Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
172 Primordial Bloodline
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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172 Primordial Bloodline

With the new power of the storm, the arcs of red-colored lightning continue consolidating themselves into a humanoid figure.

It did not take long for Ezequiel's face to become visible. His entire body was made from red lightning and the power in him was increasing with every strike of the storm.

Slowly he opens his eyes and at first, they were full of confusion. Everything from the moment his True Name evolved until now, was just like a dream and he could not control anything.

His body was following the laws as it strived to improve itself, generating changes on him at a molecular level.

As clarity filled his eyes, he feels the new strength of his bloodline and instinctively he gathered all of his power and he roared.


It was like a statement of an ancient creature who had just open up his eyes and was telling the world it was alive. It resounded through the entire mountain range.

Like if it was a signal, after the roar, the lightning in the storm increased its power and continue hitting Ezequiel with every it had.

The power of the lightning was extremely destructive and every time it hit the Neo-Demon, it makes him tremble but also it continues to improve his bloodline.

Ezequiel could feel as the lightning was destroying the remnants of his Storm Titan bloodline, and along with that destruction came out the creation of his new bloodline.

He knew the danger that the lightning strikes carried and it could reach a point where he will perish before the process was completed.

Even after realizing this, not only he did not stop but used the power of his True Name to the maximum increasing the force in the storm.

All of those who were seen him were impressed. Each lightning had the power to kill Rank 2 life form, and Ezequiel was letting dozens of them struck him.

Zatiel was looking at him and there was worry on his face. He could not help him since that will affect his transformation.

He could see that the Ezequiel needed to withstand the destructive power of that storm if he wanted to truly get rid of his old bloodline and embrace the new one.

As the power of lightning was reaching its zenith, the storm started to change and it raised into the sky like a tornado channeling the power of the void.

Lightning started to form high in the sky. It was black and you could feel the annihilating might of the elemental chaos in it.

Slowly the black lightning increase in power and adopted the form of a massive thunder serpent.

The Rank 3 Magi who saw it trembled at the idea of that touching them. They had no doubt their bodies will disintegrate if that struck them.

Even Zatiel recognized the immense danger that the black lightning represented. He could survive covering himself with his Will Aura and taking advantage of his body regeneration abilities, but still, he will end up with severe injuries.

Ezequiel saw that black thunder snake that was targeting him, but there was no fear on his eyes, just pure fighting will. With another roar, he took control of the lightning surrounding him.

He used it to transform into a one thousand meter giant of red lightning and instead of waiting for the black thunder snake to strike him, he charges at it.

The thunder snake focuses on Ezequiel, and as if it was sentient, it responded to the Neo-Demon roar with one of his own and launched itself at him.

Under the watch of everyone, the massive thunder serpent, and the giant red lightning humanoid crashed against each other creating an explosion of red and black lightning that illuminated the sky, creating thunders that could be heard for thousands of kilometers.

Along with the thunder, the storm disappeared but there was still red and black lightning filling the air.

Zatiel was using his Eye of Life and Creation to see everything. He and the Rank 4 life forms were all focusing on where the center of the explosion was.

In there was Ezequiel, but now his body was no longer just red lightning, it has turned back to flesh and blood.

There were injured all over his body and they were clearly severe, but the physical power on him has never been stronger despite having lost his Angelic Paragon wings.

Even Zatiel with his experience was amazed by the changes in the boy and the might he felt from his bloodline.

Before, thanks to his Animus power, he could have defeated him, even if he had the help of the Heavenly race wings and the abilities it gave. But now, after he had his own fortuitous encounter thanks to his True Name, he could at best equal him.

This realization only made Zatiel smile and pride fills his eyes.

Ezequiel remained in the sky with his eyes closed and as the new bloodline was filling him with power, memories appeared on his mind.

He saw a giant so immensely big that his palms could cover a whole Low World, and his entire body could equal the size of a High World.

His every movement could break space and shred the laws on his surrounding. He can be considered the embodiment of physical might.

The man waved his hand and created a cocoon of elemental chaos as big as him, concentrated to the fullest, before raising his hand, and like if it was an ax, he uses it to hack the cocoon in two.

The attack itself reached the peak of destruction, but from the cocoon of elemental chaos, an entire world was birthed.

After that, the memories stop, and Ezequiel opens his eyes. Despite how short the memories he obtained were, information about his bloodline filled its mind and he felt as if he had known it how to use it since ever.

Red lightning was running through the surface of his body, but this was not like the previous lightning he could summon by using his energy or temporarily transform himself into it.

This red lightning was a part of his body just like his skin or blood. It obtained its power from Ezequiel's physical strength just like his arms or legs would, which work perfectly with his bloodline.

His bloodline gave him immense physical power and it was connected to the Law of Inner Force and the Law of Strength.

The Law of Inner Force guides him to train his existence, his life to the peak of what the body and soul could achieve. To erase the difference between soul, body, and energy and fuse them into a single perfect being.

It was guiding him to free himself from the laws of the universe and transform his entire existence into a universe itself.

As for the Law of Strength, it was a way to reach absolute might through the use of physical power. To drive the force inside of him to destroy all physical and ethereal things, eliminate all magic, and even sever the laws.

But the Law of Strength was not just annihilation, by reaching the peak of it of destruction you could give birth to creation, just like that Primordial did when it split the cocoon and created a world.

Ezequiel Primordial bloodline was beyond impressive and although it is difficult to compare Law bloodlines, it could be considered better than the one of Zatiel.

It was not that Ezequiel's laws were more powerful than the one of Zatiel, but his bloodline is one that is already whole. It carried constant strengthening as it guides him to the extreme.

It seeks to transform him into a unique life form and Ezequiel just needs to follow the path until he reached the peak.

As for Zatiel, its path was open to change and could give birth all sorts of variation. Unlike Ezequiel who follows the path of extreme, he seeks duality and his bloodline was not completed yet.

But with his new bloodline, Ezequiel realized a restriction. He could not assimilate any other bloodline as it will create a flaw in his Primordial bloodline and the path that was given to him.

This was a characteristic of the Primordials. They were born perfect beings and any change in their core could corrupt them. 

There was no way that Zatiel could have known this when he gave Ezequiel the Storm Titan Bloodline, after all, he had never meet a living Primordial.

But even after realizing that he could not use one of the most important characteristics of a Neo-Demon, there was only excitement on Ezequiel's face.

His bloodline was already at the peak of the universe so there was no need for him to go look for another one. Besides, it is not like he could not train other laws, it only means that he will not have the help of a bloodline to comprehend them.

Ezequiel extended his arms and red lightning extend into the surroundings and devoured the arcs of black lightning that were present in the sky.

Although there was some resistance from the black lightning, in the end, it was devoured in its entirety.

The red lightning turns back to Ezequiel, and it fuses back on him, healing his injures at an impressive speed.

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