Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
145 Yin-Yang collision. Birth of all universal things
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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145 Yin-Yang collision. Birth of all universal things

In the center of the Fornes continent, a battle worthy of becoming a mythical tale that will be told for millions of years was happening.

On one side was the chaotic evil demonic horde, with millions of warriors in the ground. Even though they are totally disorganized, each of them having an individual power capable of immense destruction.

On the other side was the Heavenly race army, with less than seventy thousand members, but will all those at Rank 3 and below having scars made of lava running through their bodies, giving them a power capable of jumping level and fighting multiple enemies without a problem.

The Heavenly race army on the ground was using their increased power and army tactic to fight against the demonic horde.

They charged with so much power that they literary pulverized all the demons in their path, and once they reached the center of the horde, they split into groups, separating the demons, taking away the advantage of their immense number.

Spells of all types and kind were being fired on the battlefield, destroying everything in their path.

The Heavenly race was butchering the horde, but as the killing machines they are, the demons were true to their nature and attacked without any fear for their lives, making the fight and the losses on both sides reach an equilibrium.

Both forces were fighting with all they have, but they knew that the true outcome of this battle, will not be decided by them, but for those that are fighting thousands of kilometer above them, in the sky.

If the fight in the ground was considered impressive, then the one in the sky could only be described as apocalyptic as it was something that escaped the levels of comprehension of a mortal being.

The Soul Forging existences of the Heavenly race have all released their Law Avatar, increasing their destructive power beyond measure, forging all sorts of phenomena around them according to their laws.

The demons were different, they also have their Law Avatar active, but they maintain it inside them, working as a source of power, increasing the might of their already impressive bodies.

Most of the Rank 4 Heavenly race members were fighting one on one with their demons counterpart, but there were some who were fighting against more than one opponent at the same time, in order to make up for their inferior numbers.

Behind Oliver, there was a river of lava that extend for thousands of meter, and from which, all type of creatures and weapons were formed.

He was fighting against the Maelephant, who had participated in the killing of the Angel of Supremacy that tried to destroy the portal to the Abyss, and a Thousand Mouths Worm.

Their fight has made the temperature around them high enough to instantly incinerate any Rank 2 life form that dares to approach them.

Martin was also fighting using his Law Avatar, which was a black nebula filled with starlight, that gave the Duke the ability to disappear whenever he wanted.

He was fighting against the Six Arms Swordfiend and Demon Spiked Hyena. Both demons were incredibly powerful and fierce, but Martin was able to disappear from their sight, only to arrive in the next instant behind them and attack them with beams of starlight.

Both Dukes were fighting with all they got, not containing their energy in the lest and releasing so much power that the surrounding natural energies were extremely volatile. Occasionally, they look at the direction where the strongest individuals on both sides were fighting against each other.

There were two demons of gargantuan sizes fighting against a winged man, that could not be bigger than their eyes. The three of them were moving faster than the speed of sound, and every time their attacks clash against each other, an explosion that covers hundreds of kilometers was generated.

Black fire with a destructive power greater than Oliver's lava surrounded the body of the Abyssfire Demon Phoenix, and he uses it to throw attacks at the Tomas, as for the Deathmask Dragon, he had a purple domain around him filled with deformed humanoid ghosts.

Tomas' wings were glowing due to the thousands of miniature inscriptions inside them and behind him were eight Taoist trigrams circling a yin-yang symbol.

That is the Law Avatar of the strongest man in the world, named Existential Duality and it was forged with the Yin Law and Yang Law as its core.

The fight between them reached a level so high, that they needed to maintain their distance from the rest of the Rank 4, and sometime the World Consciousness will focus on them since their clash will reach the destructive power of a Rank 5 life form.

Dozens of attacks were fired between them each second, making red acid, black fire, and sword light fill the sky, but no one has been able to seriously harm their opponent.

The Abyssfire Demon Phoenix has incredible regeneration abilities, to the point that it was able to heal itself from a sword laceration that covers half of his chest in an instant.

As for the Deathmask Dragon, no matter the power of the attack that it landed on his body, he suffered no harm, and the only thing that happened was that part of the screaming faces that were between his scales disappeared.

Despite an Angelic Paragon having very powerful bodies, Tomas could not compare with the two demons in front of him in that regard, so he was using his control over the laws to respond to the opponents' attacks.

A ball of black fire, a thousand meter in diameter, was throw against Tomas, and the destructive power in it was enough to kill most Rank 4 life forms.

This was a killing move of the Abyssfire Demon Phoenix, but Tomas did not falter and just as the attack was about to impact on him, his Law Avatar ignited, and he slashed with his dark blue wings.

A sword light was generated from his wings and clashed against the black fire. The power inside Tomas' attack, did not fight directly against the opponent's spell but instead uses softness to eliminate most of the strength in it.

Tomas did not stop there, once the ball of black fire had lost most of his power he attacked with his dark red wings, which releases sword energy filled with heat and hardness that destroyed the spell and clash against the Abyssfire Demon Phoenix, sending it flying thousands of meters away.

Unfortunately for him, his attack had left him open to the Deathmask Dragon tail attack, which was covered by thousands of ghosts that rotated around it, making it adopt the form of a drill.

The wings formed a cocoon around Tomas' body, and they release a dark aura, that when the tail attack clashed against, it neutralized a great part of its power.

Tomas was sent flying away and some blood came out from his mouth, but without stopping, he turns back, and before the Deathmask Dragon could respond, he attacks with his dark red wings, making a sword ray crash in the dragon head and throw him into the sky.

A dragon cry was heard as more than half of the Deathmask Dragon screaming faces have already vanished and fear started to appear on the demon's eyes as he looked at the man.

Tomas' power was evidently superior to the demons, but the fight has been going for a long time and at this rate, he will be exhausted before defeating them, and their fight will end in a draw.

Not to mention that the injuries on his body were accumulating and unlike these two demons whose bloodlines were body orientated, he could not heal so fast.

Seeing the situation of the army and how thousands of his people have already died in the battle of the ground and some of the Rank 4 have also fallen, his eyes become cold and decisive.

The Law Avatar started to melt and an instant later it fused with his body, making the right side of his body white and the left side black.

Even his wings took those colors, but his eyes remained the same with his white eye on the black side of his body and the black eye on the white side.

"Law Avatar: One with the Law!"

The entire battlefield froze for a second as the warriors of both sides look at the man whose power was making them feel so insignificant.

Tomas could feel the immense power running thought his body but also the expulsive force that the world was generating against him since he was now displaying a strength beyond what a Rank 4 life form could generate.

Terror appeared in the eyes of the Abyssfire Demon Phoenix and Deathmask Dragon. Both demons did not hesitate and broke space to try and escape but unfortunately, they were too slow.

Before the World Consciousness could expulse him to the void, Tomas channeled all of the power he had and made his attack.

"Yin-Yang collision. Birth of all universal things."

Tomas' white wings and black wings clash against each other, making a bright sword beam crash against the demons and create an explosion that covered thousands of kilometers and made the entire continent tremble.

The screaming faces on the Deathmask Dragon disappeared instantly and the next second his body was pulverized, as for the Abyssfire Demon Phoenix, his body was also destroyed, but it didn't vanish instead, it transformed into ashes which fly away at an unbelievable speed.

After releasing that attack Tomas was fired into the sky by an immense power until he left the world.

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