Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
170 Evolution of True Name
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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170 Evolution of True Name

The moment that Zatiel hand pierced Martin's heart, the mouth and eyes of the Angelic Paragon open and an immense amount of light came out from them. It was so intense that all the Neo-Demons in the chamber feel their eyes burning for a second.

Luckily the runes covering the Duke's body acted immediately diminishing the power of the bloodline combustion, decelerating the speed of the process thousands of times, and reducing the amount of light that was being generated.

Zatiel, Sophia, Ezequiel, Rax, and Kilo had their eyes closed. There was an absolute focus on their faces as they absorbed the energy that the Angelic Paragon was generating.

Before this point, flaws could be accepted since with enough time and tempering they could be mended and will not leave any lasting damage. But the moment they started to fuse the blood essence created by the Elemental Chaos Heart and Bloodline heart in the marrow of their spine, everything changed.

The vertebral column is the principal axis of their bodies and any damage done to it will provoke a severe reduction in their battle power. It is fundamental in every application of force, so the strongest it is the more physical power you can display.

But the most important function is its connection with the spinal cord since not only contains it but also brings protection. The spinal cord it's an essential part of the central nervous system since it is the one who communicates the brain with the rest of the body.

The spinal cord is considered the tree of life. In most blood and flesh life forms, the brain and the spinal cord are the first things to be created and from where the rest of the body is formed.

Right now the five of them were using the immense amount of energy obtained from the Rank 4 Angelic Paragon to transform the marrow on their vertebral columns.

This will not only increase their physical power and enhance their bloodline abilities but once the Elemental Bloodline Marrow in their vertebral column reaches a high enough level, it will start to gradually and safely alter their spinal cord.

The pain the five Neo-Demons were feeling was excruciating, like if acid was being pumped into the bones, but not one of them let it affect their concentration

The days passed and the power on the five of them was steadily increasing. From time to time, the sound of bone cracking could be heard, and they were so loud that some of the Neo-Demons mistake them with thunders

Zatiel could feel the changes in his body. His physical strength has increased considerably and his blood was carrying the healing properties of his flame.

It reached the point, that his blood could now be considered an elixir capable of healing any physical harm of a Rank 2 life form.

Similar changes were happening on the rest, and they feel the power that was filling their veins.

Thanks to the runes, it took four months for the bloodline combustion on Martin's body to be over. But even then, the five Neo-Demons did not open their eyes and merely removed their hand from inside his chest.

The energy the had obtained from the Duke was still working in their bodies and they were analyzing the changes inside them.

Two months later Rax and Kilo open their eyes and the moment they did, a great sense of power could be felt from them.

From between their scales white and dark-red flames were coming out and the heat in them was so high, that it could easily burn any Rank 2 life form that touched it. These were not a spell but merely a state of their body that did not require any energy to be active.

A few hours later Sophia opens up her eyes. The scales that were always hiding under her skin now had a black color, due to the Styx water being fused into them.

With this, any attack on the Neo-Demon will need to pass through it to affect her, and it will destroy any sort of harmful power that tries to invade her body.

All of a sudden the three of them were startled since they feel a burst in power way greater than the one occurred on themselves.

Zatiel eyes open and his Eye of Life and Creating was more bright than ever. His veins seem to create a golden path on his skin and there was an immense sense of life force filling his body.

But despite these impressive changes, he was not the one who alerted the other three Neo-Demons. The burst of power also broke his concentration.

The one who was generating the phenomenon was Ezequiel. The power on his body had just stabilized a few moments ago just like the rest but all of a sudden it started to grow again.

The Neo-Demon still had his eyes closed, and to the wonder of all who were looking, he started to disintegrate into arcs of lightning so thin and small that they were invisible for most of them.

The only one who could see them was Zatiel, thanks to his Eye of Life and Creation. And still, he could only see the energy in them and not their physical form.

Zatiel eyes widen and wonder was filling his heart as he saw the transformations occurring on the first person he had trusted in this life.

Thanks to his experience and his Eye of Life and Creation, he realized that whatever was happening with Ezequiel, it was induced by the laws.

The only reason he could think something like this happened was that finishing his Elemental Bloodline Marrow has provoked his True Name to evolve.

 Ezequiel had a single True Name but thanks to his heritage as Neo-Demon and Emperor bloodline, it was as impressive as Natux, something created with the help of a Law Bloodline.

Even Zatiel could only speculate the might of the True Name of Ezequiel now, but it definitely is something incredibly powerful.

Just like when Dexisus and Natux reacted to his actions and created the white spark that affected the laws of the universe and gave birth to Dante, the True Name of Ezequiel was also affecting the laws and transforming him into something different.

"There are arcs of lightning filling the chamber, they belong to the Ancestor's Right Hand. You must not hinder its actions and if they interact with any of you, do whatever you need to provide help. That is an order!"

Zateil's words resounded in the mind of every Neo-Demons and by the tone and seriousness, it was clear that he will not allow any mistake from anyone.

The arcs of lightning started to enter the body of the demons and the unconscious people of the Heavenly race. It even enters inside the dead body of Martin.

The arcs of lightning spend hours inside them, but no one in the chamber dares to do anything and they remained completely still.

When the lightning came out from them, Zatiel saw with his Eye of Life and Creation that they were had changed and red energy was present in them.

The next target of the arcs of lightning was the Neo-Demons. As they felt the new energy enter inside them, they all stop any sort of defense from their bodies had and let the arcs of lightning do whatever they want.

The kobolds knew that Ezequiel is the most trusted warrior of their Ancestor and also the absolute guardian of their race, so even if Zatiel would not have ordered them, they would have done everything in their power to help him.

The arcs were inside the Neo-Demons a couple of hours and as they exited their bodies, the red energy inside them was stronger and their changes greater. As for Dante and the kobolds, they were a little pale but nothing else happen.

After finishing with them, the arcs of lightning concentrated on the strongest of the Neo-Demons.

Zatiel, Sophia, Rax, and Kilo suppress the innate ability of the blood to destroy any foreign energy entering their bodies and let the arc of lightning fill their bodies.

Zatiel was using his power as an Animus and tracking what the arcs of lighting were doing. Although he could not truly see them, he was able to deduce that they were interacting with the core of their cells, the genome.

It seems that they were analyzing it and changing to improve themselves. Once they were done, the absorbed a small amount of blood and left.

The arcs of red-colored lightning gathered in the center of the chamber and this time, they were visible. But they did not reform into Ezequiel's body, it seems that something was missing.

The answer came soon as in the sky a storm started to generate and lightning was filling it.

As if answer a call, the arcs of red-colored lightning immediately went to meet it. 

Zatiel opened the door and let the lightning leave before he and the rest of the Neo-Demons exit as well.

The lightning in the sky draw the attention of the Magi and their curiosity grew even stronger as they the red-colored lightning raising to the sky.

Despite everything, the Magi still did not know what was happening but then they saw how all of the Rank 4 lifeforms, that were previously in the tower, appear in the sky.

Their souls were strong enough to feel the laws acting and knew that something important was happening.

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