Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
185 Unforgettable scene
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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185 Unforgettable scene

Ezequiel did not say anything more and the runic set glowed once again increasing the power of the red lightning before this one extended uniformly over his entire body enhancing his defenses and improving his reflexes.

The Neo-Demon proceeds to kick the air and launches his body against Liner. His speed was slower now, unlike when he had channel great part of his red lightning to his legs, but the control over his body improved.

Despite the fear crawling into his heart, Liner's arrogance did not allow him to accept the fact he is terrified by someone of another race. His wings glowed and slowly his body started to change increasing in size and his skin was adopting a metallic yellow luster.

The Angelic Paragon was an experienced fighter. Without wasting time he channels part of the energy in his consciousness and made hundred of giant hands raise from the ground and they attempted to grab Ezequiel in order to disrupt his charge.

Each hand measures dozen of meters and they were altered with the energy of Liner which gave them great destructive might. They blocked the route of Ezequiel to the Angelic Paragon as they try to seize him. 

Ezequiel did not diminish his speed despite those massive hands in his path, on the contrary, he was constantly kicking the air and increasing his drive.

He showed an unbelievable dexterity propelling his body through the gaps between those hands and those he could not dodge, he blasts them to pieces with his fists.

It took a moment for Ezequiel to reach in front of Liner. Eighty percent of the cloak red lightning gathers on his right arm, leaving twenty percent remaining to protect the rest of his body.

Liner had finished his transformation and his strength increased exponentially. His body was one size larger and he strikes at Ezequiel with everything he has.

The fists of the Neo-Demon and the Angelic Paragon clashed against each other creating a shock wave that destroyed the ground around them.

Ezequiel's hand was trembling and feels sore but his damage was insignificant compared with his opponent.

Liner could feel how his muscles were torn apart and how thunder and lightning infiltrate his body wreaking havoc inside him.

But the Angelic Paragon had not used only his body to attack as hundred of earth spikes appeared around them when their fist clashed and they were now shot against Ezequiel.

As the spikes were about to reach his body, the Neo-Demon starts to rotate forming a tornado of red lightning that destroyed all the projectiles around him.

Without losing his momentum a kick filled with red lightning was sent at Liner, hitting his jaw and launching his body into the air.

The Angelic Paragon was feeling an immense pain since his jaw was fractured and his mouth was filled with blood. However, he could not allow himself to decrease his concentration since Ezequiel was approaching him.

He sent a blow at the incoming figure. Unfortunately, he hasn't gained control over his body after the kick and his attack was filled with flaws.

The Neo-Demon easily dodges that punch and impacted Liner's chest with his shoulder, fracturing his rib cage causing him to cough blood.

Before Liner's body could be sent flying away due to the impact, Ezequiel grabs his wrist maintaining him in place and strikes his stomach filling his bowels with thunder and lightning.

Once again Liner coughs a mouthful of blood and this time there were parts of his internal organs in it. The agony awakens an immense rage in him as he stares at Ezequiel.

"DAMN BEAST!" While he shouts the life force in Liner's body starts to burn increasing his power and his wings twisted themselves forming spears of earth.

This process was incredibly painful but his power increases to the peak of the Master level and every single one of his wings became a dreadful weapon that charges at Ezequiel with amazing speed.

Ezequiel's eyes narrowed as he saw those spears and without hesitation, he lets go of Liner's wrist and moves backward.

However, the spears were too fast and he was too close. Ezequiel manages to dodge four of the spear but two of them were able to pierce his shoulder and stomach.

A shield of red lightning was present in those areas, stopping a great part of the power of the spears and allowing him to reach a safe distance.

The hole in his shoulder reaches the bone and the one in the stomach almost connects with his back.

The red lightning was healing his injuries and Ezequiel took a moment to size the increase in power of his opponent.

The last time he fought with a Master Rank 3 Angelic Paragon he was an Advanced Rank 2 Neo-Demon. The Angelic Paragon was already fatigued from his previous fight and his power was decreased even more due to the neurotoxin in his body.

Despite all that, he was barely able to reach a draw by taking advantage of the Angelic Paragon carelessness and increasing his power by burning his blood essence.

He was now a Peak Rank 2 Neo-Demon with a Primordial bloodline and his body was already able to partially fuse with the natural energy in the surrounding increasing his battle power even more. The runic set he now has was one designed to supply energy to his red lightning, which was fundamental to his battle style.

Ezequiel could activate Blood Essence Combustion and safely win this fight but his goal was to fight battles that push his body to the limit so without hesitation he charged against the enraged Angelic Paragon in front of him.

Liner attacks are fast and powerful and you could barely see the six spear of earth his wings had become as they try to pierce Ezequiel's body.

The Neo-Demon martial arts and control over his body were sublime, allowing him to dodge most of the attacks and those he could not, he made sure they landed in points that were not vital and covered them with his red lightning.

Whenever he can, he sends counterattacks increasing the amount of thunder and lightning inside Liner's body and the natural energy that fused in his body as he did was improving.

Liner knew that the only way he could truly damage Ezequiel was with his wings so he focuses all of his power in them. As for Ezequiel, his battle style was one that treated his body as a weapon and center in melee fight.

Every time their attacks clashed among themselves or they landed on the other, shock waves were generated and they made the area around them a death zone to any Rank 0 life form. And the power in the waves was only increasing and very soon they could shred to pieces a Rank 1 life form.

Unfortunately for Liner, the longer the battle became the worst his condition grew. His face lost all of his youthfulness and now looks like the one of a man on his fifties.

Ezequiel's situation was the complete opposite. His attacks grew stronger as the amount of natural energy they were able to draw grew and it was reaching the point where every attack he performed with his body was potentiated with the might of a Rank 3 spell.

The Neo-Demon momentum was reaching his peak and for an instant, he closes his eyes and remember the image of that Primordial employing the true meaning of 'Strength'.

Ezequiel's eyes open and there was a red light in them. He twists his right arm and body while throwing a punch that looks like it was drilling inwards and he directs it at the Angelic Paragon heart.

When he performed this attack all the natural energy around him fully fused with his body increasing his might to a whole new level.

"Unstoppable Heart Break Shot!"

The threat of death overcome Liner's rage and he puts both arms over his chest to try to protect himself while throwing his wings at the Neo-Demon.

Ezequiel's right arm was like a drill and it destroyed Liner's arms without any resistance before penetrating his chest and coming out from his back.

The wings lose their strength and were not able to harm Ezequiel meanwhile from Liner's mouth and eyes light was coming out signaling his decease.

Liner's body disappeared into Ezequiel's spatial ring in the next second. The expression of the Neo-Demon did not change after killing the Angelic Paragon.

He was satisfied with his progress but it will take a long time before he can fully draw the natural energy of the world with his body at will.

All of a sudden his eyes widen as he detected movement with his consciousness.

He will remember what he saw next for the rest of his life.

The woman with the baby, the one who was blinded and whose legs were destroyed. She was dragging her body through the ground using one hand while the other was holding the baby.

She knows she will die due to the blood loss and she should not be able to move in her condition and yet she was advancing without stopping and never letting go of the baby.

The Supreme of the Neo-Demon race was surprised by the woman's resolution. She was not using spells or any sort of energy, only her will to excavate the hidden power of her body and move forward despite this accelerating her death.

He flies to the woman's side and looks at her for an instant before sending an arc of red lightning that covers her and the baby.

When the red lightning touches her, the woman stops moving and falls unconscious. The lightning was healing her body and improving the condition of both her and the baby.

Ezequiel took both of them in his arm with care before flying back to the force field.

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