Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
161 Decisive battle
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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161 Decisive battle

Close to the center of the continent a grand battle between the Heavenly race and the demonic horde was going on. 

This battle started two days ago when the Heavenly Guard had lost its effect and the demons inside it were free once again.

High in the sky, the Soul Forging existences of both sides were fighting creating explosions that were displaying all types of energies and color. But despite the grandeur of their fight, everyone could see that the winning party was obvious.

One side had forty-one Rank 4 individuals, who were either Angelic Paragons or Angels of Supremacy, working in an orderly manner always helping their comrades in case of danger. They were encircling their enemies and slowly and safely draining them from their power.

On the other side were twenty-seven Rank 4 demons, who could not care less for the rest and only wanted to kill anything in front of them and escape, since they had realized the futility of their fight.

The Heavenly race was not taking any chances in this fight. Their losses have been beyond catastrophic in their previous battles and they have lost more than fifteen Rank 4 of their people.

They were able to increase their number thanks to the warriors that were invading other worlds had returned to help them face the immense threat that was rising in their world, and they were doing everything possible to stop more casualties among them.

With their power, they could have killed most of the demons in a very short time, but that would have been dangerous since they would be exposed to all types of suicide attacks and open the possibility of some of the Rank 4 demons escaping in the midst of chaos.

The two most powerful individuals in the battle were Oliver and Tomas.

Olivar was sending all types of weapons and beast made of lava against the demons and Tomas was focusing on those demons that were close to escaping, using his Yin Law to weaken their attacks and the Yang Law to push them back to the encirclement.

In the ground, there was also a fight, and although the destructive power generated in it could not equal the one on the sky, the number of people fighting could be counted in the hundreds of thousands. 

The disparity in number was not such overwhelming like their first battle, and although the Heavenly race army not longer had Volcano Eruptions to increase their power, they were dominating the demons.

Tomas was focusing on the entire Rank 4 battlefield, always looking for a problem that could occur. He had managed to return to this world a couple of weeks ago and thanks to his bloodline and some extremely precious medicines he was able to heal all the wounds on his body and soul.

He had just stopped a demon from escaping when a message was heard on his mind.

"My Lord, we have terrible news from the Magi side!"

The Angelic Paragon recognized the voice immediately. It belonged to the Rank 4 Angelic Paragon named Mirok, who had arrived in this world not too long ago. He was the leader of his scrying force, which was focused on tracking the Magi's actions.

Both Oliver and Tomas recognized the immense threat that those Magi represented, especially after they lose Martin and six Rank 4 Angels of Supremacy to them.

Therefore they had made a force to try to scry their movements and also send a great number of spies to monitor their actions.

The Duke became nervous when he heard Mirok's voice. The scrying force has been incapable of truly seeing the actions of the Magi due to a red fog always appearing when they launched their spells.

Tomas was able to recognize that red fog as something created by a very powerful individual using the laws. But since his spies on the ground had found nothing, he was hoping that they were waiting for the man who defeated Martin to come back from the void.

"Tell me exactly what is happening." Tomas' words were firm and his tone was severe as he commanded the man.

"There was an alteration in the natural energies of the world and the red fog was not able to hide them this time so we were able to scry the Magi and it seems that they are creating magic towers."

Tomas' eyes widened and he immediately tries to contact his spies but no one responded. The last time he spoke with them was two days ago right before starting the fight with the demons.

He was very smart, so in a matter of seconds, he was able to deduct that the Magi had managed to obtain the information about the time when the Heavenly Guard will vanish from Martin and had been waiting for them to be too focused on the demons to make their move.

Using the red fog to protect from the scrying and killing their spies without them realizing anything.

When he thought of the pitiful fate of his comrades and to what tortures they submitted the Duke to obtain the information, Tomas' eyes filled with rage, but he did not let his emotions get out of control and focused on the threat.

"Tell me immediately where are they building the next tower!" Tomas' could not hide the urgency in his voice.

He knows about the famous Ten Towers Formation from the Magi World. They have only put four of them, but that had given them great control over a considerable part of this continent, and the more towers they have the harder it will be to truly defeat them.

"That is the problem my Lord, six towers are being built at the same time!. Four of the towers have two Rank 4 life forms as guardians each and the other two only one. By the energy we are receiving, they have advanced plenty and it won't be long before the towers are finished. I will send you their locations right now."

Tomas was shocked and his heart grew cold. If the Ten Towers Formation was built, most of the continent will be under the control of the Magi, and they will be able to slowly extend their invasion until all of it was dominated by them.

No matter what, the Duke knew that he could not allow them to continue so he stars to figure out a plan to stop them.

After analyzing the battlefield, he reached the conclusion that he could at best take ten Soul Forging existences away without compromising the encirclement over the demons. 

Knowing that time was of the essence Tomas contacted Oliver and another eight Rank 4 Angelic Paragon and inform them about the situation they were facing.

After the initial surprise, each of them took a group of Rank 3 Heavenly race members and flew away with their maximum speed.

It did not take them long to reach the point where they will have to separate.

Although it will be safer if they are together, they will only be able to destroy two towers by doing that, three if they are lucky, not to mention that the Magi will escape before they even get close if they saw such a big group coming their way, so they decide to split.

They were close enough to feel the aura of those Rank 4 Magi when they focused on where the towers were been built.

As Tomas analyzed the power of their enemies, he was frowning. He could feel a very powerful duo in one of the towers, and after some consideration, he decided for Oliver and an Angelic paragon named Fin go there.

The other couples were not particularly stunning so he did not worry too much about them. What was disturbing him were the two towers that only had one Rank 4 life form each.

In one tower, he detects a dark aura coming from the person guarding it and he was able to connect him with a necromancer.

Although Rank 4 undead creatures reanimated by magic are not very powerful, they are excellent meat shields, and they will give the Magus a lot of time.

Tomas sends against him a man named Tyron whose wings were purely made of bones. That Angelic Paragon will be the best opponent against that man.

The Duke gave everyone their respective target, and since he was the leader of the army, they follow his instructions.

"Remember our goal is not to defeat them, but to allow those at Rank 3 to destroy the towers and then you must leave immediately."

Tomas was solemn as he spoke and the other knew what his concerns were. They did not have significant injuries from their fight against the demons, but their energy pool was very low and they will not be able to fight with all their power for a long time.

The Angelic Paragons left and Tomas flew to the tower that had the strongest guardian.

Accompanying Tomas were three Master Rank 3 Angelic Paragons. Despite their numbers, they are extremely powerful and a normal Magi at the same Rank could do nothing against them.

It did not take them long for them to be able to see the tower and the individuals around it.

The tower was being built by dozen of red automatons who were working at a very fast speed and there were three people were flying in front of it. 

One of them was a giant covered by lightning, another was a woman with a black ice dome around her, and the last was a man riding on a massive creature.

The most striking of all was the man, high in the sky, from whom a monstrous killing intent was being released, covering everything for hundreds of kilometers.

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