Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
149 Daybreak vs Demon
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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149 Daybreak vs Demon

Two weeks passed very fast and another four Soul Forging existences reached the Beta Heavenly world under the cloaking force of the magic tower.

Just like the other three, when they arrived they were surprised by the number of individuals flying with wings of the Heavenly race in their backs. They noticed the increase in power they brought, but unlike Totto, they were not able to detect their peculiarities so they did not think too much of them.

The thing that truly surprised them was that Heinz, Zitra, and Totto were already able to use all of their power and have got rid of every shackle that restricted their bodies

Heinz has already consulted Zatiel on how to proceed, so he informed them that he obtained a method before coming to this world and after they paid a considerable amount of magic crystals, he shared it with them.

For his plan, Zatiel needed Heinz, Zitra, and Totto to be at full power as soon as possible, but the rest was not essential, so he took the opportunity to gain some wealth.

With seven Rank 4, already inside the world, they could start with the exploration and securing the areas where the next towers will be situated.

Dante had already organized the army, and they were ready to leave. There were three big groups divided into several battalions.

The Magi forces made two of the groups and another was constituted solely by the Sunlight Champions and Neo-Demons.

Zatiel was analyzing the army from the sky and was satisfied with the battle power they displayed.

The Magi groups had several Rank 3 life form that secured their safety, and although the Daybreak clan had no one at Rank 3 among them, Sophia could reach that battle power by activating her runic set, as could Kilo and Rax by activating theirs and working together.

The most powerful of the Neo-Demons was Ezequiel, who can reach an impressive battle power if he activates his runic set and the Blood Diamond Skin ability of his Angelic Paragon's wings.

"Attention!" Zatiel voice was loud and resounded in the ears of every single person.

Despite being in battle formation, you could still hear whispers, but when Zatiel spoke, the silence becomes present immediately. 

"Your mission is to go to the designated areas, capture any Heavenly race members, and demons that you could find and secure those places.

The strongest members of the Heavenly race are in the center of the continent, so you will not find much resistance for their part but the demons are another subject, and finding some of them at Rank 3 is possible.

Although some killing is acceptable, they need to be captured and brought here alive if possible, especially the members of the Heavenly race, as a great number of them dying, could alert their leaders.

Time is of the essence, so all of you must act fast. The best course of action will be given by the Sun Tadpole, so maintain them active at all times."

The army had become informed of the entrance of demons in the world when the groups were formed. Although their power was great, demons have always been difficult enemies, especially if they are cornered so there was some tension among them as the chances of fatalities in their side will be high especially if they try to capture them alive.

Zatiel noticed their state of mind, but he had the perfect thing to help them surpass their apprehension.

"All the captives will belong to you. You can hand over the members of the Heavenly race to me and I will implant their wings on you.

As for the demons, if you bring one of them alive, I will use them to craft the runic set I have mentioned before."

The eyes of those Magi shined when they hear that. For this type of army, that was made to conquer a world in order to obtain wealth, the best incentive was always profit.

They knew that the conquered land will belong to their leaders, and what they gain is mostly what they manage to steal in their battles, but most of the time it is not much when divided among all of them.

But now every single one of them could get a runic set and Heavenly race wings.

"The runic set is named Abyssal Heritor. The amount of energy needed to maintain it active is not much and it has two effects, the first is Demonic Skin that will allow you to have a demon's physical defense and the second is Demonic Conduit that augments the power of your magic attacks. 

The Rank of the runic set will equal the demon used as material, so if you bring me a Rank 1 demon I will give you a Rank 1 runic set."

When they hear about the effect of the runic set and the fact the merely needed to hand over a captive demon, every single Magus was excited.

To a Neo-Demon, the effect of the runic set is not that useful since their bodies have already better defenses than a demon, but to those Magi, who had not an inherently strong body was incredibly useful.

