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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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163 I got you

Despite one being a three hundred meters titan and the other was less than three-meter tall, the winner in the fist collision was the Angelic Paragon.

The two had been push back dozens of meters, but unlike Ezequiel whose entire arm was trembling and bones were fracture, Marvin's body was firm as a rock.

Ezequiel's attack was not ineffective since he was able to let some of his lightning and thunder enter the body of the Angelic Paragon, but the amount was too little and it will need to increase considerably to show true effects.

The disparity between the power of their bodies was not just due to their Rank. Unlike Ezequiel whose Blood Diamond Skin only covered the surface of his body, Marvin's bones and flesh obtained metallic properties.

But the difference in power did not diminish the fighting intent in Ezequiel's eyes, if anything it only increased, and he decomposed his arm into lightning before reforming it, completely healed.

He could use this type of regeneration since right now, every cell of his body was infused with lightning.

When Marvin saw this, his eyes narrow and he frowned. He was stronger than his opponent, but his energy reserves were already decreased due to his fight with the demons and he needs to suppress the deadly toxin affecting his nervous system, so the longer the fight continues, the worst it will be for him.

The Angelic Paragon launched himself against the titan and the power in his body was rising.

"AHHHH!" Ezequiel did not even try to move away and with that roar, he made lightning concentrate on his arms and charged at his opponent.

As this contest of physical power was going on, Zatiel and Sophia were intercepting their enemies.

Robert was approaching the tower at an amazing speed, but before he could reach it, a man with a dark golden domain appeared in front of him.

He saw how the man had released jets of golden flames from his feet to increase his speed, but he also detected the flaw in that technique and that was its lack of maneuverability.

The dark golden fire domain forces him to use some of his energy to activate the magical properties of his armor, but he did not stop his march and with amazing dexterity, he circumvented Zatiel and continue his path.

But right in front of him, the gargantuan figure of the Undying Leviathan appears and it tries to crush him.

The Angelic Paragon did not falter in front of the creature, and without stopping he raised his hand, releasing a tornado that sends the Undying Leviathan flying away.

Robert's path was unobstructed, but his eyes widened as he saw how, from the Undying Leviathan shadow, appeared the Nether Crow and with his incredible speed it attacks him.

The distance between the two was insignificant, especially with the crow speed, but displaying astonishingly flexibility and rapidly change movements, Robert moves his body away from the attack trajectory.

Despite having evaded the Nether Crow, Robert was impressed as he knew that neither of his comrades could have responded to that attack, but he did not have time to think much since a great feeling fo danger assaulted him.

The origin was a sword charged with negative energy. The attack had a precise angle and the moment it appeared was perfect.

This flawless attack was thanks to Zatiel's True Strike. He was able to see the actions of the Angelic Paragon before he made them, which allow him to attack at the instant he could do the most damage.

Robert knew the could not avoid this attack so he moves his body in a way he could get less hurt and made a powerful wind surround his body.

Despite the armor and wind, the sword was able to trespass them and leave a deep laceration on the Angelic Paragon thigh.

The damage of the sword was not much, but the negative energy infected the leg and in his condition, the least Robert wants is another power harming his body.

The Angelic Paragon wings flapped and dozens of wind blades were fired against Zatiel.

From Zatiel chest a jet of golden flames was fired, separating him from Robert, but even then some of the wind blades still reached him, leaving numerous wounds on him.

To the shock of the Angelic Paragon, the wounds healed immediately and in less than a second they all disappeared.

Robert knew that he could not reach the tower without at least incapacitating Zatiel, so he attacks with everything he had. As for the healing abilities, that sort of skill took a lot of energy so he was confident his opponent could not keep it for long.

What he didn't know was that Zatiel regeneration was a natural condition of his body thanks to him having active Blood Essence Combustion, and it used a very small amount of energy. 

Zatiel did not hesitate and along with the Nether Crow and Undying Leviathan he attacks.

Just like the other two, Sophia was also fighting against an Angelic Paragon. A great stream of Styx water was swirling around her dome and from it, dragon's tails and claws were being fired.

