Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
150 Fight between giants
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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150 Fight between giants

The power of a physical attack is influenced by several factors, epically in this universe filled with magic and all sort of wonderful energies, but in the mortal world, they have a purer definition wich consider that a force is equal to mass times acceleration.

And if Ezequiel strike could be defined in a single word that would be: Heavy!.

This Goristro was a Novice Rank 3 demon but thanks to his bloodline, his true power was much greater and he could use his unbelievable physical might to resist the attacks of an Advanced Rank 3 Magus and crush them with ease.

But when Ezequiel punch landed on his head, it was carrying so much force that it fractured his jaw and sent him flying away like a cannonball, thousands of meters away from the battlefield between the Daybreak clan and demons.

When his massive body crashed on the ground it created a pit and a blast of fire was generated around him covering hundreds of meters.

Even though he was a demon and was a chaotic being by nature, as a Rank 3 life form his soul was very strong, so he was not a mindless fiend, and instead of charging without a thought, he first wanted to identify his enemy and have a sense of how powerful he truly was.

Unfortunately for him, before he could even locate Ezequiel, six beams of chaotic energy landed in the place where he crashed creating a blue explosion that covered his entire body.

Ezequiel's figure could not be more impressive, with a three hundred meters tall body covered by lightning, six blood wings on his back, and diamond skin.

He was flying above the explosion that consumed the Goristro, with his eyes narrowed. He knew that although the explosion may seem impressive for a Rank 2 life form, the damage that could do to the demon was small.

His objective with those six Abyssal Blasts was not to harm his body, but his mind.


Along with the roar, a giant pillar of flames was released into the sky from the crater where the Goristro crashed, dissipating the chaotic blue energy.

The Goristro figure could be seen inside that fire, and although his body was harm, it was nothing that could affect his battle power, but his eyes were completely red and any shred of intelligence was gone.

The moment the demon saw Ezequiel, the energy on his body burst, making his flames more powerful and his body stronger as he charged against him like an insane monster, 

Even though now the Goristro had become a mindless killing machine that will continue attacking no matter how much damage he receives, Ezequiel showed no fear, and his body decomposed into pure lightning as he flashed to the demon.

The moment they were about to crash against each other, Ezequiel's body reformed instantly, and his diamond fist covered in lightning crashed against the burning fist of the Goristro.

When the two fists impacted, a sonic boom along with an explosion of fire and lightning was created.

Neither of the two was able to truly surpass the physical defenses of the other, but in Ezequiel punch, there was another type of power besides lightning and that was thunder.

The thunder power transformed into force waves that trespassed the Goristro physical defense and fractured the bones on his hand.

There were two main reasons why Ezequiel's body had become so impressive strong, and those were his new Rank Spell and runic set.

The runic set was known as Star Crusher and its function was just one, increase one's body weight beyond measure.

By using it, one's physical power will grow exponentially but there was a severe downside since due to the immense weight, your speed will be extremely slow.

Ezequiel, however, was moving impressively fast and that was thanks to his Rank Spell. 

The one he chose for his transition to Rank 2 was known as Storm Heart.

The effect of the spell was not very impressive since it only increased your body affinity with lightning natural energy, but after Ezequiel combined it with his Lightning Armor and Lightning Transformation, he was able to instantly pass between a solid body and a river of pure lightning, weightless and incredibly fast.

This also increased his physical might allowing his Titan Form to reach three hundred meters instead of just the one hundred and fifty that it will normally have at Rank 2.

Despite his bones being fractured, the Goristro acted as if nothing happened and continued with his crazy attack.

His other fist headed for Ezequiel's head, but the attack was to ease to predict so when the Neo-Demon saw it, he dodged it and punch him in the entrains.

Despite the demon literally having a fist buried in his stomach, with lightning and thunder destroying his organs, his bloodthirst did not diminish and grabbed Ezequiel's hand before throwing a kick at his chest.

The Goristro had charged that attack with some time of power as when it impacted, it created a very powerful but compacted flame explosion.

Even with his diamond skin, Ezequiel felt like the bones on his chest broke, but despite the pain, he did not lose control and made that an immense amount of lightning released from his hand. 

The lightning blast sent the Goristro crashing to the ground and Ezequiel's body was propelled to the sky.

Both had severe injuries on their body, but the power inside them only increased.

After smashing into the ground, the Goristro roared to the sky, and he stomped, creating an earthquake and making a river of lava appear that covered his body.

In the sky, the natural energies of the world started to form lightning, and Ezequiel's body was absorbing it, increasing his strength.

Once they reached the peak of their power, the two of them throw themselves against their opponents, like a lightning deity against a flame abomination.



With their battle cries, the two giants crashed against each other, filling the sky with lightning and fire.

The explosion was so loud that some of the Rank 1 demons and Sunlight Champions, started to bleed from their ears and were disorientated. 

On Ezequiel's right shoulder, a gaping hole with the form of a horn appeared and it was so deep that almost pierced completely his body. As for the Goristro, his left hand was completely pulverized and was now unusable.

Even with that damage, the two of them continue fighting with the same intensity, and Ezequiel always found a way to land a hit near a vital organ and send thunder to wreak havoc.

As the two were fighting, the battle among the demons and the Daybreak clan continues. 

The Daybreak clan was dominating the demons, with a great part of them already incapacitated.

Thanks to Dante arrows, there has not been any casualty on his side, but they were all very tired, especially those fighting Rank 2 demons.

Sophia, Kilo, Rax and the two Brain Golem, had defeated a great number of the demons, but there were still some that remained.

Although none of the Neo-Demons had severe injuries, their energy pools were almost depleted.

Sophia glances at the fight between Ezequiel and the Goristro, and her expression was serious.

She knows that the only reason Ezequiel could fight against the demon was thanks to his runic set and Blood Diamond Skin, but they take a lot of energy and he will not be able to maintain it for a long time.

That was the reason why Ezequiel took the risk of making the demon crazy, in order for the fight to be faster.

Her runic set also allows her to have Rank 3 battle power, but with her current reserves of energy, she could barely activate it for less than five seconds, so she was hoping that Ezequiel could defeat the Goristro on his own.

Another massive explosion was heard as the Goristro was sent flying away and the area of his chest where his heart was located was burned.

The demon coughed massive amounts of blood as thunder and lightning harmed his heart, but the insanity in his mind did not allow him to worry about that and charged against Ezequiel immediately, with the intention of piercing him with his horns.

Ezequiel complexion was starting to get pale and as he saw the demon shooting on his direction, instead of closing in, he remained still.

When the demon was about to impale him, with an unbelievable dexterity, he grabbed the Goristro's horns and twisted his body.

The bones of the Goristro's neck craked and he was sent to the ground with his neck bent in a strange position.

But even after that damage, Ezequiel saw how the demon raised from the ground and he accommodated his neck like if nothing happened.

The Goristro was severely hurt, but Ezequiel knew that before being killed or hurt to the point his body could not move, the demon will continue attacking. His energy pool was already reaching dangerous levels, and at this speed, he will be exhausted before defeating the demon.

Knowing he needed to end this fight fast, Ezequiel's eyes become cold as arcs of lightning were released from his body and started to construct something behind him.

The Goristro did not stand still and continued his barrage against Ezequiel, and since the spell that the Neo-Demon was creating took time, he also charged back to battle.

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