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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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176 True Lord

Heinz and the two Neo-Demons appeared on the sky above the Sinux Magic Tower, where two people were waiting for him.

They were Totto and Zitra. The two Magi had gone to their magic towers to collect their wealth for the auction and also some items they were looking to sell.

The journey will be long, so Heinz did not waste time and cover the two new members of the group with his consciousness before teleporting.

The group continues advancing like this for some time before they reached the coast, where the Ocean of a Thousand Wonders began.

The Scientia Kingdom was located in a small continent, known as Wuxuan, surrounded by this ocean and they will need to travel through it if they want to go to the auction.

Unlike what it's fairy tale name may suggest, The Ocean of a Thousand Wonder is incredibly dangerous. There were areas in it where the natural energies of the world were in disarray creating all sorts of dangerous phenomena.

But the greatest threat was the billions of life forms that dwelled their waters and it was not rare to find Rank 4 or 5 Magic Creatures in the deepest part of it.

If they did not have the cultivator, the group would have to aboard some of the aerial ship that sails to the kingdom since not even Zitra and Totto dare to travel through it on their own.

Heinz's consciousness started to change as the power of the Law of Space fuse with it, making the consciousness and the five people inside it blend with space and disappear from sight.

Once this was done, Heinz used Void Disruption and they embarked on their journey to the kingdom.

Teleportation is faster, but it will create ripples through space that could be easily detected by powerful magic creatures, not to mention that there are sections in the ocean where the natural energies acted erratically and affected any sort of teleportation.

The speed at which the group was moving was impressive and as they advance they saw all types of ships flying through the sky.

Most of the people inside them were Rank 3 life forms, but there was no shortage of Soul Forging existences and at the helm of every ship was someone even stronger.

Heinz did not focus too much on them, and he continues advancing leaving the ships behind.

As they go deeper and deeper into the Ocean of a Thousand Wonders, the group started to found all types of phenomena like tornados that extend for thousands of kilometers into the sky or storm filled with whining faces.

The most impressive scene they saw was a section for the ocean that extends for dozens of thousands of kilometers where there was a river of flames that was replacing the water.

This surreal sight impressed the Heinz, Totto, Zitra, and Sophia greatly. Despite being very far away from the flames they could still feel the heat reaching their bodies.

Zatiel knows the reason for this phenomenon and it was something only individuals at the Soul Law Domain Rank could do. The laws have been altered and now the Law of Fire ruled that area.

This was the effect of a battle between Rank 6 life forms and the reason why Middle and Low Worlds will never allow them to live inside them.

Heinz, Totto, and Zitra focused on the river of fire for a long time, but unfortunately, when they send their consciousness inside it to try to understand the principles of it, these were hurt so they could only leave.

The continue advancing for a couple of days when their attention was drawn to a powerful explosion not too far away from them.

The uproar was due to giant jets of water coming from inside the ocean that were targeting an aerial ship.

The ship was impressive and there were all sorts of runic formations on it generating a force shield that was stopping the attacks.

Instead of running away, the ship stops its advance and from inside it an old man came out.

He was an Eye Holder and his bloodline eyes were silver. His body was very thin and gave the illusion that the wind could blow him away but his energy and vitality were so immense that made the surrounding natural energy go crazy.

When the Eye Holder appeared, all of the jets of water focus on him, and their power grew exponentially.

The man's sneered when he saw the attack coming his way. He waved his hand creating an electromagnetic field around him, that repelled all of the jets of water.

Immediately dozen of steel spears hundred of meters long appeared beside the Eye Holder and were fired into the ocean with power and speed so high that created giant waves when they touched the waters.

A howl of pain was heard from inside the ocean and blood started to taint the waters.

Along with the scream, an increase of power was felt and the waters started to freeze before giant spikes of ice started to raise and attacked the old man and the ship.

It was only now that the old man's eyes become serious and the energy inside him burst.

Metal claws that were thousands of meter tall appeared around the Eyes Holder and they charged against the ice spikes, breaking them and then entering the frozen ocean.

The power in the claws was impressive and enough to kill most Rank 4 life form, yet they were not a Law Avatar. They were conjured by a spell that was able to channel the power of the laws in the world.

A scream of agony was heard and the metal claws raised from the ocean carrying a magic creature with the appearance of a lobster that was twenty thousand meters tall.

This was a Crusher Lobster and it shell was incredibly hard and full of spikes, yet the claws had penetrated them and were destroying his inner organs.

The Eye Holder neared the dying magic creature and when he was close enough the eyes of the Crusher Lobster glowed and he roared before using all of the power that was left on him to attack with his claw.

The speed of the claw was very fast and it reached the old man in an instant, generating a shock wave that created a storm in the ocean.

But to the shock of the magic creature, its claw that was four thousand meters long and weight hundreds of thousands of tons was stopped by a small hand.

The arm of the Eye Holder trembled for a moment but nothing more happened to him and he raised his free hand before clenching it.

The finger in metal claws carrying the Crusher Lobster grew larger penetrating deeper into his body and released electromagnetic waves killing the creature.

When the threat was terminated, two men came out from the ship.

One of them had white hair and his bloodline eyes were like a starry sky. He was very handsome and there was a majestic aura around him.

The other man had black hair and his bloodline eyes were grey. This was someone that Zatiel knew, Gwyn.

Gwyn had already reached Rank 3 and there seem to be a unique power running through his vein that was fusing with his blood and steadily changing his body.

When the old man saw them approaching him, he frowned and there was concern in his face.

"High Prince and True Lord should not leave the ship. This fight could draw the attention of other magic creatures in the surroundings."

The man with white hair smiled and there was no fear on his eyes.

"With uncle Onir here, what could harm us. Besides this guy wanted to see the Crusher Lobster."

Gwyn ignored the words of the man. He approaches the magic creature and makes a grey aura appear on his hands before looking at Onir.

"Can I?"

Onir looks at him and after a moment he nods.

When Gwyn's hands touched the Crusher Lobster, the grey aura on them enter inside his body.

The man with black hair and Onir were focused on him and saw how his energy pool was increasing, but Gwyn was only able to maintain that state for a few seconds before being exhausted 

"True Lord's bloodline is impressive. You were able to absorb part of the consciousness of this creature." There was a sense of respect on Onir's eyes as he speaks.

Despite the old man's compliment, Gwyn shook his head and was frowning as he focuses on his hands.

"I can maintain the power of my bloodline active for too little time."

"You are being too harsh with yourself. Your power will improve with time." 

After speaking Onir's eyes narrowed and he looked at the direction where Heinz was.

"It seems someone it's looking at us."

The Eye Lord seems to be able to pierce space and see the figure of Heinz and others hiding.

The cultivator looks back at the old man, but he did not remains still and used Void Disruption to leave.

Onir was shocked when he saw the way Heinz manipulated space. He was more powerful than the cultivar by a great margin, but there was little use if he could not touch him.

"What is happening?" The High Prince had noticed the expression of the old man and was curious.

"Nothing, let's leave." Onir did not explain and guide the two of them back to the ship, before departing.

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