Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
153 Heavenly race“s rage
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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153 Heavenly race“s rage

Heinz was in a room on the top floor of the tower and surrounding his body was an extremely sharp red aura.

This aura was not provoked by a spell, but due to the cultivator effect on his surroundings as he trained his laws, more specifically his Law of Sword.

He was in a meditative position with his iconic black sword on his lap. His consciousness was nurturing the sword, in order for this one to obtain his spirit, allowing him to reach the Second Sword Realm.

He has been training, almost all of the time since he reached this world. He has not made any true advance yet, but there was no impatience in the cultivator's heart.

Heinz knows very well how difficult it is to advance your comprehension in the laws, especially in his case since he had reached the "Initial" level of comprehension. If he were to advance to the "Minor Completion" level, his laws will have a qualitative change and it is the one required to advance to Rank 6.

He is an extremely proud person, but even with the help provided by his Dao Heart, he knows that reach that level without enough experience and time was not possible. If it wasn't for the world war. Heinz would have entered deep seclusion to strengthening his soul until reaching Rank 5.

As he focused on developing his sword, a communication crystal glowed inside the cultivator's personal storage space.

Heinz made the crystal appear on his hand and hears Zatiel's message in it.

"Brother, we need to discuss our plan in response to the Heavenly race actions when they detect the towers. Come to my abode when you are free."

Heinz was not in a deep state of meditation, and since he could resume his training whenever he wanted, he chose to go and speak with Zatiel immediately. He focused on the abode that was close to the tower and in the next second, he disappeared.

The Fiend Essence Extract Chamber was able to block the powerful consciousness of someone at Rank 4, but it wasn't able to stop Heinz from teleporting inside it through the use of the Law of Space.

The vision that welcomed Heinz after teleporting shocked him and for a moment he thought that he had reached a nightmarish dimension.

The walls surrounding him were stacked with unconscious flayed demons, whose heads were opened and were missing parts of their brain.

There were chains that pierced all of these creatures and were glowing with runic inscriptions that seem to be able to absorb their essence and vitality.

Due to their condition, they were constantly bleeding but once the blood left their bodies, it disappeared. 

All of the energy extracted from these demons concentrated in a circular formation in the center of the room, and above this formation was a man.

This evil and chaotic power had formed a liquid tentacle and had connected to this man's chest, depositing itself inside him.

But this wasn't all. Above the man was a giant container covered with runes and filled with pieces of brains. 

As the runes activated in the container, the brains inside it started to decay and transparent threads were coming from it and reached into the man's head.

The most bizarre thing of all was that the man, who had these energies filling his heart and brain, was not even in a state of deep concentration.

He was making runes and by his calm expression and relax attitude it was obvious that he was not forcing himself.

"You came right away. Good, then lets start."

Zatiel words wake up Heinz from his initial shock and after a second a smile appeared on his face.

Heinz is someone who prefers to use brute force to handle his problems, but that did not mean he was stupid.

He had figure out a long time ago that Zatiel was special. He may have some direct connection with a powerful being or be the heir to some deep and ancient knowledge.

Whatever it was the two had reached an unspoken agreement and they never spoke of it. So the fact that he had allowed to see him now that he was training on his special techniques that clearly show some of his peculiarities was proof of the trust he had on him.

Heinz knows that Zatiel trust was something very difficult to obtain so he was very glad, but after a moment he frowned.

He was someone how has seen the truth of the universe a long time ago, so Zatiel using living creatures to increase his power was not the thing that bothered him.

"Brother, having the knowledge to create this type of runic formation impressive but you need to be careful, Abyss Aura is a very dangerous form of energy that can affect someone personality and although I cannot identify the other source of power, even for life forms like me who can remain alive without a body, modifications on the brain are extremely dangerous."

Zatiel could detect the concern on Heinz's voice so he smiled and proceeded to calm the cultivator.

"Knowledge is only dangerous in the hand of those who do not know how to use it. The paths of power I am following allow me to increase my strength this way without any sort of repercussions."

Although he was someone who was constantly looking for ways to increase his power faster, Zatiel will never use a method that will leave hidden danger or harm his talent.

He was using the Fiend Essence Extract Chamber, to absorb the purest Abyss Aura from those demons and channeled through his Chaotic Core, where it was cleaned from the chaotic will, before nurturing his consciousness and increasing his energy pool.

As for those brains, this was a way of increasing his Mind Force he took from the Mind Ruler race. That race was known for eating the brain of their slaves to increase their power and although Zatiel did not have a problem doing it, his current method was more effective.

The container keeping those brain had rune formation similar to the one used to extract Abyss Aura and it only took Zatiel a couple of days finishing it.

Heinz knew that he could not compare with his brother when it comes to knowledge, and although he was still a little worried, seen that there was no problem and knowing that there is no way he could change his mind about using this dangerous method, he focuses on the subject at hand.

"So what plan do you have?" Heinz was intrigued by what Zatiel would say.

The time for the battle between the Rank 4 of the Magi Wolrd and the Heavenly race was nowhere near according to his calculations.

When the three magic towers are built and create a force field connected with the one they are under, they will be able to openly challenge the might of the Heavenly race.

But even then, true fights between them should not happen yet since there is no way that the members of the Heavenly race will enter the force field.

And the Soul Forging existences of the Magi World will not leave the force field under the watch of the Heavenly race for fear of their numerical advantage and will be forced to hide as they explore this world and only act when needed.

Even Heinz, who was the strongest member of this invasion force, was not willing to fight straight ahead with them since even if he fused with his Law Avatar and reached Rank 5 battle power, what he could achieve during that small window of time was not worth the price.

"Logic dictates that we cannot fight right ahead with them right now, and our true battles will be as we built the other six towers and fight to establish our domain inside this continent. We need to slowly expand as we gain strength and weaken them and in the best case scenario we will be able to finish the Ten Tower Formation in ten years."

Zatiel words made perfect sense but when he finished speaking a scheming light appeared on his eyes.

"But since when have I acted according to logic. Remember Heinz all warfare is based on deception!."


It did not take more than a week for the two Magi groups and the Daybreak clan to finish building their magic tower and once they were sure that there was no flaw in the runic formation, they activated them.

Each magic tower started to absorb immense amounts of natural energy and the power inside them grew until the point the runic formations were able to establish a connection with the other three towers.

A force field started to grow from the new towers and they fuse with each other before connecting with the main tower were the ten Soul Forging existences were.

Despite the force field extending for thousands of kilometers, the process was incredibly fast and now a considerable part of the continent was under the rule of the Heinz and Zatiel.

All of the members of the army were smiling. With this force field, even if they were to lose their battles against the Heavenly race, they will have a stronghold were to retreat and gain strength for their next assault.

But their expressions immediately become solemn as they look to the distance and sense the immensely powerful existences approaching them, with rage and killing intent so intense that they could feel them like if they were next to them.

They all understand the reason for that hatred since establishing the Ten Tower Formation was a declaration of war for this world control.

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