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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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184 Despair

Among the individuals of the Heavenly race, there were two males and one female. The men are an Angelic Paragon and an Angel of Protection while the female is an Angel of Supremacy.

The status of everyone is very clear with the Angelic Paragon and his impressive wings made of earth and yellow plasma at the lead accompanied by the Angel of Supremacy, and behind them acting as some sort of servant is the Angel of Protection.

A higher standing due to the bloodline they are born is one of the unbreakable rules of the Heavenly race and anyone who acts against them is considered a Fallen, someone who needed to be killed.

"Liner, these disgusting creatures don't know to appreciate our benevolence. They dare to try to escape into the domains of those wretched invaders." There was disgust in the Angel of Supremacy's eyes as she looked at the woman running but there was also a sadistic smile in her face.

"Paris, what can you expect from mere beasts?. We allow them the glory to be in our presence and serve as entertainment and still they act like this. They do not deserve a quick death." The Angelic Paragon's face was filled with righteousness as if killing and torturing these people was upholding justice in the world.

Both the Angelic Paragon and the Angel of Supremacy were Rank 3 life forms and people with their status should not be handling these types of mission but they had offered to do it. The reason was simple, they enjoy playing with people and destroying their hopes in order to prove their superiority.

Every one of them can easily stop the woman who could barely be considered a Rank 0 life form instantly, but they did not do it, just to play a little longer with her.

The woman was running with all her power and was hugging the baby in her arms who was sleeping and as the Angel of Supremacy saw this, her smile grew bigger.

Paris waves her hand and she fired a small beam of energy that landed in the woman's face and destroyed her remaining good eye.

The Angel of Supremacy was waiting for the woman to scream due to the immense pain that having her eye destroyed should have provoked but not such thing happen.

The woman gritted her teeth and refuses to scream. Despite not longer been able to see, she knew she needed to move forward so after hugging the baby tighter she continues running.

Her fortitude and resolution made the Angel of Supremacy and Angelic Paragon frow and dissatisfaction can be seen in their eyes.

"How boring, didn't those older beasts teache her that she should scream when we attack her." Paris' face was exactly like the one a child will do went one of her toys did not work.

Liner was also very upset and he waved his hand creating small rocks that were shot against the woman and destroyed her legs.

As she was falling to the ground the woman twisted her body protecting the sleeping baby from the fall but even after that, she still did not scream.

"Hmph stupid beast, if we want you to scream, then you should feel honored and scream!. Go and crush the newborn beast before killing her too." Liner's face was filled with rage as he commands the Angel of Protection.

The Angel of Protection limited himself to nod and land in the ground before slowing approaching the woman. He knows very well the likes of his master, so this type of behavior that induces agony in their victim was something he was accustomed to due.

It was only when she hears the instructions of the Angelic Paragon and the steps of the man who was going to hurt the baby in her arms that the woman could not hold on anymore and starts to cry tears of blood.

Her actions only made a smile appear on the Angel of Protection but before he could travel half of the path to the woman, thunder filled the area and an immense sense of danger assaulted him.

Unfortunately, he was too slow, and before he could do anything from the sky a man surrounded by red lightning dives in and crushed his body.

A small explosion of red lightning formed a crater where the man landed and you could see him crouching down above the bloody remains of the Angel of Protection.

The red lightning that covered his body was devouring the blood in the ground strengthening itself with it.

Liner was completely shocked. His servant was a Novice Rank 3 Angel of Protection and yet, his entire body was destroyed with a single strike.

He was able to see the attack and knew the reason for its might was because the natural energy in the surroundings was absorbed into the man's body while he attacked.

He is an Advanced Rank 3 Angelic Paragon and is bloodline gave him great physical might, yet there was no way he could reach that type of momentum with just his body and he could not understand how the man did it.

However, he did not have time to think as he saw how runes started to glow in the man's body. When this happens the red lightning increases its power and concentrates on the man's arms and legs.

The man formed a cross with its arms in front of his chest before leaping, breaking the ground under its feet and firing its body like a cannon against the Angelic Paragon. 

The speed he managed to achieve was so immense than in the next instant he was right in front of Liner and all the natural energy around him was being channeled into his body increasing exponentially the might of his charge.

The Angelic Paragon could barely react and he channels all the energy he could into the rune he had on his chest creating a yellow sphere around his body before completely covering himself with his wings.

The defensive rune that protected Liner was similar to the one that the Angelic Paragon with the blood wings that Zatiel fought had and that it needed the combined might of an explosion of Fiendfire and several Abyssal Blasts to destroy.

The man had its arms in front of him and used the entire power of his body to crash against the yellow sphere.

Cracks appeared immediately in the sphere and it was able to hold on less than a second before breaking down. However, it consumed a great amount of the man's drive before crashing against the winged cocoon.

When Liner felt the cross of red lightning touching him, he could swear that it was not a man but a meteorite the one smashing against his body.

The Angelic Paragon was sent flying away and there were several fractures on his wings that would have been much worse if not for the yellow sphere.

After that impressive attack, the man's face grows pale and the power in the red lightning diminished considerably. His expression, however, remained the same and pure coldness could be seen in his eyes as he turns to look at the Angel of Supremacy.

Paris' heart was filled with absolute terror and helplessness when she saw those eyes. She has just seen how this man killed the Angel of Protection and sent flying away Liner in a matter of seconds and understood that she could do nothing against him.

Without hesitation, she turns around and attempts to escape from the monster in front of her, but she was barely able to move a few meters before a hand grabbed the back of her neck and red lightning paralyzed her body.

Unfortunately for Paris, her body was only paralyzed and could feel how the man grabs her wings and rips them from her back.

"AAAAAHH!" An inhumane shriek came out from Paris' mouth due to the horrible pain she was feeling.

The man did not show anything when he hears the scream and after a few seconds that were pure torture for the Angel of Supremacy, he raises her above his head and his free hand grabs her waist.

With one hand on the back of Paris' neck and one on her waist, the man starts to pull making the screams louder before the Angel of Supremacy was torn apart, finally dying.

The red lightning swallowed all the blood that was falling into the man's body and it even enters into the Angel of Supremacy's body and devoured its insides. 

Liner had just come out from the pit he created when he landed in the ground and saw that gruesome scene and how the man and red lightning recovered all the energy they lost with the attack that destroyed his rune and hurt his wings.

Panic and fear fill his mind and he could not believe what was happening. He is a member of the Heavenly race, one of the most powerful races on the universe and his bloodline was that of an Angelic Paragon and now he was facing a monster he could not escape.

"Who are you!" Liner's eyes were showing the despair that was crushing his will.

The man with the red lightning looks at the Angelic Paragon and when he saw the state of his opponent, his eyes lose their coldness and became devoid of all emotion.

"I am Ezequiel, the Supreme, the Will, and your death."

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