Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
171 Primordials
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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171 Primordials

A Rank 4 life form can manipulate the laws by using the power of their True Souls and energies inside them, but they cannot make the laws of an entire world act by themselves and help them.

Only at the Law Engraving Rank, when your body starts to become a law itself, is when you can freely drive the laws and your movements can arouse the laws that you have comprehended.

Even Heinz whose law comprehension had reached the level needed to advance to the next Rank was surprised by the event happening in front of him. But his concentration was broken when he hears his being called.


The cultivator tracks back the voice to Zatiel and saw how he was staring at with great seriousness.

Immediately Heinz understood the meaning of his actions, and he released his mighty consciousness that covers the entire mountain range and all the life forms in it.

The Rank 4 Magi were surprised by his actions, especially when they feel the immense power and killing intent contained in the consciousness.

The process that Ezequiel was going through incited the greed in most of the Magi. Although none of them trained in the laws that were being displayed on the storm, by interfering with it and thoroughly analyzing it with their soul and consciousness, they could find a way to make that phenomenon happen with their laws.

Of course, that will affect Ezequiel's transformation and harm him greatly, but in their mind, they not experimenting with him to see how he did it was merciful.

Heinz's actions were very clear. If any of them were to act he will not hesitate to attack and kill them if necessary.

Despite the immense threat that the cultivator was, some of them still feel a great desire as they saw the storm. After all, in it, they saw a path to advance their laws to the next level and become a great powerhouse even in a High World.

But things changed as the seven Magi feel two more consciousness covering them. One was charged with light and shadows and the other gave them a feeling of fear and hopelessness.

Zitra and Totto were standing beside Heinz and looking with cold eyes at the rest of the Magi.

Now with the three of them working together, the Rank 4 Magi understood that they will die before they could even interact with the storm and there will be no chance of escaping. So they all suppressed their greed and remained quiet.

Zatiel eyes were cold as he stares at some of the Magi, but when he saw that they did not dare to do anything he proceeds to ignore them and flew until he was with Heinz, Zitra and Totto and then he focuses on the storm in the sky.

The arcs of red-colored lightning were in the center of the storm. It was constantly being struck by lightning as thick as a tree trunk.

Every time that happens, the arcs of red-colored lightning tremble, and some of them broke but the energy in the rest increased and they started to condensate into a humanoid figure.

"I can sense one of your people in that storm, but if I don't recall wrong he is just a Rank 2 life form and he should not be able to even interact with the laws. Can you tell us what is happening?"

The consciousness of Zatiel, Totto, Heinz, and Zitra were connected. They can communicate with each other without anyone else hearing them.

The one who spoke was Totto. There was a deep interest in his eyes as he focuses on the arcs of red-colored lightning.

Zatiel could see that unlike the greed in the other Magi, the most predominant feeling on the professor's mind was a burning sense of curiosity.

He remained silent for a moment and after some thought, he spoke.

"We are a bloodline race. Ezequiel's True Name has evolved and it induced this phenomenon by interacting with the laws of the world."

Understanding fills the faces of Zitra and Totto. The Bloodline Path was common in the Magi World and there was a bloodline race like the Eye Holders who occupy a great part of the surface, but it was obvious that Zatiel's race was more mysterious and profound.

The trio knew about True Names and its connection with the laws, but even waking them up was something most individuals with bloodlines were not able to do, much less evolve it.

After hearing Zatiel's words, Totto waved his hand and made the giant body of a Rank 4 Abyssal Snake appear. There was a dark aura all over his body, keeping it unconscious.

"I manage to hunt it down a few months ago. It is the payment that I own you, and I was going to deliver it after you were out of your chamber. Will it be of help to him?"

Zatiel focuses on the demon as he analyzed his bloodline and body. It was just a demon with a King bloodline and its power was not impressive.

But as someone who had reached knowledge about demons greater than anyone else, Zatiel saw in it a way to help Ezequiel.

"Heinz extract the bloodline of the demon and use your Law of Blood to decompose it into its most basic elements."

The cultivator did not understand the purpose of Zatiel's instructions, after all, once the bloodline loses its integrity it will no be useful to anyone, but he trusted his brother's knowledge.

Heinz put his hand on the snake's body, where his heart should be and started to extract the essence of his blood. This process will permanently harm the demon and reduce his power.

Zatiel entire focus was on the storm in the sky. He was using his Eye of Life and Creation and his Animus abilities to their fullest to understand what was happening.

Lightning has always been a fundamental force of life. It was when lightning hit the oceans that the most basic forms of biological life were born.

In the billions of microscopical cells, that compose the body of flesh and blood life forms, arcs of electricity are constantly flowing through.

It is also considered a divine tempering force that a great number of paths of power use to transform their body and shred their mortal cocoons.

It took him a moment, but Zatiel finally understood what the True Name of Ezequiel was trying to do.

Titans are a supreme race of the universe, and legends told that their rulers who had the Law bloodline of their race, the Dawn Titans, could trace their ancestors to the supreme and god-like beings known as Primordials.

The Primordials were supposed to be the first life forms to be born in the universe. They were made of manifest entropy and elemental force.

Some thought they were the laws made flesh. Their physical bodies were considered supreme and they could use their bare hand to destroy worlds without effort.

They were the first rulers of the universe but after a cataclysm event, happening thousands of billions of years ago, the disappeared and little information could be found about them.

Zatiel spent a lot of time researching these beings, but even as the Incarnation of Death and Destruction, he was only able to find some information about them in historical remains.

He was marveled by these beings and had used them a model for the body of the race he created with the baernaloths. The Neo-Demon's body was meant to emulate them when they reach their peak.

The objective of Ezequiel's True Name is to transform his body at a genetic level. It obtained information on the body of the demons, Heavenly race, and Neo-Demons to improve the bloodline of the boy and trace it back to its origins.

In any other race, such a drastic change to the bloodline will be impossible, but the Bloodline Heart of a Neo-Demon is designed to have control over the properties of one's bloodline and modify them.

The True Name was using the power of lightning to drive this change, destroying parts of Ezequiel's bloodline and empowering the core of it, the quintessence that connected him with the Primordials.

Powerful lightning was impacting the arcs of red-colored lightning in the center of the storm, and the humanoid figure they were creating was becoming more and more noticeable.

But they could not fully stabilize it. It seems that the process could not be completed and the storm was starting to weaken.

When the Rank 4 Magi and Rank 3 saw this, some of them had smiles on their faces. They were initially jealous of someone at Rank 2 undergoing such a supernatural event, but it seems that he will not be able to go through all of it and the effect will be highly inferior.

Zatiel saw the state of the storm and he focuses on the bloodline of the Rank 4 Abyssal Snake that was now a blood fog over Heinz's hand.

He did not waste time and immediately send his golden flames to the blood fog, consuming most of it but using the power of the flame to nurture the rest.

By the end, what remained was just a small sphere of blood fog. That was the part of the demons bloodline that gave them the ability to mutate and transform as they consume other life forms.

"Send it to him." Once Zatiel saw it was done, he quickly directed Heinz.

Heinz was also focusing on the storm and knew time was of the essence so he covered the sphere of red fog in sword light and send it to the humanoid figure made of red-colored lightning.

The speed of the sword light was impressive and when it reached the center of the storm it fused with the red-colored lightning.

When that happened the storm that was losing power froze for a second, and just like a chemical reaction when a catalyst is applied, the reaction started again, and now the storm was faster and stronger. 

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