselves and separated from the main horde.

Those who separated willingly, were those demons that knew that although following the main horde led by those at Rank 4 will be safer, it will also mean that they will only get the left overs.

The action of those demons could not escape the sight of those at Rank 4, but they did nothing about them since, in one part, the numbers of demons under their control could still be counted in the millions, and these groups will distract the Heavenly race's forces.

It did not take long for the demonic horde to reach a city, and the first ones to act were the Rank 4 demons.

The kill and devoured the strongest of the Heavenly race members inside it and only when they were satisfied, did they allow the rest of the demons to kill their way into the city and eat those who remained.

As the demons were butchering everyone inside the city, a Heavenly race army composed by one Rank 4 Angelic Paragon, ten Rank 4 Angels, and twenty thousand more warriors were closing in.

The Sphinx Dukedom had become aware of the entrance of the demons not long after the death of Janes and they responded swiftly by sending the first army that could be formed to intercept them, but unfortunately, they have arrived too late and the city with his hundreds of thousands of residents was being slaughtered by the time they arrived.

Absolute rage grew in the hearts of the member of the Heavenly race when they saw their people being eaten alive by those demons and they attacked immediately.

Even though they were greatly outnumbered, just like Janes, these Heavenly race army though that those demons were under the restrictive pressure of the world and could only use a fraction of their power.

By the time they entered in a fight against the demons and realized their true power, it was too late.

The Heavenly race was being decimated at an impressive speed and no matter how many demons they defeated, more and more attack them.

The Angelic Paragon was extremely powerful and should be able to defeat most Rank 4 demons with ease, but his opponent was the even more impressive Abyssfire Demon Phoenix.

In the end, only the Angelic Paragon and two other Rank 4 Angels were able to escape, and although thousand of demons die, not a single Rank 4 in their side perish.

By devouring those Rank 4 Angels and the thousands of people of the city, the most powerful demons were able to destroy the shackles of the restrictive pressure, and no longer needed the heavenly aura to hide them.

The demonic horde continues its charge deeper into the continent, slaughtering and devouring every Heavenly race member they find, increasing their power.

The threat that they now represented to the Fornes continent and the entire world, was something the three Dukes needed to focus all their attention in.

Even though they knew that there was another force in the world lurking in the dark waiting to see them weakened, they were hiding to well and the Dukes could not wait to find them before taking care of the demons who had already killed hundreds of thousands of their people.


Far away from the battlefield that the center of the Fornes continent has become, in a mountain range close to the ocean, there was a force field that was hiding a three hundred meter magic tower.

Inside the force field were two people discussing. One of them was an old man with a dark and cold aura around him and whose power was that of a Master Rank 3 Magus and the other was a young man with dark hair and white eyes.

"Why are you prohibiting the entire army from leaving. They need to explore the continent to bring us news about the current situation and also valuable locations for those of us with the power to explore." The man was angry for being forced to argue with someone at Rank 1, and great pressure was being released from his body.

If there were anyone else at Rank 1 in front of the old man, he will be trembling in the floor but Dante remains steady and the three Brain Golems were by his side, annulling all of the pressure effects.

The Sunlight Champions and Neo-Demons were ready to act, but the boy had commanded them to remain still since even if they all worked together they could only equal the Rank 3 Magus.

The rest of the Rank 3 Magi were looking from the distance and neither of them was interfering. Of course, if the old man were to really attack they will do something since if by any chance something were to happen to Dante, the fury of Zatiel was something none of them was willing to withstand.

They were able to enter this world not long ago, thanks to the cloaking abilities of the tower that were powerful enough for those of their Rank to use.

The Rank 3 Magi shared the sentiment of the old man, since before the Soul Forging existences arrive, it was the best opportunity for them to get some of the resources of this world.

"This order came from my father, the continent is extremely dangerous right now. The probability of dying to those that will explore is past 90%." Dante's voice was calm and was completely disregarding the anger of the old man.

When the Rank 3 Magi hear this news they were surprised. They know that the leader of the Daybreak clan was someone who will not show fear even if he fights against Rank 3 life forms so there was no chance that he could be scare by something insignificant.

"If that is the case then we will send them. I will compensate your clan for those who die, besides I am sure you can get more." The Magus pointed at the Sunlight Champions, and he did not even bother to look at them.

When the Sunlight Champions saw these they were enraged. They were part of the first generation to join the Daybreak clan so they were very familiar with the way that the Magus was treating them like if they were inferior beings, slaves whose lives can be bought and use without care.

Dante has been calm this entire time, even when the man was trying to pressure him with his power, but when he heard those words, his eyes become cold, killing intent filled his heart and the sword tattoo on his chest glowed.

"Who the fuck do you think you are for ordering my people!"

When the Sunlight Champions hear these words happiness and a sense of belonging filled their hearts. Their eyes were filled with a feeling of union and determination, and they were ready to attack the Rank 3 Magus no matter the cost.

When the Rank 3 Magi hear those words, most of them were upset. Even if the old man's words were offensive he was a Rank 3 life form just like them, and no matter the boy's background, that deserved respect.

The angriest of all was obviously the old man. He was a mighty Master Rank 3 Magus and in his mind, those Sunlight Champions were just beast that could be discarded however he likes, so for Dante to speak to him like that, it was a great insult.

Even though he knew that Zatiel was strong, and his most powerful attack could seriously harm him, it was something that could only be used once before ending exhausted and he was confident about surviving by using his trump card.

So he made the power in his body burst as he looks at Dante with fury.

"You little brat, what gives you the right to speak to me like that!"

Just after the old man spoke those words, a voice filled with a monstrous coldness appeared on everyone's mind.

"Being my son gives him the right!"

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