Unlike Ezequiel and Zatiel attacks, the ones of Sophia did not have a great striking force, but the power of them was another.

Her attacks were filled with all sorts of poison and curses, that could greatly damage even Rank 3 life forms with powerful bloodlines. This was thanks to them being made from Styx water and were improved by her runic set.

The runic set she was using and that took the form of a witch outfit, was known as The Black Death and its function was increasing the power of all type disease, curses, and poisons as well as to grant great speed to the user.

Justin's power had similar functions, so he was able to detect the danger in Sophia's attack. Grey fog was covering his body, blocking most of the attacks from reaching him.

From the grey fog, bullets, arrows, and spear were begin created and launched against the Neo-Demon. 

Sophia had the Styx water moving through the exterior of her black ice dome and they protected her from most of the fog attacks.

But the bullets were incredibly fast and powerful, so they were able to reach her body unless a great amount of Styx water was put on its path.

Sophia could feel that the damage on her body as the bullets pierce it was not severe, but the fog was able to fuse into her bloodstream and it had corrosive properties.

If this fog enters in Zatiel or Ezequiel, they will have to spend part of their energies to contain them, but it trying to harm Sophia blood with it was like trying to harm lava by using fire.

Still every time some of the fog enters her blood, she gets paler and even coughs blood, showing to the Angelic Paragon a picture of great damage.

Seeing this made Justin increase the power and frequency of his attack, focusing all of his minds on the offensive, which weakens his defenses making more and more Styx water entering his body from the dragon's claws and tails.

The battle between the three Angelic Paragons and the three Neo-Demons was getting more and more destructive.

Zatiel, Ezequiel, and Sophia were displaying astonishing abilities and battle power, but they were still losing.

Ezequiel and Marvin were sending all types of attacks against each other and every time their fist clashed, explosions of lightning filled their surroundings.

The titanic figure of Ezequiel was cover with injuries and since he did not have the energy to heal all of them, he focused only on those wounds that limited his battle power as for his opponent, his body was filled with lightning and thunder.

Robert has three big incisions and a great number of small ones all over his body, but although Zatiel body was perfectly fine the truth was that hundreds of attacks had already landed on his and he was starting to get exhausted.

The Angelic Paragon with wings made of winds was also affected, and the negative energy on his body was reaching very dangerous levels.

The most intense battle was the one happening between Sophia and Justin. 

The Angelic Paragon had suffered plenty of damage from the Styx water and he was coughing blood from time to time, but he had managed to make a great number of his fog projectiles harm Sophia.

On Sophia's body, dozens of open wounds could be seen, although the corrosive effect of the fog was not harmful to her, she still took damage from the physical aspect of the attacks and her regeneration abilities were not powerful enough to rapidly heal them from them.

The three Angelic Paragons knew that is was a matter of time before they will win, but unfortunately for them, time was not something they had.

They could feel the energy of the magic tower growing and it won't be long before it is finished.

Justin's eyes became resolute and he activated his runic set, which increased his power greatly and he creates a curtain of fog around him, covering him from everyone's sight.

When this happened Sophia's eyes narrowed and she sent dozen of attacks against the fog but none of them was able to penetrate it when all of a sudden a figure was formed inside her dome.

The Neo-Demon turns around and moves with great dexterity, but she was not able to stop the hand covered in a grey fog from piercing her stomach.

Justin was surprised by Sophia's reflexes. His runic set allows his entire body to turn into an undetectable fog that could trespass any defense and reform instantly when he wished. 

The fog curtain was just to trick his opponent as he attacks them. His hand was targeting her heart but she was able to move in the last moment,. However, Justin did not worry as the amount of fog in his attack was enough to kill her.

But when his skin enters in touch with her blood, he could feel the Styx water that has entered his body during the fight go crazy and a sense of imminent doom assaulted him.

The Angelic Paragon acted without hesitation and was going to move back when he saw how Sophia grabbed his hand that was in her stomach and looks at him with her crimson eyes and a smile.

"I got you!"

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