Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
147 Admiration and respec
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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147 Admiration and respec

Three individuals were entering the Beta Heavenly world, and inside each of them, there was a power so immense that the natural energies in their surroundings were affected.

Their impact in the world was so great that just like when a rock is launched into a pond, they created ripples that anyone powerful enough or with the right magic expertise could detect.

But from a tower that was built inside a mountain range, a cloaking force was generated that covered these three persons.

One of these people was a man with golden hair and a very sharp aura surrounding his body. He was the most powerful of the three and in whom most of the tower's power was acting.

The other two were an extremely beautiful woman with black hair and green eyes, and a man whose skin seems to be petrified and whose eyes shone due to blue flames inside them. 

They were Heinz, Zitra, and Totto. As the most powerful people of the group that was leading this invasion, they were the first to enter so they could overcome the restrictive pressure of the world the soonest.

Once they are able to use their full power and with the help of the magic tower, this invader force would have a solid stronghold and it would not be too long before they start to expand their area of influence.

As they approached the magic tower and saw the state of the people inside it, the three of them were greatly surprised.

There were hundreds of individuals with wings of the Heavenly race fling all over the place constructing a huge abode fifty meters tall and one hundred meters wide and long.

For an instant, they almost thought that the Heavenly race had invaded the place, but they were able to recognize all of the people with those wings, and thanks to their powerful consciousness they could detect the power that they granted to their user.

Although there was one Magus with those wings in his back, all the others with them were part of the Daybreak clan, so they were able to guess who was responsible behind them.

"That man is full of surprises. I already knew that his knowledge over the use of necromancy was impressive due to the two ancient creatures he could summon, but now it seems that he is also extremely skilled in transmutation magic. Something tells me that if we were to compare our magical knowledge, I would lose by a great margin."

There was immense curiosity on Totto's eyes as he examined those wings and saw how the Sunlight Champions and Neo-Demons could use them with such dexterity, especially when he detected the type of connection that was between the wings and the body.

"It's not just the implantation of some body parts into someone else. It is really that impressive?" Zitra was looking at Totto and she was surprised by his words.

It wasn't that she thought that implanting those wings into the people was ease or that their effects were not impressive, but she knows that Totto was someone with one of the greatest magic knowledge in the Aeternum Imperium.

"Young Princess, you don't understand. If it was merely joining those wings in their bodies through the use of magic then it would not have been impressive since the number of people that have changed their heart or other organs for those of powerful creatures is not small" As he spoke, Totto's aura was one of a scholar.

"Those new organs could certainly increase the carrier power but since they are not part of the body originally, they carry all sorts of problems, like contamination by the energy and bloodline in them and also strengthing them is very difficult unless you are following a special Path Technique. But those wings are different, he managed to erase any sort of rejecting form the user body, and also I can tell that they connected not just by magic, but their bodies have been altered to fuse with them. In a few words, they have now a new organ that increases their power without any repercussion, and by what I can tell it can be enhanced pretty easy."

There was another thing that came out through Totto's mind, but he was not sure how could someone at Rank 2 obtain it, so he chose not to speak about it. 

'To be able to alter someone's body in this way, your knowledge about the anatomy of the Heavenly race must be extremely deep.'

There was admiration on Totto's eyes, and he was hoping to exchange some information with Zatiel.

As the three approached the magic tower, Heinz looks at the distance, and immediately the other two did the same.

Heinz knew about Zatiel plan from the beginning and he originally thought that the demons that will enter the world will only be weak ones reaching Rank 3 as maximum, but the immense aura of those Rank 4 demons was something that he felt immediately.

Totto and Zitra's reactions were much less composed since they were sure that some of those demons were as powerful as them.

"So this was the distraction you have spoken!. How did you manage to bring so many demons into the world and let them retain so much power, that they were able to challenge the entire might of the Havenly race as soon as they entered this Middle World?" ZItra could not contain her curiosity as she spoke.

She has always been very proud but thinking about the level of destruction that Heinz's actions must have provoked, she could not help but feel inferior.

But it was not Heinz who answer her question.

"It was not his plan, this was designed and carried by someone else, and the only one in the army who could do it, is the person who can make ten Rank 3 Magus obey him despite being at Rank 2."

When Heinz hears his Totto's words, he looks at him and his eyes narrowed.

"You cannot trick me boy, it is true that when it comes to battle power and law comprehension, you have one of the greatest talents that I have ever seen, but the knowledge and expertise to create a portal through what I can only assume it is an obscure ritual is something you lack." There was great wisdom as Totto's eyes as he looks at Heinz.

The cultivator remained silent, but his lack of words was a form of acknowledged themselves.

Heinz knew that this could have happened since those who knew him could figure out that this was no something he was able to accomplish by himself, but when he asked Zatiel about it, he was told it did not matter if someone else found about it.

"How can some at Rank 2 could make a horde of the Abyss reach this word and cause such a cataclysmic event" Zitra was shocked. If Totto's words were right, despite Zatiel lack of power, he could make an army of extremely powerful creatures unknowingly do his bidding.

"I thought that my opinion of him was extremely high already, but it seems that I was underestimating him. Princess." Totto's voice was solemn as he spoke.

Zitra looks at him and seen his attitude she became serious.

"There are people who could only be described as singularities. individuals whose actions escape reason and that affects all those around them. You are someone very arrogant and have the right to be, because of your talent and hard work, but I advise you to treat that man as an equal or else you will regret it" There was a profound meaning on Totto's word, and he only spoke them due to his relationship with the woman.

Heinz chose not to comment, but he agrees completely with Totto's word. His brother was someone whose actions could affect the fate of a Middle World while he was at Rank 2, and he was sure that as he becomes stronger he will become a force that could influence High Worlds.

Zitra did not speak, but by her expression, it was obvious that the words of the man had an impact on her. 

"Let us go, my brother will brief us about the situation on the continent and the plan that he has for the next step of the invasion."


"The Heavenly race army and the demonic horde had an important battle not less than a month ago. Although I was not able to obtain information about it, the winner was definitely the Heavenly race.

The losses on both sides were great and they should have greatly weakened them for the moment. The strongest warrior of the Heavenly race was someone who could fuse with his Law Avatar, but due to his action in the battle, I am sure he has sent out of the planet and it will take some time for him to return and even then, he will have serious injuries.

If my calculation is correct, due to the location were the demonic horde enter the word, the path they take and the action of the Heavenly race to stop them, a great part of the demons must be traped in this place known as Void Canyon"

Zatiel spoke without much emphasis in the even happening, as if they had no relation with him but the three people hearing him, could not hide their surprise and the way they were starting to look at him was like he was a monster who could destroy a world without feeling anything.

But the most prevalent feeling in them was admiration and respect for his flawless tactic.

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