Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
160 Law of Space
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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160 Law of Space

As Zatiel enters the Fiend Essence Extract Chamber, with the Angelic Paragon at hand, he saw five people already inside.

Four of them were Sophia, Ezequiel, Rax, and Kilo. Each of them had a tentacle made of pure Abyss Aura connect to their hearts. In front of them was a big pile of unconscious people of the Heavenly race and behind, a pile was also forming, but the ones in that were dead.

Under Zatiel's instructions, they were using the chamber to increase their energy pool and also using the Heaven Swallowing rune to absorb the energy on those Rank 1 Angels and use it to advance the completion of their Elemental Bloodline Marrow.

Since the Heavenly race already knows about them and the fact they capture a great number of their people as they created the towers, Zatiel was free to use them.

The marrow in the four Neo-Demons was undergoing transformation at an impressive rate and although this type of accelerated training can create flaws that could affect them in the future, Zatiel needs them to increase their power fast for the next battle.

Of course, he also will be using this method and he knows that as long they spend a few years in intense training after the fight, there will be no permanent damage to their talent and potential.

Seeing the increase in strength of the Neo-Demons, Zatiel looks at the other individual in the chamber that was floating in the air with his eyes closed.

If the other Rank 4 Magi were to see this person they will be shocked since he was Heinz, who less than three days ago was ejected out of this world into the void.

The cultivator was extremely pale and there were wound all over his body, but for some reason, the amount of power he was generating was greater than usual, and the space around him was behaving strangely, carrying some sort of instability and an extremely volatile power.

Zatiel sends a small part of his consciousness at Hainz and tries to make it enter in contact with his body, but when it was about to reach him, the distance between that strand of consciousness and the cultivator seems to have increased thousandfold, and in the next instant the strand was destroyed.

It was an insignificant part of his consciousness so, besides a small feeling of pain, Zatiel was not affected. There was a smile on his face after checking the peculiarities of the space around Heinz.

"I can see that our bet worked better than expected, you have reached the 'Initial' level of comprehension over the Law of Space."

Zatiel was truly impressed, even for his standards, reach that level of compression over the Law of Space is amazing for a Rank 4 life form, and something even a supreme genius of a High World could not equal.

It was only when he hears Zatiel's voice, that Heinz opens his eyes and there was an immense pride and will inside them.

"As always you were right brother, the Law of Space can create all sorts of wonders at the 'Initial' level, and returning to the world was very ease with it."

The reason why returning to a world after being expelled was so hard is due to elemental chaos that fills the void and the Crystal Wall surrounding the world.

A Crystal Wall is a spherical shell that contained an entire planetary system, it was made of a dark ceramic material that behaved like a high-density plasma. It varied in size but typically they were twice the diameter of the orbit of the planet and one of its principal functions was to restrict the passage of powerful life form and chaotic energies.

They are considered the absolute defense of a world. The strongest the life form the harder it is to pass through it, and in a Middle World only Rank 4 and beneath life forms can do it.

As for using force to pass through it, even the strongest attack of a Rank 6 life form could not affect it, and only a very powerful Law Being could do it, but they generally refrain from that since if the Crystal Wall is broken, the world will be filled with elemental chaos killing 99.9% of the life inside it.

It should have taken more than a month for Heinz to reach the Crystal Wall and pass through it, but things changed after the World Consciousness used its power to throw him into the void.

What the World Consciousness did when Heinz reached a Rank 5 battle power, was to warp the space around him and throw that part of the space with the cultivator inside into the void. It was due to this, that the power generated was so overwhelming and that no Rank 4 or 5 life form can resist it.

Being subjected to that type of experience is of little help to most people, but Heinz was a cultivator with a Dao Heart, and his comprehension of the laws could be increased by understanding their essence and through epiphanies.

So thanks to Zatiel advice, Heinz was waiting for that immense power to grab hold of him and he put his complete focus in it, blocking everything else, allowing his Law of Space to advance from the 'Potential' to the 'Initial' level.

"Of course the Law of Space is amazing, after all, if it's only help was to allow you to teleport, it will be pathetic." 

The Incarnation of Death and Destruction had reached the peak of the Law of Space, so Zatiel had an idea of the abilities that Heinz now has.

At the 'Potential' level, that is the first level of comprehension, the Law of Space could merely allow you to teleport and create some small and unstable dimensions without the need for external help.

The teleportation ability that it granted, was basically making a connection between the space that you are occupying and the one you want to go. The farther you want to go, the harder it is and it is also affected by the state of the space around you, so teleporting in the void that is filled with elemental chaos was not possible.

It is in the 'Initial' level that the Law of Space shows it's true might and opens the door to all types of powers starting with Void Slash and Void Disruption.

Void Slash was the ability to sever space itself and everything occupying it, and it was trough this that Heinz destroyed all the elemental chaos blocking its path and was able to locate the Crystal Wall so fast.

As for Void Disruption, it allows you to fold space at will, granting you the ability to advance thousands of kilometers in one step without regard to the interference in your path. But that is not everything, you can also warp the space around you, making the distance formed by one centimeter incredibly larger, creating a defensive space against all attacks.

By using Void Disruption, Heinz was able to pass through the Crystal Wall with ease. Of course, if he had been at Rank 5, he would have found it impossible to advance.

"How severe are your injuries?" Zatiel was using the Eye of Life and Creation and he could see the great internal damage inside Heinz's body.

"My body is very damaged, but by using the Law of Blood I have been able to stabilize its condition. It is my True Soul the one with the problem since it was heavily injured."

An injury to the True Soul was a very serious subject since it could mean the destruction of someone's future, but Heinz was very calm, almost like if it was not important, and the reason presented itself in the next moment.

From Zatiel body, a torrent of golden flames appeared and inundated the body of the cultivator, extending all the way into his soul.

Heinz relaxed and a smile appeared on his face as he felt the healing power of the golden flames.

"Brother, your flames are even more amazing now that you are at Rank 2. At this rate, the injuries involving my body will be healed very fast."

"Focus on recovering, a big battle will be happening soon and you and I will be in the front line of it."

Zatiel did not speak more and proceeds to put the Rank 4 Angelic Paragon on a corner of the chamber before going with the other Neo-Demons.

There he made a tentacle of Abyss Aura connect to his heart and he starts to absorb the energy in the people of the Heavenly race.

After hearing Zatiel words, Heinz focused on healing and used the Law of Blood to increase the speed.

While the five Neo-Demons and the cultivator were increasing their power, the hundreds of Rank 1 Magi and Sunlight Champions that had brought the captive demons and Heavenly race members, received an order through their Sun Tadpole.

Their mission was a highly confidential one and the Magi were warned that the punishment for revealing any information will be death.

The rest of the army learned that a battle will be happening against the Heavenly race very soon and they should prepare themselves. Those that had gained the wings of the Heavenly race and the Abyssal Heritor runic set needed to come to the first tower, to reclaim it.

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