Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
168 The price to pay
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
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168 The price to pay

The Law of Shadows and the Law of Light in the room were being manipulated by Zitra, and despite the might of the white spark if she were to channel all of her power into them, they will act again.

But just like her laws, the Magus was captivated by the white spark. She could feel all sorts of wonderful phenomena acting inside it, and she was even more impressed when she saw in it a reflection of her own younger self when she was an infant.

It was as if in the spark, the beginning of her life was being displayed.

The white spark was present less than a second before it vanished, making the shadows and light in the room act again.

It took a moment for Zitra to focus after the white spark disappeared. But the image of it in her mind remained very clear.

"Please, demonstrate it again!" Zitra could not hide the desire in her voice.

In the white spark, she saw the path in which her laws will attain a level she did not though it was possible before.

However, when she saw Zatiel condition she saw how great was the price he had to pay to create it.

The youthful appearance of the Neo-Demon had deteriorated greatly and it seems he had aged decades, his breathing was harsh and it was clear he was extremely exhausted.

"I'm sorry for my thoughtlessness, are you all right?" Zitra voice was soft and her eyes were focused on Zatiel.

If anyone who knows her were to hear her words, they will be surprised. Due to her appearance, her interaction with men had always been problematic, especially when she was weak, which made her attitude to most of them distant and cold.

Zatiel did not have time to care for her words, as he was trying to control his breathing and focus on the Eye of Life and Creation.

His eye glowed and took control over part of the golden fire that the corpse of the Rank 3 magic creature had produced and bathe his body with it.

As the healing power of the flames touched him, his condition started to improve and youth returns to his face.

"Don't worry, I will be fine. This type of injury can be hard for others to heal, but not for me. I underestimated the effect that displaying the white spark would have on me. Anyway, that is the final goal of those who seek dualisms between their laws, if you achieve that with your laws and fully control it, you will be able to become a Being of Laws."

Zitra's eyes shined with excitement. She was more than clear of the immense difficulty that the path that Zatiel has shown has, but no matter the difficulty, this was a clear path to eternity.

Billions of lives are born in each generation in the Magi World, and yet one of them reaching the Soul Law Domain Rank will be a miracle.

But more than ninety-nine percent of those existences who can decimate continents with a move of their hand perish under the passage of time since they are not able to take the last step to become a Being of Laws.

"I will send these flames to you. You must focus them on where the damage is more severe and is more difficult to heal."

Zatiel's Eye of Life and Creation once again glowed and he sends all the flames that remained to Zitra's body.

The Magus focus on the fire and at first, she was doubtful of how useful they could be after all she was a Rank 4 life form, but when they interacted with her body she was shocked.

Her light also had healing properties, but although their quantity was much greater, they could not compare in their quality.

She felt how even those wounds that had damaged her internal organs were healed, and immediately she made the flames fill her bloodstream before starting to forcefully purged the harmful energy inside her blood.

This accelerated method produced great damage in her body, but by using the golden flames she was able to withstand it.

After an hour the flame was completely spent. Although Zitra was very tired and her face was pale, she was able to remove most of the energy that those Angelic Paragons left in her body, which will make her healing from now on much faster and smoother.

Zatiel analyzed her condition once again with his Eye of Life and Creation and when he saw her great improvement he nods and stands up before walking to the door.

Zitra saw as Zatiel was leaving and although she had many questions, she remained silent and did not stop him.

The help he had given her was immense and she did not dare to ask for more.

The Ancestor of the Neo-Demons continues walking until he was at the door, where he stopped and turns back to look at Zitra.

"My love for my people is greater than you think, as is my debt to you. No matter the dangers, I will find a way to pay it in the future."

Zitra saw how Zatiel disappeared after saying those words, and a smile appeared on her face before she was covered once again in shadows.


The years passed and the invader force of the Magi World becomes an immovable power in the Fornes continent.

There was no need to spoke about the immense hate and rage of the Heavenly race, but with the Ten Tower Formation already establish there was little they could do.

The Soul Forging existences of the Magi World could instantly teleport between the towers, and inside the force field, the warriors of the Heavenly race could use less than ten percent of their powers.

Once the domain over the continent became firm and their presence in the world could not be threatened, the harvest of the resources started.

As the custom of the forces of the Magi World when they invaded a world, a council was created to take important decisions and divide the land and resources they obtained.

As the strongest warrior and the one who had the coordinates of this world, Heinz obtained twenty-five percent of the area under their domain and two votes in the council.

Normally the rest of the Rank 4 will divide the rest into equal parts and each will have a vote in the council, but things were different this time since there was an additional member in the council that was not a Soul Forging existence.

It was Zatiel who was given a seat in the council under Heinz's orders. Of course, the decision of the cultivator created a great dissatisfaction with those Rank 4 Magi.

They all recognized the great part that Zatiel had on achieving an extremely fast and safe control on the continent, but most of them had the idea of just giving him some wealth as a reward since the idea of Heinz will diminish greatly their benefits.

If they would have been able to establish a firm front and were all nine of them under the same banner, they may have influenced the decision of Heinz.

Unfortunately for them not only did Zitra and Totto not support them but sided with the cultivator.

With the three strongest of them choosing to give Zatiel a seat, the rest could only agree. 

The first subject of discussion that the council had to take was the proposition of the Heavenly race to buy the captives of their race back.

When the force field was established, a great number of settlements and cities dominated by the Heavenly race were covered by it.

Although Tomas and Oliver find it extremely shameful to trade with individuals who they considered beasts, their love for their people was greater than their pride and they were offering a great price for them.

Most of the council agree with the doing trade deal since they had little use for those Rank 1 and Rank 2 Heavenly race members.

Unfortunately, the number of captives they had was little since there was one of them who made his entire clan hunted them day and night with impeccable strategies in the first weeks that the force field was established.

Zatiel had more than ninety percent of the captives under his control and when he saw the proposition of the Dukes, he only gives a cruel smile and rejects to sell.

Although the other Rank 4 offered to sold their prisoners to the Dukes, when these ones hear the number of captives they offered rage filled their eyes, and decided to shut down any negation.

This made the hate in the Havely race grow but Zatiel could not care less and he even went to the extreme of impaling those deceased Heavenly race members he had killed and put them in the periphery of the force field for all to see them.

Their faces were distorted by the pain they had suffered before their deads, and not only had their wings missing but also their legs and arms were gone. Their skulls were open, showing that parts of their brain had been removed.

This level of cruelty surprised even the more vicious of the Magi.

After seven years the number of impaled people of the Heavenly race reached more than ten thousand and in the chest of all of them, a phrase was carved.


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