Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
148 Ten Towers Formation
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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148 Ten Towers Formation

Zatiel did not think too much about the way the trio was looking at him. His actions may be impressive in their eyes, but in his mind, they were simple invasion tactics and they could not compare to the plans and schemes of his previous life.

Now that he had given them all the information about the forces currently occupying this world, and battle that had happened between them, Zatiel advanced to the next subject.

"How long until the three of you get rid of the restrictive pressure of the world?"

Heinz, Zitra, and Totto understood that before they are able to use their full power, the invasion could not continue, as just a single Soul Forging existence of the Heavenly race could stop all the rest of the fighting force that came from the Magi World.

The trio closed their eyes and focus their consciousness on the invisible chains around their bodies and the power they currently have.

On individuals at Rank 4, the power they could display under the world restrictive pressure was around twenty percent, and the amount of time it takes to get rid of it varies depending on their powers.

Fifteen minutes later, Heinz opened his eyes and after making some calculations he spoke.

"It will take two months for me to be able to use my full strength again." Heinz could feel the power of the shackles around him and the immense quantity of them.

"For me, it will be approximately a month and two weeks" Zitra spoke immediately after Heinz.

When Zatiel hears the two of them he frowned. What they just gave him was the normal time that a Rank 4 life form will need to overcome the restrictive pressure of the world by increasing their proficiency on the natural energies to defeat it.

He knows that as Rank 4 individuals they have a faster way to do it, but it seems that the duo has no knowledge about it.

As he was thinking, Totto's voice broke his concentration.

"For me, it will only be a week." 

The time he will need was almost a fourth of the time that will take to Zitra despite the shackles in the two being around the same.

Neither Heinz nor Zitra were surprised by his answer but Zatiel looks at the old man and his eyes narrowed.

Totto knew that he had raised the curiosity of Zatiel. If it was any other individual beneath Rank 4, he would not feel the need to explain himself but now he spoke immediately.

"I have information about a method to increase my affinity with this world, but I got it as part of a deal and I made an oath, so I can't share it."

After hearing Totto's explanation, Zatiel noded. The type of oaths powerful enough to bound a Rank 4 life form is special and breaking them could carry severe consequences.

Zatiel started to think about how to handle this situation.

Actually the method to improve their speed was no very difficult and he could explain it with ease, but he was hoping that all of them would already have it, to save himself some trouble.

He had no problem sharing it with Heinz, but he had no relation with the woman. As for helping her due to her beauty, that was just stupidity in his mind.

In the end, though, he chose to share it with the three of them. Right now the Heavenly race is hurt and their attention is focused on the demonic horde, but that will not remain like that for a long time, so they need to act fast.

"I will tell you a way to speed up the process so pay attention. Instead of using the natural energies to increase your attunement with the world, you should focus on the laws."

Zatiel's words surprised the trio, especially Totto, as he had to pay a great price for the information that was coming from his mouth.

"All the laws are present in the universe, and the core of each one of them is constant, but the way they manifest themselves in some worlds change due to some particularities in the origins of these ones. That is why in some world, the use of anything related to fire is greatly intensified while water is weakened.

Use the laws that you had comprehended and focus on the small change that you feel between the laws of this world and the Magi World. By understanding that difference, your laws will become stronger and the restrictive pressure will be weakened quickly."

To Zatiel this was rather basic information, but it was something the duo found incredibly useful.

Heinz did not wait and started to use the method Zatiel teach them. From inside him, monstrous killing intent was released, but just like on his body, there seem to be shackles around it.

The killing intent maintain itself for more than an hour and nothing changed at the beginning, but then something happened.

The nature of the killing intent seems to be mutating, making itself more familiar with the world, and increasing its strength. Although it was just a little, the speed at which it occurred was considerably faster than the one that could be obtained by increasing your proficiency over the natural energies.

"Hahaha, great with this not only will my laws become stronger, but it will also take me less than two weeks to be at my full power!." Heinz was laughing but then he stops as he saw the rest looking at him and frowning.

When he saw a way to become stronger he used immediately and has made the other three wait for hours. Seeing their behavior he only coughed and proceed to remain silent.

Zatiel only shook his head and sighed as he saw the way Heinz behaved and proceeded to continue speaking.

"According to my calculations, the tower will have enough power for another four Soul Forging existences to enter the world in two weeks. The moment they do, we will begin with the expansion process and start the creation of the Ten Tower Formation."

Zatiel made a virtual map fo the continent appear with ten dots marked in it, forming what it looks like a pyramid, with the peak being where they are right now.

The Ten Tower Formation what something the trio knew very well. It was the standard formation that the people of the Magi World use in invasions.

Each tower will be connected with the other ones, siphoning the energy of the world to form a force field that will increase their strength and weakened the ones of their enemies, as well as allow teleportation between them.

If the ten towers are put, then a group of ten Rank 4 could fight without a problem against a number of enemies ten times higher.

"Right now the continent is full with not only Heavenly race members but also demons, most of them weak but I cannot say for certain that there is not Rank 4 around them.

The main Heavenly race force is focused on the demons and has no knowledge about our location, so we will use that window of opportunity to install the three of the closes towers. 

We will send those at Rank 3 and below to capture any living being in those places and bring them here. Then when those areas are secured we will start with the creations of the tower.

Each of you will be accompanying one of the teams, but unless it is absolutely necessary, do not act as your power is high enough to be detected by those at Rank 4 near us or someone who uses divination spells. Do you have any questions or suggestions?"

Zatiel plan follows the basic strategy used to conquer worlds and by using the demons to distract the Heavenly race, the chances of completing the first step without casualties were very high.

Although it will have been even better if they could install all the towers immediately, the trio knew that it will be to ease for the Heavenly race to notice them and they are not powerful enough to defend nine towers at the same time.

Heinz, Zitra, and Totto, found no problem with the plan, but one of them had a question.

"I understand not killing the Havenly race members as it could be noticed by their leader, but why not kill the demons and just bring their corpses?" Zitra spoke with calmness in her eyes.

She has been part of a great number of battles and was not any less cold to their enemies that the other two Rank 4 present.

"I have a use for them, and they need to be alive."

After Zatiel spoke he felt the three of them looking at him in a meaningful way. He understood what they wanted to express.

The prisoners should belong to the people that were able to capture them. They could not say anything about the members of the Daybreak clan since that was his force, but if he uses his strength to rob the Magi of their possessions, he will not only be breaking an unspoken rule about spoils in world wars but also offending the Soul Forging existences behind them.

"Don't worry I will buy all of them, and with what I am willing to pay, there is no one who will not sell."

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