Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
162 Cultivator vs Angelic Paragon
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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162 Cultivator vs Angelic Paragon

Heinz had also detected Tomas and the other three Angelic Paragons. His eyes were cold and a sharp killing intent could be seen inside them.

Before Tomas could get close enough that his attack can get reach the magic tower, Heinz gave a single step forward.

The Rank 3 Angelic Paragons could not see how special that step was, but Tomas was and immediately he made the energy on his body burst to the peak, in order to respond to the immense threat he was feeling from the man that has just appear in front of him.

Teleport a large distance and arrive right in front of your enemy was dangerous since as your body starts to appears, you will not be able to properly respond an attack

But what Heinz did was not simply teleport in front of Tomas. What he did was fold the space between the two of them, allowing him to walk from the space he was standing to the one in front of Tomas in one step.

Heinz did not attack directly against the Angelic Paragon, but instead broke the space beside the two of them, creating a suction force that swallows both and throws them out thousands of kilometers into the sky.

There wasn't any need for words and the moment they appeared in the sky they stimulated every single ounce of power inside them and released their Law Avatars.

Eight Taoist trigrams circling a yin-yang symbol appeared behind Tomas and his wings glowed due to the thousands of inscriptions inside them.

Heinz's blood sword also manifested itself, but it was different than before, as now surrounding its edge was a grey power, that seems to be able to affect space.

Previously the Law of Space was only able to grant external help to his Law Avatar since it was not able to achieve synergy with the rest of the laws, but now, thanks to his increased comprehension, Heinz was able to channel that destructive might of the law into the avatar.

When Tomas saw Heinz's Law Avatar he becomes nervous. His comprehension of the Law of Space did not reach the first level yet, but it was enough to realize that the grey power was a phenomenon produced by space being broken.

The next thing the Angelic Paragon saw was Heinz slashing with the sword on his hand into the air, and then the massive Law Avatar appears right above him and mimics the movement

The speed of the attack surprised Tomas, but he reacted immediately and he responds with his dark blue wings releasing a blue light that intercepts it.

Tomas had reached a very high level over his Yin Law, thanks in part to the help of his bloodline, and it was able to use softness to diminish the striking power of an attack or even right away annulling them.

But when the massive sword touched the blue light, after a moment of initial slowness the severing force of the Law of Space, Law of Killing and Law of Sword ravished it, slashing space itself as it continues its march.

When he saw this Tomas was shocked. His usual pattern was weakening the enemy attack with the Yin Law and then counterattack with the Yang Law, but the offensive might of Heinz's Law Avatar was too much.

Immediately he channels all the power of his Law Avatar and from his dark red wings, a beam of sword light was fired against the giant sword that was approaching him.

The momentum in Heinz's Law Avatar was finally stopped, but before Tomas could do anything, the twenty thousand meter sword appears above the Duke and fall with immense speed and power.

This time Tomas, attacked with his Yin Law and Yang Law at the same time, managing to stop the sword in one movement, but in the next instant, he had to once again answer another attack from the Law Avatar.

Unlike his opponent who was under the immense stress of the sword barrage, Heinz was completely calm and he performs all types of attacks with the sword on his hand.

There was no question about who had the lead on this battle. Originally when Heinz just arrived into this world, his power could only equal the one from Tomas, but with the improved comprehension of the Law of Space, everything changed.

He was able to fuse the destructive might of space into his Law Avatar making it reach a whole new level. His offensive, defensive, and survival skill made a qualitative leap and he could now be considered a true absolute powerhouse inside a Middle World.

Of course, suppressing Tomas was the best he could do, and killing him will not be possible. At most he could destroy his body if he was willing to receive some grave injuries himself.

But his mission was just to gain time, so he merely focuses on stopping the Angelic Paragon from doing anything.

It took a lot to explain events between these two Rank 4 life forms, but in reality, from the moment when Heinz folded space and took that step until now, less than ten seconds had passed.


Explosions were filling the sky as the two Rank 4 were fighting, but the situation below them was different.

The three Neo-Demons and the Angelic Paragons had not started their fight yet, and they were analyzing the other party.

Zatiel was looking at his opponents and his expression was solemn as he calculated the card they have at their disposal.

Thanks to the training in the Fiend Essence Extract Chamber and them absorbing the energy in hundreds of Heavenly race members, their power has increased considerably and since they have completed more than twenty-five percent their Elemental Bloodline Marrow, they could be considered at the Advanced Rank 2 Neo-Demon.

This is not a mere title since it means that now their Elemental Bloodline Marrow has generated enough blood in their body for them to activate a skill known as Blood Essence Combustion.

As its name says, the skill will allow them to burn their new blood, increasing their power and also improving the characteristic granted by the Elemental Bloodline Marrow.

But there is a severe shortcoming, and that was it will damage your body and could affect your potential. As long it is not used in excess, the damage will not be too severe and after a couple of months of healing, any possible consequence will be mended.

'If our opponents were Master Rank 3 Magi, then by using Blood Essence Combustion and our runic sets, we could defeat them, but they are Angelic Paragons. Luckily we were prepared beforehand'

Zatiel looks for a moment at Sophia, and he remembers when she had asked him for the body of that Angelic Paragon they first killed for some experiment in alchemy.

The Rank 3 Angelic Paragons were named Robert, Marvin, and Justin. Rober was a short man with a thin body and wings made of air, Marvin had a robust constitution and his wings were formed from metal as for Justin, he was very tall and his wings were constructed by grey fog.

Both Marvin and Robert had impressive armors on their body, and Justin had what it seem to be a runic set inscribed in him.

They had served under Tomas for a long time and were experienced warriors, so when their instincts told them that the three individuals in front of them were a threat, they discarder the fact they were Rank 2 life forms and took them very seriously.

The trio was clear about their mission and they prepared to assault the tower and destroy the automatons before they could advance more.

But then they feel something wrong in their bodies and the next second, they detect a foreign substance affecting their nervous systems.

They were able to immediately realize that there was an undetectable poison in the air and they had been affected by it.

Their bloodline grants them resistance to a great variety of toxins but this one seems to be made especially for them, and they were forced to use part of their energy to contain it, and even then they only slowed it down and were not able to purge it.

The three Angelic Paragon realized the danger of their situation and without waiting they fly to the tower as they channel all of the power they could.

Zatiel, Sophia and Ezequiel did not hesitate and activated their runic set and inside their chests, a golden, black, and blue flame was burning.

The Neo-Demons flew to intercept the Angelic Paragons and the first to do it was Ezequiel who just reformed his body after transforming into lightning, right in front of Marvin.

His skin was covered for diamonds and he threw a punch with all the power of his giant body to the Angelic Paragon.

Marvin was surprised by the speed of Ezequiel despite his gigantic body. When he saw the fist that was as big as his all body approaching him, he did not doubt and his skin became metallic while he punched with all of his power

A sonic boom filled the area and the two were thrown back dozen of meters after the impact.

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