Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
156 First victory
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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156 First victory

The fourteen Soul Forging existences of the Heavenly race were completely focused on escaping and defending from the ferocious attacks from the Magi.

They had contacted Oliver the moment Martin was captured, and although the Duke knew that leaving the Heavenly Guard unsupervised was extremely dangerous for the continent, he could not let fourteen of their strongest warriors in such a dangerous situation, so he along with the rest of the Soul Forging existences guarding the place, left to their rescue.

Unfortunately for the Heavenly race, the distance was immense and unlike Martin who could use his Law Avatar to increase their speed, Oliver did not have that ability so he could only focus all of his energy on his spells to increase his momentum.

The Angels of Supremacy and Angelic Paragon that were escaping knew that it will take at least half an hour for Oliver and the rest of the Rank 4 to intercept them and then the Magi will be forced to stop their assault and leave or else they will have to fight against a greatly superior number of enemies.

In that amount of time, a lot of things could happen, so they were giving everything they have to remain alive.

Two groups have been formed as they were escaping, with one consisting of nine Angels of Supremacy and one Angelic Paragon being chased by seven Magi and another composed by four Angelic Paragons that were pursued by Zitra and Totto.

The first group had a better time since the seven Magi did not have the same battle power than Zitra and Totto and the Angelic Paragon was able to use his Law Avatar, which took the form of oceanic tides, to protect them from the strongest attacks.

But all of that changed when the group of four Angelic Paragons started to use some dangerous methods to increase the distance with their pursuers.

When that happened the seven Magi received a message and then a part of them flanked the ten Heavenly race members as they channeled all of their energy in their Law Avatars, before sending their most powerful attacks against them, slowing them down.

The Angelic Paragon along with the other nine Angels of Supremacy were confused by the actions of the Magi, since despite their strength increasing, at this rate they would not be able to maintain their Law Avatar for a long time, but they did not have the luxury of analyzing the battlefield and could only fortify their defenses.

Explosions that created earthquakes, despite their high altitude, were filling the sky as the Soul Forging existences of both sides were moving away from the periphery of the force field.

The portal that Heinz had made remained there, and once the immense threat of those Rank 4 had left, another person came out.

It was Zatiel and with his Eye of Life and Creation, he was watching the battle occurring in the distance.

The fight between such a large number of Soul Forging existences was an amazing spectacle to witness and if there was any other Rank 2 life form he will be excited, but in Zatiel eyes, there were no such emotions.

His memories were full of fights between Law Beings, in which such devastating powers were released that Low Worlds would end up pulverized if they were reached by them, so watching a fight he was not part of and whose result was already decided could not stir his emotions.

Therefore, he just focused on analyzing the condition of those involved.

"The battle against the demonic horde should have been more intense than I thought. Good, this part of the plan can be considered a success." After making sure that everything was going according to plan, Zatiel turns to the cocoon inside the force field.

It was only when he saw the red cocoon and felt the Duke trapped inside that Zatiel eyes show some excitement and a smile appeared on his face as he flew towards it.

When it detected someone approaching, the killing intent that formed the cocoon reacted, and a great power could be felt inside it, but after recognizing the identity of the person approaching, it calms down.

Giving sentience to your attacks was something very easy to do for a Rank 4 life form and they only needed to left a small part of their consciousness inside them. Heinz did this since he could not allow just anyone to take such an important asset as the Duke.

Thanks to the information that he obtained from the captives he was able to recognize the man inside the cocoon as one of the leaders of this world, and there was a profound meaning in his eyes as he looks at him.

There were several reasons why he made Heinz capture him alive, some of whom were related to the war and others to use him to increase his power, but there was a more important purpose on his mind for this individual, something more personal.

'In his mind is the information I need, unfortunately even in his current condition I cannot search his memories on my own.'

Since there was nothing he could do, Zatiel proceeds to sit down beside the cocoon and wait for the Rank 4 Magi to return.


Five minutes had passed since the seven Magi started to use their energy without any sort of restriction and attacked the nine Angels of Supremacy and the Angelic Paragon.

Exhaustion started to appear on the faces of those Magi and it won't be long before they can no longer have their Law Avatar active, but the outcome of their unrestrained barrage was significant.

This group of the Heavenly race was severely hurt and they could barely contain the killing energy that Heinz had left in their body, not to mention that their speed had significantly reduced compared to the other four Angelic Paragons that were already far ahead.

But they saw the condition of the Magi and they knew that as soon their opponents' Law Avatars stop being active, they will be safe.

Unfortunately, all of their hopes were destroyed when they felt an immense threat approaching ahead and the next thing the saw was a corrosive black fog and giant swords of light charging at them with immense speed and power.

The other seven Magi were waiting for this and they channeled as much energy as they could inside their Law Avatar before sending their most powerful attack yet, blocking any sort of escape route.

Chains covered with silver fire, steel spears, tsunamis of acid, thousands of ghosts, giant insect, and other spells reached the ten Soul Forging existences of Heavenly race, from all sides creating an explosion that covered thousands of kilometers in a blast of pure devastation.

The other four Rank 4 Angelic Paragon were alerted by this and they look to where the rest of their comrades were. At first, they thought that thanks to the use of destructive means to improve their speed, they had left Totto and Zitra behind, but now they understood that they were never their real target and their goal was just to force them to leave their weaker members behind.

When they realized the situation in which their companions were, they wanted to go and help but unfortunately, they were too far away.

Not to mention that the damage they did to their bodies due to the use of those techniques to increase their speed was too great. So with immense remorse and pain in their eyes, they flew away.

When the explosion ended, the figures of the Angelic Paragon and the Angels of Supremacy were seen, but now instead of nine of the last ones, there were only seven.

Two Angels of Supremacy had been disintegrated, and there were three that had lost their bodies and only their souls remained. As for the rest, saying that their condition was awful was an understatement.

Their casualties have would have been worse if not for the Angelic Paragon using his Law Avatar, making oceanic tides protect them, but before they could even take a breath another set of attacks was sent against them, creating once again a destructive explosion.

This last attack took all the power that the Magi had and their Law Avatars dispersed, but they had managed to destroy the body of every single person inside the blast and only the soul of the Angelic Paragon and three Angels of Supremacy remained. 

Without their bodies and having only their souls, the Heavenly race members were able to use some special type of spells and run away.

The Magi obviously try to kill them as well, but without their Law Avatars, there was little they could do.

No matter if it was the group of seven Magi or Zita and Totto, they were all completely exhausted so without hesitation, they returned to the force field in order to heal and replenish their energies safely. 

Despite their weakened state, there was a smile on the faces of all the Soul Forging existences. Their first battle in this world has been an absolute victory.

They killed six Angels of Supremacy and destroy the bodies of another three along with one of an Angelic Paragon, which will reduce their power greatly and will make force them to spend years fixing.

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