Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
178 Book of resurrection
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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178 Book of resurrection

Once the man who identifies himself as the Second Prince stated his purpose the power of time that was halting the energy and body of the trio vanished.

"Please behave. I don't like to use violence but I am not afraid of it either." Gabriel looks at the trio as he speaks.

His attitude was peaceful but the trio felt like they were in front of a sleeping volcano that could wake up any second and destroy everything.

Heinz, Totto, and Zitra knew that they will be only embarrassing themselves if they challenge the man and since it seems he just wanted to speak they did not interfere.

Zatiel was looking at the man and although the events happening were unexpected, he had experienced countless life and death crises, so this did not make him lose his composure.

"I am happy to meet the Second Prince. I will like to know the reason for the title you just gave me and also why your father sends you to meet me." Zatiel attitude was not overbearing but neither submissive as he speaks to Gabriel.

His Eye of Life and Creation was active and was trying to passively probe the man but the laws around him blocked everything. However, by what he just saw, the man had comprehended the Law of Time to the 'Initial' level which means he could kill everyone in the room without any effort.

Gabriel was impressed by how calm Zatiel was in front of him and his image of the Neo-Demon improved greatly. Not everyone could be so relaxed in front of someone who could kill you without you being able to do anything to stop him.

"The reason for my arrival is related to the 'Master Demonologist' title. The information you trade with my kingdom was recently corroborated in its entirely. The depths and complexity of some of it made clear your level of dominion over the study of the Abyss and the demons inhabiting it. It is a custom of my kingdom to recognize those with extraordinary academic achievement whose research has improved our knowledge, even if it was through a business deal."

Gabriel's explanation makes sense considering the passion for knowledge that the kingdom always displays.

Zatiel eyes narrowed and he believes the reason for his title, after all, some of the information was extremely hard to get unless you have lived in the Abyss for thousands of years, but also knew there was more to it.

"I accept the title that your kingdom gives me with honor. But I highly doubt that your father, the King, will send someone of your power and status to fulfill such a simple mission"

The Second Prince looks at Zatiel for a moment and he nods.

"The reason my Royal Father send me here was to give you something else and deliver a message"

Gabriel waves his hand and two objects appear in front of him. One was a ring and the other a small tablet the size of a palm.

"This is a spatial ring capable of holding life, the space inside is five hundred meters tall and two thousand meters wide, this is the reward for your title. The tablet symbolizes your identity as an honorary member of the Scientia Kingdom."

When Heinz and the rest hear him they were shocked. The value of the ring was great but it could not compare to the tablet.

Although there doesn't seem to be many uses, Zatiel could always hide in the kingdom in case he offended someone too powerful and even a Rank 6 life form will not dare to attack him here.

Zatiel did not react to the reward. They were useful but soon he will have no need any of them and just waited for Gabriel to give the message of his father.

He has many tricks up his sleeve and hundred of ways to get out of dangerous situations but he was not ready to handle someone who ruled the oldest organization in the Magi World, even if he was not the true leader.

The Being of Law that created the kingdom will not leave someone incompetent at the head.

"As for my Royal Father message, he says that you should meet him when you become a Rank 4 life form. I don't know the reason for the meeting or why he stipulated that Rank for you." Gabriel was also curious about the nature of the message but it was not his position to question it.

When Zatiel hears those word he relaxed greatly. He definitely did not want to meet that man when he was just at Rank 2, but the moment he becomes a Rank 4 Neo-Demon, he will not need to be so cautious inside the Magi World.

He doesn't know the reason for the man's interest in him, but things will reveal with time, and overthinking it will not help him.

Zatiel takes the ring and keeps the tablet in it.

"Thanks for them, they are very useful."

After the delivery of the rewards was finished, Gabriel looks at Sebastian who was still trying to understand what was happening.

"I will take the task of being their guide. You should go back to the kingdom and rest."

This was too much for the Magus who spends most of his days reading books and making experiments and has never left the kingdom so he was more than happy to take a break.

Gabriel sees as the Magus left the room before focusing on the rest.

"I will take you to the auction house and then to the residence where you will remain during your stay in the kingdom. Please follow me." Gabriel spoke and left the room.

Heinz and the rest did not have reason to refuse him. Unlike Zatiel, they were not allowed to roam freely through the kingdom, and with the Second Prince as their guide, they will finish faster what they need to do.

They only had to fly for a few minutes before reaching the auction house that was located at the periphery of the continent. The reason for this location was that it reduced the interaction between external people and the citizens of the kingdom and the security was easy to implement since the number of variables was reduced.

The auction house was a great building with white walls and black runic inscriptions all over it. In the center of the building, there were glowing words that say 'Wisdom Auction House'.

Under Grabiel lead, instead of entering through the lobby, they went directly to the highest floor.

There were guardians around the building but when they saw how was at the head of the group they remained still and did not stop them.

The Second Prince touched one of the walls creating a door, before entering with the group.

Inside the room was a beautiful woman with brown hair and green eyes wearing a yellow robe. When she saw how there was someone who was directly entering the room she frowned but relaxed as she saw Gabriel.

"What brings Second Prince here?"

"I am accompanying them. He is Zatiel Daybreak, an honorary member of our kingdom and they are Heinz, Zitra, Totto, and Sophia. They have come from the Aeternum Empire to participate in the auction." Gabriel's speech was casual and there was no sense of authority on his voice. It was like if he was speaking to an equal.

The woman was surprised and she focuses on Zatiel. She could feel a power way above his Rank inside him but she has live long enough to know that wasn't enough to become a member of the kingdom.

"I am Sirin, Head of the 'Wisdom Auction House'. Please, ladies and gentlemen, take these badges. They will give you a private suite from where you can participate in the auction."

Sirin makes small golden badges appear and sends one to everyone.

"If you have items you want to put in the auction, please hand them over and I will take care of them"

Her mannerisms and conduct were excellent and it was apparent she has spent a very long time doing this.

Zatiel walk until he was in front of the woman and look at her before speaking.

"What level of secrecy does the origin of the objects that appears in the auction have."

As someone how fast wealth can transform into a source of danger, Sirin knew exactly the meaning of Zatiel question.

"The true organizer of the auction is the Royal family and they will never allow any information about the origin of the objects to be revealed. So, there is no chance anyone will be able to track them back to you."

Zatiel was satisfied with the answer and from his ring, two books came out. One had a black cover and the other a blue one.

"These are the 'Book of resurrection' and the 'Book of rune crafting'."

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