Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
187 Pit Fiend“s spine
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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187 Pit Fiend“s spine

Zitra was very happy for obtaining the dagger. It will help her greatly at improving her law comprehension and she will not need to waste time performing experiments, wandering through the universe in search of phenomena or in dangerous fighting to understand the essence of the Law of Light and the Law of Shadows.

This is where individuals with bloodlines have a massive advantage. They can look at their bodies to understand the essence of their laws and they only look outside for inspiration or knowledge when they desire to increase the speed of their training.

Of course, they have a drawback that is their bloodline shackles. Once they reach the limit of the help their bloodline can provide them, improving their law compression will be dozens or even hundreds of times harder than people without a bloodline. That is why is very weird to find someone with a King bloodline who has reached Rank 6.

Devils and demons were different since their bloodline can mutate as long they devour individuals form their race or one of their archenemies.

Neo-Demons are even more special since they break all the disadvantages of their first bloodline when they form their Bloodline Heart. And they can fuse their bloodline with others from any race to improve their might.

More items were displayed and among them was a bracelet known as Jupiter's Night that creates a moon around your body allowing you to survive the attack of a Peak Rank 5 life form while they are fuse with their Law Avatar and transport you away through the void at an incredible speed.

The bracelet is a one time use Rank 5 artifact and there are seven of them for sale.

Totto and Heinz each bought one bracelet for 3.4 and 3.2 billion magic crystal respectively. Despite being a one-time use item, the two were willing to spend almost all of the wealth they had left since it will practically mean a second life form them.

Just after the bracelets were sold, a strange one-meter long root appeared on the podium and there is a rainbow-colored flame around it.

The flames were peculiar since they radiated a great power yet there wasn't any heat emanating from it.

"This a Nirvanic Root and it is a core ingredient for some Rank 4 and Rank 5 pills and potions. It is also very useful for alchemist since those who are able to understand and examine it fully can see their skills increased. The initial price is one hundred thousand magic crystals." Minser's speech was short and its goal was only to raise the excitement to a decent level.

The old man knew that although the Nirvanic Root is a high-level magic plant, it is very hard to use and those who can truly take advantage of its properties are either high-Rank Alchemists or those with talent that want to use it to train their profession.

The price for the Nivanic Root rapidly reached 400 million magic crystal and it continues rising. Among the people bidding for it was Zatiel.

When Sophia saw this she became a little nervous and the higher the price became the more apprehensive her eyes became. She was confident in her battle power and has always pushed her body and spells to the limit in order to be able to match Zatiel and Ezequiel but when it came to her abilities as an alchemist she was not very confident in them.

She could be considered talented but besides poisons, all of her other creations were not that remarkable and she could not compare with the other two.

It was not due to the lack of effort. Unlike Zatiel who had the A.I. chip and his Eye of Life and Creation to help him creating runes and Ezequiel whose wisdom and intelligence were enhanced for the Storm Titan bloodline and now for his Primordial bloodline, her bloodline did not provide any help with her profession.

"You don't have to worry, wealth is useless if you don't spend it. Besides, I have a Rank 4 recipe that uses the Nirvanic Root, and although you are still not able to create it, it will help you if you are familiar with the ingredients at an early stage."

Sophia looks at Zatiel and saw him looking at her with a warm smile. There was unmeasurable love in her eyes and also resolution as she once again looks at the root.

In the end, Zatiel was able to buy the Nirvanic Root for 670 million magic crystal, a price very low considering how hard it is to obtain it.

Once he secures it, Zatiel sent the recipe to Sophia's mind through the Chaotic-Core.

The pill that the recipe described was known as Nirvanic Fire and although it was a Rank 4 pill, in truth there was also a way for it to reach Rank 5 or even Rank 6 as long its ingredients were improved but the difficulty for higher ranks was much harder.

When the recipe appeared in her mind Sophia did not lose time and immediately started to analyze it.

Heinz, Zitra, and Totto saw these scene but they did not offer comments. Individuals like Sophia that can kill an Angelic Paragon an entire Rank above them are people any organization will want to have and their suitors will be endless but it was clear that no one could compete with the love and devotion she has for man by her side.

As the second day of the auction was closing to its end, a book with a black cover appears on the podium.

The book was simple and it did not have any remarkable qualities at plain sight, but that made a lot of people to focus on it.

Minser was a professional in his job and only after allowing expectations to grow enough did he speaks.

"This is the 'Book of resurrection'. As some of you may have deduced this book has the same origin that the 'Book of rune crafting' and it shares the characteristics that make necessary have physical contact to access its knowledge and the self-destructive mechanism that prevents any type of copy.

The book contains all the magic knowledge regarding necromancy and the soul to allow a Soul Forging existence to resurrected any person beneath Rank 4 with an intact soul and whose death was less than five hundred years ago"

The old man made a pause and allowed everyone to discuss and the thrill over the book to raise before continue speaking.

"There are also rituals in the book that a Rank 4 life form can use to resurrect people who had die of old age and give them twenty years extra of natural life. These people can improve their life force by using the time they have to increase their Rank, with potions or special magics.

The initial price for the 'Book of resurrection' is 200 million magic crystal."

When some people hear Minser words, an unbelievable desire could be seen in their eyes and they needed to contain themselves in order to not jump at the podium and search for the rituals in the book.

In one of the suites, there were three members of the Eye Holder race. They were Gwyn, the High Prince, and Onir.

"That book seems interesting. You should buy it, maybe it can help or at least guide you in a path that can allow you to resurrect people with broken souls." There was a cordial smile in the High Price as he spoke. It was clear by his words that he knew about Gwyn's history.

Gwyn looks at him with an expressionless face and no one could know what he was thinking.

"I already know what to do." After saying those words, he turns back to the auction and ignores everything else.

When the High Price hears him his eyes narrowed but in the next second, he returned to normal.

A great number of people were interested in the book and the price rose at an incredible rate.

Zatiel saw this and he only smiled when he saw how his fortune increased.

In the end, the book was sold for 8.2 billion magic crystal. Objectively thinking, the knowledge in the book was not worth that much but when the possibility of bringing back the people that you love is in front of you, any price is small.

After the book was sold and people had calm down, Minser continues with the next item.

"Now we will present the last item of the second day of this auction. It a part of the body of a Peak Law Engraving existence in perfect condition."

Law Engraving existences have immensely powerful bodies and even if they have never train them, they can use exclusively their physical might to fight a Rank 4 Dragon without a problem.

Therefore any part of their bodies is immensely valuable especially if they were at the peak of their Rank.

Minser did not make people wait and soon a four-meter long spine appeared with a force field around it. An extremely unlucky and ominous aura could be felt from the spine and anyone could see that to whoever it belonged, it must have been a being of pure, unimaginable evil.

Zatiel did not have to wait for the old man to describe its origin and there was a smile on his face as he thought of those creatures.

'A Pit Fiend's spine, how interesting.'

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