Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
174 Back to the Magi World
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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174 Back to the Magi World

All the Neo-Demons in the Beta Heavenly World were going on with their life. Those hundreds of Rank 1 who had entered the world after the war, were still harvesting the resources of the land owned by the Daybreak Clan.

They were working day and night, but with their bodies and bloodline, this type of job was pretty easy. It takes a lot of their time and diminishes the amount of training they get, but rewards were given according to the number of resources they harvest so they were more than happy to do it.

These were second-generation Neo-Demons and most of them had spent their first years of life in the caves of Wasteland. Exploring an entirely different world was like a dream to them.

None of them were truly worried about their speed of advance in the Ranks. They were Neo-Demons with Metallic Dragon's bloodlines and the resources they obtained were used to impulse their atavism techniques.

Those at Rank 2 were all in the Fiend Essence Extraction Chamber. The ones at the Novice and Advanced level were increasing their energy pools and improving their body transformation.

Zatiel, Ezequiel, Sophia, Rax, and Kilo have reached Peak Rank 2. Trying to increase their energy pool before advancing to the next Rank was not practical.

They were focusing on their next Rank Spell so they could advance to Rank 3.

The Rank Spell for Rank 1 required the individual to use a Spell without external help and let the energy run through their bodies freely. For Rank 2 they must be able to use the energy in their consciousness to create a spell.

But to Rank 3 things changed and the Rank Spell was no longer related to an application of your own energy.

To become a Rank 3 life form you need to be able to communicate with the natural energies of the world. 

Once you do that, your attack will not only carry your power but also the power of the energy surrounding you.

This was a very important step since communicating with the natural energy of a world is the first thing you need to do before starting to understand their essence, which are Origin Power and the laws.

Those two are crucial in awakening your True Soul and becoming a Rank 4 life form.

Zatiel, Sophia, Rax, and Kilo have their eyes close and were in a meditative position but Ezequiel was different.

The Supreme of the Neo-Demon race was floating in the center of the chamber, practicing all types of martial techniques and enhancing the control over his body

Ezequiel was following a different path than the rest. He considers his body as the ultimate weapon and instead of conjuring a spell, he decided to make his flesh and blood a conduit to the natural energy surrounding him.

This is countless times harder and if it was anyone else they would not know where to start. But he had the Law of Inner Force running through his bloodline as a guide, making him advance by leaps and bounds.

However, even with his Law bloodline, it will take him a long time to perfect it so he was also improving his proficiency over the red lightning.

The red lightning was like a mantle covering his entire body, which increased his overall physical might. But sometimes he channels all of it to his extremities, greatly increasing their strength or to the chest and head, improving their resistance.

The more concentrated the red lightning was, the greater the enhance that part of the body will get.

Ezequiel throws a punch with his right arm whose hand was filled with red lightning and just as the attack finished, the red lighting moved to his leg and he sends a kick upward, before finally letting the red lightning cover his chest, creating a sort of shield over his hearts.

He was accustomed to manipulating lightning and although this one was different since it was an extension of his body like his blood, his Ranks Spells made his proficiency grow very fast.

Zatiel had noticed the peculiarities of Ezequiel's system and although his understanding of body training was incredibly high, he knew that he could not compare to the help that his bloodline will give so he chose to not give his advice.

He was focusing his entire attention on a small box on his hand and his consciousness was inside it.

In the box was the three thousand meter body of a frog-like creature with hundred of giant spikes all over his skin.

This was the Void Creature he won from Zitra before they entered the world.

He will fuse the body of this creature into his Sun Domain, increasing the might of it, and even more important it will transform the Undying Leviathan from an energy construct to something composed of flesh and blood.

Once that happens, the Undying Leviathan will obtain great physical power and some of the Void Creature abilities.

For his Sun Domain to be able to integrate the body of a Rank 4 Void Creature, he will need to fuse his new Rank Spell in it and make the entire domain able to channel the natural energy of the world.

All sorts of calculations and tests needed to be done and there was little that Zatiel could do other than advance slowly and steady. He has the help of the chip and his Animus abilities, but still, it will take him a long time.

To Neo-Demons with a bloodline like them reaching Rank 3 is very easy. But since they wanted to fuse their Rank Spell with the rest, things become much harder.

The days pass and as Zatiel continue focusing on his Rank Spell, his concentration was broken by the communication crystal glowing inside his spatial ring.

He took the crystal form his ring and he hears the voice of Heinz.

"We are ready to go back to the Magi World."

Zatiel has been waiting for this message. He has already made all the arrangements needed before leaving.

"Let's go, it's time to leave."

The one he was speaking to was Sophia who opens her eyes after hearing his words.

Only Zatiel and Sophia will be going to the auction and the rest had chosen to remain in the Beta Heavenly World.

Dante had a part of his consciousness in the Elder Brain controlling the Daybreak Magic Tower, so unless he needed his body to be present in the Magi World, he saw no reason for going back.

Rax and Kilo were not interested in the auction and since they were just going to continue training, there was no point in them leaving.

The reason why Ezequiel has chosen to remain here was that this was a world in war, where there are hundreds of powerful enemies.

The Magi World had too many restrictions and anyone with enough power to challenge him was part of an organization and had some sort of backing that will make things very difficult if he were to kill them without justification.

The Beta Heavenly World was the perfect place to increase his abilities through fights to the death. After all, is not like their relationship with the Heavenly race could get any worse.

Zatiel knew of his intention and he just advised him to be careful. Very soon the only ones who could threaten his life will be the Rank 4 life form of the Heavenly race and since he still had the Mirage Rune, he could still escape from them once.

Zatiel and Sophia came out from the chamber and enter the tower before heading to the highest floor, where the World Gate was.

It only took a moment for the duo to arrive and when they reached there, they saw Heinz, Zitra, and Totto waiting for them, but there someone else although it will be more correct to say something else.

It was a humanoid made of blood without any sort of distinctive characteristic. The power in him was impressive and it reaches the peak of Rank 4.

Although Sophia did not understand what it was, Zatiel was very familiar with it.

"A Blood Incarnation made using the blood of a Rank 5 life form, a Blood Stone, Origin Power, a Seed of Consciousness, and the Law of Blood. Not bad, but if you were able to use the Law of Life as well, its power will be equal to yours." Zatiel was looking at Heinz when he spoke.

When Totto and Zitra hear his words they chuckled. The information about Blood Incarnations is extremely rare and they are very hard to make so Heinz was hoping to shock or at least impress Zatiel with it.

Not only the Neo-Demon recognized it but also mentioned the list of ingredients that cost him so much to obtain.

Heinz looks at the other two, who were almost laughing at him but he just shook his head and sigh. Trying to surprise Zatiel was a futile task.

"It has seventy percent of my power and can use the Law of Blood and Law of Killing at the 'Initial' level of comprehension. It will remain in here to protect the towers and also to keep an eye on the other Rank 4 Magi.

Zatiel nods at the contingency of the cultivator. Their absence in the world could create problems but with the Blood Incarnation, they were solved.

"Ok then let's leave. I want to see what treasures an auction of the Magi World has."

End of Vol. 3

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