Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
182 The might of a roar
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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182 The might of a roar

Less than a second after the price rose to 3 billion, the number above the forge changed once again and this time it rose by four hundred million.

When Zatiel saw this his eyes become extremely cold. If he was powerful enough, he would have not hesitated to charge to the podium and took away the Underworld Forge.

The forge was something it could help him and his race greatly. His luck was incredible good since he finds it here, where he could buy it with magic crystals when its true worth was enough to provoke fights between Law Beings.

"How much money do the three of you have left?" Zatiel voice was devoid of any emotion and he did not stop looking at the forge as he spoke.

Heinz, Zitra, and Totto found his behavior unlike of him. No matter what kind of wealth or knowledge they found, Zatiel always treated like something inconsequential, no matter how wondrous it was in their eyes.

But things were different now and the trio understood the seriousness of the current situation.

"I have 5.9 billion magic crystals." Zitra was the first to answer.

"I currently have 4.5 billion."

"I have left 3.7 billion."

After the woman, Totto and Heinz reported the amount of wealth they have left after their purchases. The trio did not have hundreds of thousands of people constantly searching for resources and factories to process them into magic items that were sold throughout the empire, but they have managed to amass considerable wealth over the years especially with the last invasion.

"I will need them if the price rises too much. You will get it back in fifteen years." Zatiel only gives a small glance at the trio before focusing once again in the auction and placing his bid.

The trio did not say anything and just nod. They have always had a friendly relationship but they have never truly developed as an alliance. This was because everyone had their way of doing things and were not use to follow someone, but everything changed with Zatiel.

The Neo-Demon was like a lightning rod that created an invisible attraction force and guide them to his side. Unconsciously they have started to form a group around him and his intentions were something they all followed.

Zatiel placed his bid and the price above the forge raised to 3.6 billion magic crystal but an instant later the price changed to 3.9 billion.

When he saw this Zatiel started to frown. He did not know the founds of his opponent and if the price continues to rise like this, it could draw the attention of others, since they could conclude that the forge was something worth investing their money.

Zatiel did not act when he saw the new number and started to though how to handle this situation.

Minser was impressed that someone was willing to buy the forge for such a high price and he started to think that it may have truly special functions. But his job was to lead the auction and not to meddle with the items that were in display.

 When the old man saw the price maintain and does not change for a couple of seconds, he speaks.

"The price to beat is 3.9 billion magic crystal. Unless someone gives a higher price for the forge, it will be sold in three seconds."

As son the old man words finished, the price above the forge changed and this time it rose to 6 billion magic crystals.

The immense rise in the magic crystal drew the attention of everyone since that amount of wealth will be difficult for even a Rank 5 life form to obtain.

A second later, from one of the Rank 6 suites a wave of killing intent was released and along with a miasma that was filled with all sorts of dangerous and foul powers.

The miasma contained itself around the suite and it was present less than a millisecond. The Rank 3 Magi were not able to discern it but their bodies tremble uncontrollably and some of the Rank 2 were left unconscious for some time.

Zatiel felt the miasma and killing intent, and his body grew rigid due to the immense level of danger he detected. But on his face, there was not a single shred of fear instead he started to smile as he saw the expression of Minser.

The actions of the man were very smart. He expressed his might and declared the murderous intent in his heart against his opponent during an extremely small window of time. This could be explained as an accident due to the loss of control over his emotions.

Of course, everyone knew his intentions it but the truth has always been written by the strong. And who will offend a monster like that for something so small.

The answer was simple: The oldest organization in the Magi World.

"I have warned what will happen if any attempt of intimidation was employed. Due to your power, we will give you the chance to voluntarily leave the auction house and the kingdom." Minser was furious and it was clear he was greatly offended by the actions of the man.

Silence filled the auditorium and everyone understood that it was suicidal to meddle when a conflict between such powers occur.

"I offer my apologies, I was just an unintentional burst of power due to some instability in my consciousness. I have just recently reached Soul Law Domain Rank and I am still not accustomed to my strength. I assure you, 6 billion magic crystal is not anywhere near my limit." The man's voice was firm, charged with power, and there was also a trace of savageness.

His words sounded like an apology but he was declaring his power and the fact he could continue bidding for a long time.

This will have been more than enough to satisfy any other organization and auction house in the world but Minser face only grew angrier and his posture was unwavering.

"Since when the rules of the Scientia Kingdom are something one can break and just pretend that nothing happens by saying a few words. Leave now!"

No one dares to make a sound after hearing Minser words.

The people in the auditorium once again feel the miasma and killing intent from the suite in which the man resided but this time they were stronger and more vicious.

"How dare you to speak like that to me, someone a the peak of the world!. Since when an ant has become so courageous to rebuke a god?."

The man's voice was tyrannical and filled with might that does not allow any defiance.

His behavior was pretty common. To life forms who could act unrestrained inside the world, the rules were something they only obeying when it works for them.

Of course, they will not dare to truly attack an organization built by a Being of Laws. Everyone is clear about the immeasurable difference in power between the two.

When Zatiel saw how the man acted, his smile grows even bigger. The man could force his way into a great number of scenarios in the world with his power, but he had chosen the wrong opponent.

For an organization that has never been challenged and whose might remain so unquestionable that only those who were willing to die would dare to harm their people, meant they were not just backed by a powerful individual outside the Crystal Wall.

They also had unrivaled powerhouses inside the world and that was proved in the next instant.


No one saw from where the voice came but they could all feel the inherent sense of majesty in it. It did not do anything to the people in the auditorium but when the sound waves touched the miasma, that had terrified everyone, they shredded them to pieces instantly.


An inhuman shriek of pain was heard before silence filled the auditorium once again.

Everyone was impressed with the roar and although they never saw how did it, one thing was sure, that person could effortlessly kill 99.9% of the people in the auditorium with just his voice.

Minser looked at the now vacant suite and he just sneered. He coughed and call everyone's attention before speaking.

"I apologize to everyone for this minor inconvenience, let's hope it doesn't happen again. We will not allow more bids for the forge and it will be sold for 6 billion magic crystal."

When they heard the words of the old man, more than one person in the suites feel discontent. They knew that the forge must be truly impressive if a Rank 6 life form had gone to the extremes of challenging the rules of the auction house of the Scientia Kingdom for it.

However, with what just happened, no one dares to defy the rules so they remained silent.

 It was only when the orb subtracted the magic crystal from his ring, that Zatiel relaxes.

He had spent almost all the wealth that his entire clan has managed to gather during these years and he was sure that the man who was expelled from the kingdom will be looking for him.

Still, he felt that everything was worth it now that the forge was his.

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