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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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173 Auction

Ezequiel felt his condition improve greatly. The red lightning could transform into flesh and blood and repair any damage done to his body.

But still, he was very tired and his energy pool was almost depleted.

He took a moment to stabilize his energy and concentrate on his new power. 

Red lightning started to surround his legs and he feels the strength in them increasing. Just as if the red lightning were new muscle fibers that could increase the force generated by his extremities.

Concentrating his strength on the sole of his feet, he kicks the air impulsing his body like a cannonball and reaching an immense speed as he heads to where Zatiel was.

Instead of transforming his body into lightning and then reforming it to overcome the problem with his speed, he was using his strength to impulse his body.

This method is more efficient since, on his lightning form, his defense is weakened. But you could see by the stiffness of his movements that it will take time for him to dominate this type of acceleration.

Ezequiel continues kicking the air as he advances, increasing his momentum. 

As Zatiel saw him approaching, he moves to meet him away from the rest of the Soul Forging existences.

When the Magi saw the two of them approaching each other, some of them were wondering what will happen with their relationship. They could feel a power on Ezequiel's body that was greater than Zatiel, and it was obvious that his talent was equally impressive.

It was very common in the Magi World, for an organization to suffer conflicts when an underling grew stronger than the leader.

There were some Magi that were hoping to see a good show. It did not matter to them who end up in a better position, seeing two geniuses, whom they could never match, fight among themselves brings them a lot of fun.

Zatiel couldn't care less about what they were thinking, and he smiled as he approached Ezequiel. 

When Ezequiel was very close to Zatiel, he starts to slow down, but it was not so easy for him to reduce his drive, and in the end, he was forced to kick in front of him to stop his body.

They were looking at each other but before Ezequiel could do anything he hears Zatiel voice on his mind.

"Take a knee."

When he hears that command, Ezequiel acted immediately and kneels in the air in front of Zatiel.

When the Magi saw this they were shocked. They did not expect the individual with the greatest strength was kneeling to the other, and they saw no sense of burden on him.

Unlike what the rest thought, Zatiel actions were not to prove his superiority but to symbolize the dignity of what was going to happen next.

All of the Neo-Demons hear his next words through their Chaotic-Core.

"Ezequiel, you are the first person I have ever fully trusted and our relationship transcends blood. You have obtained a Law bloodline on your own and I hereby declare you as a Supreme of our race and I title you as 'The Will of the Neo-Demon's Ancestor'. Your actions are my actions and your commands are my commands. Only I can contradict you and no one else. Now rise as an embodiment of my will."

When Ezequiel hears those words his body trembled and so many emotions filled his heart that made his eyes watery, but he did not let himself lose his calm as he felt it will be a dishonor to his title. 

He took a deep breath and as he stands up, on his eyes you could only see resoluteness.

Zatiel smile grew even bigger as he saw this and then he looks at the rest of the Neo-Demons and speaks again.

"Kneel to the Supreme!"

His order was absolute and even Sophia and Dante were included. Power and loyalty deserve respect and status on the Neo-Demon race, and blood ties and romantic love don't give you the right to ignore them.

All of the Neo-Demons acted immediately and kneeled to Ezequiel.

Sophia and Dante were also kneeling and they were smiling due to happiness for their comrade, but they also feel a little strange seen how someone who was just like them just a few hours ago, was now second only to Zatiel.

They understood that the only way to stand equal to Ezequiel again was increasing their might and fighting spirit was filling their hearts.

Zatiel saw this and was satisfied with the attitude of his clan. Competition with respect and friendship could bring out the best in people.

The scene the Magi saw filled them with confusion. First, they saw Ezequiel kneel to Zatiel and then he raised and the entire Daybreak clan kneels at him.

Zatiel could not bother to explain and battle intent could be felt from his body as he speaks.

"Let's see how strong you have become. Give it your all!"

He made the entire power of his body concentrate on his right arm before using Aspect of Fortitude and concentrate all of his Will Aura on his hand.

When Ezequiel hears him, he smiles, and just like always does, he follows Zatiel instructions. All of his physical force was concentrated on his right arm and a mantle of red lightning cover it, increasing his strength even more.

The two threw their fist at the same time and they were carrying an immense force.

In Ezequiel punch, there was an exceptional form of power that originated from his bloodline and made the force on his fist grow even higher. This was the Law of Strength guiding his movements and increasing his physical might.

When their hands connected against each other a sonic boom was heard.

Zatiel and Ezequiel remained still and were they are not moving, but even then, the winner was more than obvious.

Ezequiel's arm was steady and nothing had happened to it. On the contrary, all the bones on Zatiel arm broke and blood was leaking from the hundreds of cut on his skin.

By concentrating all of his Will Aura on his fist, Zatiel should have made his physical power grew at least half a fold, but even with that, the difference in strength was immense.

This exchange was witnessed by all the Magi, but not even those at Rank 3 dare to say anything about Zatiel condition. They knew that their situation will be even worse if that fist crashed on their bodies.

Zatiel knew that Ezequiel's body was powerful, but this display of strength reaches a whole new level.

"Goddam man, what the hell is your body made of. I will need to look for another runic set for you, with the red lightning and your bloodline, your physical power has become mind-blowing."

Despite the gravity of the injuries on his arm, Zatiel did not worry and just made his golden flames cover it, healing him a matter of seconds.

Just like Ezequiel had the help of his Law bloodline to improve his strength, Zatiel had the help of his to improve his regeneration.

When Ezequiel heard Zatiel's words a sense of pride fills his heart. He was now finally able to truly help the person that gave him everything.

Just like always, he was a man of few words, so after everything was done, he proceeds to stand behind Zatiel and wait for his command.

When some of the Rank 4 Magi saw this, they could not hide their envy. Having such loyal subordinate, that was stronger than you and with a talent that will surely allow him to become a Soul Forging existence, was something they all will want to have. 

Heinz, Totto, and Zitra did not find it odd. It was obvious that their relationship was not simple and it transcends things like the difference in power.

When Totto and Zitra thought about it, their situation was similar. They are Rank 4 life forms way stronger than Zatiel, yet slowly they have started to follow his guide and they feel it was something natural, like if there was the aura of a perfect leader around him.

Zatiel and Ezequiel were going back to the chamber. The second needed to get used to his new bloodline and the two needed to start thinking about their new Rank Spell.

But before they could advance, they saw Heinz, Zitra, and Totto appear in front of them.

"Please brother wait, we need to discuss something with you." Heinz was smiling but his face was looking weird for some reason.

Zatiel becomes curious about what they wanted, especially when he notices the signs of embarrassment on their faces.

"What is it?"

Heinz did not speak immediately, and after giving a glance to the other two he stated his purpose.

"We were hoping that you will accompany us to the Magi World. There is an auction that occurs every one hundred years organized by the Scientia Kingdom, and it will start in a few weeks."

When Zatiel hears Heinz and saw the way they were behaving he almost started to laugh.

"You want me to accompany you, so I can help you pick up hidden treasures."

When Heinz and Totto hear him they almost blush. Zitra was looking elsewhere and acted as if she had no relation with the duo.

Heinz coughed and after recovering his composure, he spoke again.

"Well yeah, but I assure you that you will want to go as well. The auction has a great fame for having objects that could incite desire on even Rank 6 life form."

Zatiel was indeed interested and after a moment he nods. He could check the compatibility of his new Rank Spell anywhere, so it did not really matter to him where he was.

"I will go, come look for me when you are ready to leave the world."

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