Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
164 We have won
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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164 We have won

Sophia's blood while she had active Blood Essence Combustion, could be considered a source of all types of terrible curses and deadly poisons.

The moment Justin's hand entered in contact with it, countless magic diseases affected him, and when Sophia's blood was able to enter his bloodstream, it acted as a catalyst to the Styx water that was able to enter his body during the fight.

Justin's physical strength was superior to Sophia, but he was not able to get rid of the Neo-Demon grab since right now he was in such a feeble state he could barely move.

He was feeling nauseous, his brain was burning due to fever, pustules appeared all over his skin, and his senses where shutting down except for his sense of sight that allows him to see the crimson color affecting his mind and stopping him from thinking straight.

Despite heavily injuring his opponent, Sophia did not relax. She was also in critical condition, the physical damage done to her was severe and her energy pool was about to go empty.

When that happens and the Angelic Paragon manages to suppress those curses and poisons, she would lose the fight.

She concentrates on her Chaotic Core and sends a message. Then along with great killing intent, she channels all the power she has left in Oceanic Nothingness, pushing the spell to the limit.

The currents of Stx water that were circling outside the ice dome enter in it with great power and from Sophia's body more black liquid comes out, covering the body of the Neo-Demon and Angelic Paragon with ferocious currents.

Nothing could be seen in the dome other than the highly destructive currents of Styx water, but two words were heard.

"Abyssal Blast!"

Powerful explosions of chaotic energy were felt inside the ice dome.

Everything happens so fast that Robert and Marvin were not able to react. They were shocked and worried about the condition of Justin.

This made them lose focus on their battles for a moment, and it proved deadly because Zatiel and Ezequiel were waiting for it.

From Zatiel's feet jets of golden flames were released pushing him right in front of Robert, and once there, all of his energy concentrates into his Eye of Life and Creation performing his strongest attack that contained Life Release and Abyssal Blast.

"Abyssal Life Release!"

Six pairs of beams of energy were fired against Robert, and although the Angelic Paragon try to use his impressive speed to dodge them, Zatiel was too close and the attack was too fast.

He was only able to focus all of his power into his armor and made a tornado appear around him before the attack reaches him.

As this was happening, Ezequiel had transformed his body into a river of lightning from which a titan's hand arises.

"Ancient Titan, Right Hand!"

Right now Ezequiel's blood was filled with powerful lightning so by using it as a medium, he was able to instantly cast this mighty spell. But something was different about it, and that was that inside it, he had left all the power of his Abyssal Blasts.

Marvin felt an immense threat from that hand as it flies at him with impressive speed. The Angelic Paragon was only able to fill with energy his armor before making his wings grow and form a metal cocoon around him.

The attack impacted both Angelic Paragons almost at the same time and filled the sky with explosions of chaotic lightning and flames, making Marvin and Robert crash like meteors to the ground where they created immense craters.

In the sky, Sophia ice dome broke and the Styx water vanished showing the figure of the Neo-Demon and Angelic Paragon.

Justin's right arm was gone, as was his shoulder and part of his rib cage. All of his skin was rotten, and there was not a part of his body that was not crushed due to the powerful currents.

Light comes out from his eyes and mouth, and the reason was the hand that had just pierced his chest and stab his heart, killing him.

Sophia could barely maintain the rune in her hand active and was falling to the ground when the Nether Crow appears and grabs her along with the Angelic Paragon before flying back to the Sun Domain, where the Undying Leviathan swallows them.

Zatiel focuses on the belly of the creature and sees that Sophia was channeling all of the energy obtained from the Angelic Paragon into her marrow and after there was nothing left she falls unconscious. 

The reason why he and Ezequiel were able to take advantage of the Angelic Paragon concern in their friend, was due to the woman's message telling them she will be fine, allowing their focus to remain in the battle.

When he heard that message, Zatiel knew that her situation was very dangerous, but he trusted her. The woman that had managed to gain a place on his heart was not some trash that could not fulfill her responsibilities and needed others to always help her.

By risking her life she had managed to do what neither he nor Ezequiel achieved. She killed a Master Rank 3 Angelic Paragon alone.

From the craters, movements could be seen and eventually, both Marvin and Robert came out.

Marvin was feeling an immense pain due to his wings been charred, and lightning has filled its body, wreaking havoc inside it. 

He had to focus all of his remaining energy on stopping the toxins and lightning from continuing its destruction, and worst yet was that his consciousness was damaged and was filled with a chaotic will.

Robert's condition was even worse since his body was weaker the damage to it was greater. He had lost both of his legs and the negative energy has invaded his blood and was destroying it.

Ezequiel and Zatiel saw the horrible condition of their enemies but neither of them acted and remained looking at them from the distance.

The reason for the lack of action was simple, they had no power left in their bodies and if it wasn't for the Blood Essence Combustion still active they will have fallen to the ground due to the lack of energy.

They had their runic sets deactivated, and Zatiel could barely maintain his Rank Spell. Ezequiel's condition was worse since he had to sacrifice a great amount of his blood for the spell he just used.

Neither of the four could truly continue fighting, but that was much worse for the Angelic Paragons that was for the Neo-Demons.

Robert and Marvin's mission was to destroy the tower and even if their path was clear now since neither Ezequiel nor Zatiel had the power to stop them, they will not be able to pierce the defense of the tower and destroy those automatons.

There were immense rage and frustration on their eyes. They lost a friend and the tower that will bring immense harm to their people was about to be finished.

High in the sky, the battle between Heinz and Tomas was still going. They were both very tired due to the extended period that their Law Avatars have been active.

The cultivator has not stopped his sword barrage from the beginning of the fight and has not given a single chance of counteracting to the Angelic Paragon.

Tomas' condition was not as severe as one may think, after all, he is the strongest warrior of the Heavenly race in this world. The damage he had received was not serious and his racial regeneration abilities would have been enough if it wasn't for the Law of Blood in his opponent attacks, that make any injury grow and obstruct his healing.

The worst part for him was that he did not know how things were going in the other battlefields and if the towers had been destroyed.

The explosion from Abyssal Life Release and Ancient Titan, Right Hand had drawn the attention fo both and they sent a part of their consciousness to see what was happening.

A smile appeared on Heinz's face and he even started to laugh, but Tomas' reaction was completely opposite.

He knows how strong those three warriors are and even if they were tired from their previous fight against the demonic horde, he found it hard to believe they were in such a terrible condition and that one them was dead.

Tomas could feel the energy of the tower growing, signaling that it was only moments away from finishing its completion and start to generate a force field that will force him to escape.

The Angelic Paragon has only one card left, that could allow him to destroy the tower but doing it so soon after the last time will have severe consequences, and even with his powerful bloodline, the damage could be permanent.

"Ahhh, for my race." Tomas sighs but in the next moment determination fills his eyes.

"Law Avatar: One with the Law!"

The eight Taoist trigrams circling the yin yang symbol melted and fuse with Tomas' body greatly increasing his power.

Heinz's eyes narrowed as he saw this and a great fighting spirit was felt from his body, but he did not engage against the Angelic Paragon. 

Fusing with his Law Avatar will having even greater repercussions on him since he did not have a bloodline that could mitigate the damage.

 'We have already won, there is no need to risk my life when there is nothing to gain and everything to lose. Unfortunately for them, from the beginning, they have been deceived for my brother's plan and they have not even realized yet.'

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