The Sunlight Champions were also showing some desire for that runic set. Even though they all have certain bloodlines that increase the power of their bodies, they could not compare with a demon's physical might.

Seeing the will in their eyes, Zatiel smiled and signaled Dante to carry on.

"Everybody has their designated areas. I will maintain constant surveillance of your surrounding and inform you of any possible danger. Let us go!"

After saying those words, Dante led the warriors of the Daybreak clan out of the force fields and they deployed their full speed as they fly away.

The same happened with the other two groups composed by Magi, both led by those at Rank 3.

It did not take long for the only people under the force field to be the seven Soul Forging existences and Zatiel.

The seven Rank 4 needed to be under the tower cloaking powers, in order to avoid the possibility of any of them being detected by the members of the Heavenly race. But it did not really matter since the distance to those groups was something that Heinz could cover very fast by teleporting.

As for Zatiel, by using Clairsentience he had detected that the tracking force searching for him was still active, so he did not participate. Besides, the help he could provide in this mission was not much.

But still, he made that Dante update him as they advanced.

Each group took less than a day to arrive at their destination despite having to travel approximately four thousand kilometers.

This was thanks to those at Rank 1 using spells like Dispel Fatigue or some pills, so they could maintain their march at full speed for more than twenty hours.

Once they reached their destination, they made an underground base. 

That will be the place where the prisoners will be kept, since carrying them as they explore is not an option and make trips to send back to the tower each time they capture a group is not practical.

Once this was over, they rested for three hours and continue their mission.

Just like Zatiel said, the settlements of the Heavenly race they found were very weak and they were able to easily capture them.

They also found groups of demons, but most of them were not too strong and with their advantage in number and battle power, they defeat and capture them easily.

It was on the fourth day than a true battle occurred against a demonic horde of more than three thousand.

They were in the area that corresponded to the Daybreak clan to secure. Dante was able to found them without being detected and he located their lair in a cave.

Most of them were very weak, barely reaching Rank 1, but the amount of those at Rank 2 was not small.

After seeing them for a day, he detected their patter of conduct. The horde leaves the cave in the morning and they hunted magic creatures or searched for members of the Heavenly race. 

The only one that never left the caves was their leader, and Dante could feel thanks to his Animus abilities a great power coming from him.

He was possibly hiding and making those weaker ones bring him food.

They choose to attack, outside of a forest when the horde has finished their hunt and was returning to the cave carrying all sorts of magic creatures.

Dante had hidden explosive devices, and when the horde passes through there, he activates them.

The explosions were not very strong but they cover a great range, severely weakening most of the demons that were already tired from their battles.

Before the horde could locate their new enemies, several beams of chaotic energy landed on their most powerful warriors, along with hundreds of spears that exploded with golden flames.

Five minutes later the Sunlight Champions and the Neo-Demons were battling against the demons on the ground, while Sophia, Rax, Kilo, and two of the Brain Golems were in the sky fighting against those Rank 2 demons.

The three Rank 2 Neo-Demons had not active their runic sets since the battle will take a lot of time and they will be fighting multiple opponents, so they could not let themselves be exhausted in less than a minute.

Dante was helping those at the ground firing hundred of arrows each minute, making sure no casualty happens among his people, and one of the Brain Golems was by his side protecting him.

Even though they were totally dominating their opponent, Dante's face was very solemn and the reason presents itself ten minutes later in the form of a roar.

A towering creature four hundred meters tall approached through the sky. It had overly long arms and a demonic bison's head with forward sweeping horns and fire all around his body.

This was a Goristro, a very powerful demon known for his extraordinary physical power. It was flying at an impressive speed despite his size and it seems that he intended to crash into the battlefield, damaging all parties by creating a blast of fire.

But before he could reach the Sunlight Champions and Neo-Demons, a winged man that seems to be made of lightning with a three hundred meters tall body filled runic inscriptions and diamond as skin, appeared by his side and strike him in the head with so much power that a sonic boom was created.

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