Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
151 Ancient Titan, Right Hand
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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151 Ancient Titan, Right Hand

Explosions of fire and lightning were covering the sky as Ezequiel and the Goristro continued their fight and their giant bodies crashed against each other.

The Blood Diamond Skin granted Ezequiel impressive physical defenses. But still, he now had deep wounds all over his body from where blood, whose color was a combination between red and blue, was leaking.

The condition of the Goristro was much worse, his left arm has become nothing more than a mangled mass of flesh. There were imprints with the form of a fist that had burned the demon's skin all over his body and they were located where his heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, and stomach were present.

Despite lightning and thunder harming his vital organs, and destroying his body from the inside out, there was not a single shred of fear in Goristro's eyes and you could only see insanity.

The two were severely hurt, but the killing intent in their attacks only increased. You could see in the eyes of one lighting and coldness and in the other fire and madness as their fight reached the climax.

Ezequiel was winning the fight, as the damage he had taken was inferior. But his situation was very dangerous since his energy pool was almost empty and it would not be long before he could no longer have Star Crusher and Blood Diamond Skin active.

The lightning that was leaving Ezequiel's body was forming five giant fingers almost as big as him behind his back, and they began to connect with each other as a palm started to appear.

This was Ezequiel's Rank 2 Innate Spell. The power it was generating was impressive but it was the same for the energy it needed.


Even in his enraged state, the instinct of the Goristro warned him about the danger of that hand, so he attacked with even greater ferocity.

Ezequiel was feeling extremely tired and he knew that it was a matter of seconds before his energy was depleted, but that did not weaken his attacks.

The Goristro tries to pierce him with his horns, but Ezequiel dodged them at the last moment and he sent a kick to the demon's knee, breaking it.

The pain must have been immense but the Goristro ignored it, and with his right hand, he punched Ezequiel in the chest, right where his kick had landed at the beginning of the fight and had broken his ribs.

Instead of resisting the attack, Ezequiel took the opportunity and taking the momentum of the punch, he sent his body flying backward, and as he did, he made hundreds of lightning spears appear in his path as he sent them to the Goristro.

His runic set deactivated and his diamond skin disappeared, as he made the last of the energy in his body rush and sent it to the lightning hand behind him.

Ezequiel was hoping that the distance between the Goristro and him would give him enough time to finish his Innate Spell now that he had spent all of the remaining energy he had at it.

But the Neo-Demon realizes that he made a mistake as he saw what could only be described as a flaming meteorite, charging at him without any intention of dodging those lightning spears.

The Goristro was flying at an impressive speed and despite bleeding from every single part of his body, and having lightning harming his organs, he managed to get close to Ezequiel very quickly.

Ezequiel knew that he could not fight against the Goristro directly in his current condition, and as he prepared to use his Mirage rune and teleport, he heard a dragon cry.

Along with the cry, a compacted column of dark sonic force was fired and landed on the Goristro's unprotected chest.

The demon was too focused on Ezequiel and did not notice Sophia's attack, whose runic set was active and formed a black witch outfit over her body.

That attack had taken an immense toll on her. After using it, her runic set deactivated immediately and she flew away from the battlefield and hid behind the Brain Golem that was protecting Dante, as right now, her energy pool was practically empty.


The strength in the beam of dark sonic force did not do too much damage to the Goristro but after an instant, the skin where the attack landed withered at an impressive speed, and his sensibility to pain increased by a factor of ten.

And that was just the beginning. Pustules started to develop all over his body, his blood started to rot, he lost sight, fever was so immensely high that it threatened to burn his brain. It was as if dozens of different curses attacked all at the same time.

As a Rank 3 demon with a very powerful bloodline, the Goristro will be able to suppress those curses in a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately, time was something he did not have since, with the help of Sophia's distraction, Ezequiel had finished his spell.

The lightning had formed a five hundred meters hand, almost twice as big as Ezequiel's entire body in his Titan Form. Its power was immense and it seemed to be made of flesh and bones and not a construct of energy.

"Ancient Titan, Right Hand!"

Ezequiel could feel the titanic hand behind him as part of his body, and without waiting, he opened his palm.

"Right Hand: Crushing Print!"

Following the movement of Ezequiel's hand, the titanic hand disappeared from behind him and appeared above the Goristro.

The palm descended with such an unbelievable strength and speed that the demon wasn't able to do anything as his body was struck by it before crashing into the ground.

The moment the titanic hand touched the ground, an earthquake was felt for hundreds of kilometers and a palm imprint was created with the Goristro right in the center.

But this was not all, as the hand disintegrated into lightning and appeared once again in the sky, but this time it was forming a fist.

"Right Hand: War Fist!" 

A great killing intent was felt in Ezequiel's voice as he clenched his fist and threw a punch.

The Goristro could barely move and was not able to do anything as the fist crashed on his pitiful figure and exploded into a torrent of lightning.

After a couple of seconds, when the lightning dissipated, the demon's figure could be seen. All of his bones were broken, his left arm had disappeared as did his two legs and there was not a part of his body that was not burned by lightning.

Ezequiel inspected the demon, and he was surprised when he noticed that it was still alive. The Neo-Demon was impressed by the Goristro's vitality but of course, he knew that his injuries were too severe and it was a matter of time before he died.

His eyes narrowed and after some thought, he flew to the demon's side and put his hand over Goristro's head.

Ezequiel made thunder destroy certain parts of the Goristro's brain, and once the demon's body stopped twitching, he made him swallow all types of pills and potions.

From the beginning, he was fighting with everything he had, making every attack a killer one. That was because he knew that if he were to try to capture him and he contained himself, he would have lost.

But now that the Goristro was incapacitated, he chose to send him back to the tower, but not before making sure he could not move, even if his body was healed.

Now that his part of the fight was over, Ezequiel returned to his normal size and consumed some healing pills before looking at the battlefield between the Daybreak clan and the demons.

The Sunlight Champions and Neo-Demons were crushing their enemies and in less than an hour, all of them were either disabled or killed.

It was an absolute victory since not even one member of the Daybreak clan died. 

In the battlefield of those at Rank 2, it was not a surprise since even if Rax or Kilo were to be in danger, they could always activate their runic set, not to mention that their bloodline was already closing towards Rank 5 and once there, they will be almost undefeatable against other races in the same Rank.

As for the Rank 1 battlefield, the reason for their absence of casualty was due to their enemies being weakened by explosions before the battle even started, Dante's flawless strategies beside his healing arrows, and the fact that every Sunlight Mage could use healing spells.

But that was not everything, and the most important reason was that whenever Dante saw that one of those at Rank 1 was about to take a fatal blow, he made the Master Rank 2 Brain Golem by his side sent a Mind Blast against the attacking demon.

If it was against another enemy, they would have detected the enemy intrusion of someone at Rank 2 in a fight between those at Rank 1 and would have responded doing the same, but demons could not care less for their kind, so even if they noticed, they did not waste their energy.

Once the battle was over, Dante made everyone collect the corpses of the killed demons in their rings and carry those that remained alive to their underground base.

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