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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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175 7 billion

The Daybreak Magic Tower had become considerably popular over the last few years. The number of magical items they sell through the empire commercial channels is stunning and not only did they were sold at very low prices their quality is above average making them very popular among the masses.

But this was not the only thing that made it famous. A few years ago there was an attempt against it, where several Rank 3 life forms had attack it.

Each of them was more powerful than the Magus that first assaulted the Daybreak clan, unfortunately for them, the magic tower had been upgraded and the Sunlight Core grew incredibly stronger with the years.

All of them were pulverized by beams of golden flames before they could do anything to the tower or the members of the Daybreak Clan.

The assailants had their body covered and there was no way to identify them, and because the Daybreak Clan raise no accusation against anyone the story end up there.

However, this made clear that unless you are a Soul Forging existence attacking the Daybreak Clan was suicide.

The City of the Sun had grown exponentially and was now more than two hundred kilometers long and one hundred kilometers wide, extending their territory over the Endless Forest and reaching very close to the entrance of the Underground Zone.

The city was filled with new houses and buildings, with all sorts of recreation facilities like bars and there were even barbershops and playgrounds.

Due to the constant number of tribes that came from Wasteland and the programs that incentivized procreation the number of Sunlight Champion was now counted in the hundreds of thousands.

A great percentage of the adult mostly center on hunting and military training, but slowly groups started to form who were interested in training runecrafting, alchemy, magic creations, and other professions.

Although there was not an actual wall that divided the city, two areas were formed as the population grew larger. The mid and outer circle was where the 'outer' and 'inner members' of the Daybreak clan lived and the center was inhabited by the 'core members'.

In the beginning, the 'core members' were only the Neo-Demon. The rest of the clan did not know how to obtain that position, and some of them thought it was unreachable.

But that changed when the Sunlight Champions that went to war came back. All of them obtained the position of 'core members' as did their families and they move to the center of the city.

This event sparked a flame of excitement in the other Sunlight Champions and all of them focused on improving their abilities.

In reality, when it came to safety and living conditions there was no difference between the center of the city and the rest, but it was related to their status in the clan and by being closer to the Sunlight Core their speed of training was better.

Under the city, there were dozen of factories filled with automatons working day and night, who transformed the resources they got from the lands they possess in the Beta Heavenly World and also the ones obtained by the clan members in the Magi Wolrd.

They were being controlled by the Elder Brain and charged with the energy of the tower, so they were constantly creating magic items to sell.

 The wealth that Dante had managed to accumulate during these years will make any other mid-level clan go crazy with envy.

The streets of the City of the Sun were filled with all types of races and you could see that there was not any sort of segregation, all the contrary, there was a sense of unity among all of them.

Close to the periphery of the city a child of the werebear race was running with all of his power and if you follow his path you could see that he headed to the Endless Forest.

"Xinti, you brat, stop now!"

The voice came from a gnoll man that was chasing the werebear, but when the child hears him instead of stopping, he activated his Sunlight Aura and ran even faster.

The man was flying and when he saw that the boy speed, anger appeared on his face and he also activated his Sunlight Aura increasing his speed greatly.

The child was fast but could not compare to the man who was at Rank 1 and before he could come out from the golden light that covers the city and enter the Endless Forest the gnoll man grabbed by his clothes and raise him the air.

There were a lot of Sunlight Champions that saw how the man seizes the boy but they did not interfere and they were looking at them with smiles on their faces.

The gnoll man stares at the boy and in this one there was a look of defeat.

"You little brat what do you think you are doing. Once again I catch you skipping school and now you try to enter the Endless Forest on your own."

When the people of the streets hear the man's words, some of them were looking at the boy with amusement.

When they saw him running, none of them thought that the boy was in danger, after all, they were under the watch of the magic tower and their Sun Tadpoles.

"Teacher, why do I need to study when I can spend my time defeating magic creatures?. Very soon I will reach the peak of Rank 0 and I know that I must remain in the outer zones of the forest."

"Brat, it is forbidden for those beneath Rank 1 to go to the Endless Forest without a group. Now I will take you back to school and you will spend the entire night reading books of history as punishment."

The gnoll man flew away to where the school was under the laughs of the Sunlight Champions.

Some old people look at this scene and they could not help but sigh when they saw the carefree and naive attitude of the boy. They have spent most of their lives in Wasteland where every day was a battle for survival but since they became part fo the Daybreak Clan, things have changed so much that it was like the difference between day and night.

They have safety and all their necessities covered. Their children could enjoy their childhood and did not have to face the cruelty of the world before they were old enough.

There was not a single first-generation Sunlight Champion that did not consider the City of the Sun as a paradise.

There were three people high up in the sky who had also seen this scene and on the face of two of them, there were meaningful smiles.

Zatiel and Sophia felt warm in their hearts, while they focus on the boy and the school where thousands of children spent most of their days.

"Your people are truly happy." Heinz saw the type of environment that the city presented and it was a sharp contrast with the rest of the groups that formed the empire.

In those families and clans, there was a constant struggle. And even between blood relatives, there was all sort of schemes and you will never find a place where everyone lives with such a sense of security and trust.

Of course, those conditions give birth to extraordinary people that could strive on their own without the help of anyone but also destroyed hundred of hidden geniuses who could have enjoyed a glorious future.

"Let's move, we need to get to the tower."

After seeing the state of the city, Zatiel and the other two reach the sky above the tower where a Neo-Demon was waiting from them.

When the Neo-Demon saw Zatiel he immediately flew to him and bowed before handing a ring.

When this happened Zatiel hear Dante's voice on his mind. This was not done using the Chaotic-Core but though the abilities of the Elder Brain.

"Father, this is the wealth we have accumulated over the years. You can use it as you please since there is no need to improve the tower again before advancing the Elder Brain to Rank 4."

Zatiel nods when he hears that and signaled the Neo-Demon to leave before sending his consciousness into the space ring.

In it, he saw an ocean of magic crystal and their number was uncountable.

"How much is in here."

"Thanks to the constant demand over our products and the business strategies we have implemented, even after the massive cost of improving the tower, the amount of magic crystal we have accumulated is seven billion."

Zatiel was surprised when Dante told him how much wealth was in the ring.

The value of a Low Rank 4 Magic Tower is between seven hundred million to one billion magic crystal and even the Sinux Magic Tower costs less than two billion magic crystal.

Even for Rank 4 life form, seven billion magic crystal was an astronomical number and unless they have conquered several worlds for a lot of years, they could not obtain that much.

"Good, with this I will have the chance to buy truly useful things."

After the matter with the wealth was finished, Zatiel gives the signal to Heinz, and the cultivator teleports the three of them away.

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