Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
188 A new enemy
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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188 A new enemy

Everyone was impressed by what they felt from the spine. Even for a Law Engraving existence, to have a part of their body release such a powerful and intimidating aura on their own was astonishing.

That creature must have been an apex predator.

From time to time you could see glowing runic inscriptions in the spine and every single rune was engraved with an unbelievable level of skill. This was not done by a Runemaster, but by the True Soul of the Pit Fiend.

Minser let people analyze the spine for an entire minute, and even though some individuals among the crowd were still discussing it, he knows that the potential buyers have had enough time, so he waved his hand making silence return to the auditorium before speaking.

"This spine belonged to a creature whose kind is known as the quintessential tyrants and overlords of devils, a group of beings occupying the top hierarchy of the Nine Hells, the vassals of Archdevils, I am referring to the Pit Fiends." Minser face was solemn and was clear than even someone like him feel dreed of such creatures.

When he finishes speaking above the spine a hologram appeared depicting a creature that can be called a perfect killing machine.

It can be described as evil made flesh. It has a massive four-meter tall humanoid form covered by red scales that ignited with hellish blue flames. Those flames were the physical representation of destruction in the Nine Hells.

It has immense bat-like wings that gave it a gargoylish appearance and despite their apparent fragility, everyone could see the sharp edge that made them as deadly as any saber.

Its claws and huge fangs secreted a black poison. Its constricting tail displayed tremendous physical power and it has a pointy end with great penetrative might.

After the hologram did its job, Minser continues to speak.

"A Pit Fiend can be considered the devils with the highest battle power that exist and a great number of Archedevils belonged once to this kind of devils. They can defeat beings with Emperor bloodlines like Angelic Paragons or Golden Dragons and some of the special ones can equal individuals with Law bloodlines. This is not due to their bloodline but due to the process from which they were created.

They are made from the most worthy, wicked, evil, and talented devils who were able to withstand the devil scorching hellfire from the Pit of Flames that is fueled for the Origin Power of Phlegethos, the fourth circle of hell, for one thousand and one days.

The mortality rate of this process is so unbelievably high, that despite the ones submitting to it are the best of the devil race, less than one in one hundred million are able to go through it.

But those who can overcome it and become Pit Fiends, have their bodies and souls remodeled allowing them to obtain a perfect understanding of the natural energy of Hell as well a connection with the laws of the plane that allows them to advance at incredible speed in the Ranks.

They can even draw a small part of the power of Baator to them as they fight."

The words of Minser shocked a great number of people. A Law bloodline is the highest type of bloodline that exits and their users can display an unbelievable battle power, however, these types of devils can equal them.

Every part of these creatures was contaminated by the power of Baator and people now understood the reason for the force field. It was to stop the wicked and evil power in the spine from affecting the minds and souls of the weak ones.

Anyone who wanted to use the spine will have their consciousness constantly affected by the corroding power that the origin of the fourth cycle of Hell left in the creature's body.

If they are not strong enough they could have their mind so twisted that they can end up eating their children if they think that could give them power.

Zatiel knew the danger the spine represented for the mind of people but that did not include him.

His will is unbreakable and even if it wasn't, the Chaotic-Core inside his Elemental Chaos Heart can filter the chaotic will of the Abyss Aura inside his body and consciousness and it should be able to do the same with the corruptive power of the spine.

'I am in the need of a new weapon and this seems perfect. A Neo-Demon using the spine of a Pit Fiend like a sword doesn't sound bad. It will be difficult to use it with my current power but I can use refiners techniques to fix that problem.' There was excitement in Zatiel eyes as he saw the spine and he was smiling thinking of all types of attack he can perform with it.

His previous sword was no longer useful after the last battle with the Angelic Paragon with wings of winds due to the great accumulated damage it had taken over the years so this spine was excellent for him.

To truly tap into the power of the spine he will need for a Rank 5 Magic Creator, meaning an Artifact Creator, to transform it into an artifact.

But since he is energy pool is so small, he will not be able to use an artifact so instead, he intends to refine the spine that will allow to partially activate the runes in it and draw a decent level of its might.

When Minser saw that everyone has processed the information he just gave them, he made the price for the spine appear.

"The initial price for this Pit Fiend's spine is 900 million magic crystal. Every bid must be one hundred million higher than the last."

The number was exorbitant and that amount of wealth was something a great number of people in the crowd will never be able to own but less than a second after the number appeared above the spine it changed to 1.5 billion.

The spine was not only useful as a weapon. It can be used as an ingredient for poisons or even as the core material for a high-rank runic set.

Therefore the number of people interested in it was not small.

When Zatiel saw how fast the price was growing he frowned but in the next moment, he relaxed. The spine could reach a high level of synergy with his battle style but it was not something he must have so if he is not able to obtain it, he will not truly care.

He remains in silence waiting for the price above the spine to remain steady for a couple of seconds.

It took a few minutes but finally, the price maintains itself at 9.2 billion magic crystal.

"The price to beat is 9.2 billion magic crystals, if there are no more bids in three seconds it will be sold." Minser voice resounded through the entire auditorium as he stated the price.

Only now did Zatiel put his hand over the orb, making the price for the spine reach 9.4 billion magic crystals.

A second later it rose to 9.6 billion but Zatiel immediately makes it grow to 10 billion.

In a suite, one man saw how the number grew and an ominous aura was released from his body. He was smart enough to not let it escape his room but the killing intent in his yellow eyes was immense.

The man was eight meters tall with an enormous and muscular body but what truly was peculiar about him was the fact his appearance is similar to the figure of the Pit Fiend above the spine.

He has black leathery hides, powerful wings, and a long tail. A pair of huge curved horns were coming out from his head, accompanying his sharp teeth and bestial eyes.

There was another man in the room. He was two meters tall and has green skin and black eyes. His power could not compare with the man by his side but that did not mean it was small.

"My Lord, you should reserve your wealth. We can obtain a part of a Pit Fiend another time but important articles will be appearing tomorrow."

The man's eyes narrow when he hears this and although the killing intent in them was still present, the aura around him disappeared.

"Fine, but starting today I want you to investigate any information about the buyer of this spine. I will allow him to have it for now, but what I desire always ends up in my hands."

The man with green skin nods and offers no more words.

Zatiel did not know what those two men were talking about but even if he knew, he would not care. He is not so stupid as to go exposing his wealth for everyone to see and by the time he finishes with the spine, no one will be able to recognize its origin.

The crystals were subtracted from his ring and now he was the owner of the spine of a Pit Fiend. 

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