Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
189 The end of the auction
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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189 The end of the auction

Zatiel was not interested in the articles that will be exhibited during the third and final day of the auction. He knew by how previous auctions went that there will be mostly stuff useful for Rank 6 life form, and even if he wanted he did not have enough money.

However, he still attended with the others. Maybe some unique items like the Underworld Forge could appear and even if he wasn't able to buy it, he will be aware of their presence in the Magi World.

Unfortunately, no such thing happened. What was displayed were potions that could help the training for Rank 6 life forms and also artifacts that can increase their battle power.

Something that calls Zatiel attention was that the last articles displayed were world coordinates and possessions that belonged to Law Beings when they were still Rank 6 life forms.

Buying world coordinates could be considered buying the right to invade and dominate those worlds. There were even coordinates for High Worlds introduced and they were sold at a very high price.

Everyone understands that buying world coordinates was actually an investment since the profits they will be able to get once they dominate the world will be much higher than the price they were paying. Of course, that was counting they were strong enough to defeat the force of the world, otherwise, they will have to resell the coordinates at a much lower price.

Zatiel is currently focusing on the development in the Magi World and the invasion in the Beta Heavenly World so he was not interested in spreading his forces even more. He knows the location of hundreds of worlds and the moment the Neo-Demon race becomes strong enough he will start his expansion.

Among the belongings of the Law Beings, there was a diary that described his experiences and inspirations. Even if the diary was absolute garbage and pure nonsense, it was made from an individual that reached immortality, so it wasn't a surprise that it was sold for more than 30 billion magic crystals.

Regarding things like that, Zatiel was even less interested. Most of the people who bought them were powerful beings with too much money that wanted to increase their status by having possession over an item that once belonged to a Being of Laws. This was not different than rich people in the mortal world that buys a piece of art just because the artist was famous.

The auction ends without any new major surprise and Minser proceeds to say his departure speech.

"Ladies and gentlemen allow me to thank you in the name of the Wisdom Auction House for attending this gathering and I hope all of you have found what you were looking for. Now you can use your badges to go back to your room in the residence and those who have bought articles in the auction will be teleported to a special dimension where they will be handed to you with complete privacy."

In their suite, Zatiel and the rest were all holding their badges. The Neo-Demon looks at them and after some thought, he speaks.

"We will gather in the lobby of the residence once we have our things and we will begin our journey back to the empire."

"Are you not going to remain in here for a few days?" Heinz was surprised by Zatiel decision of leaving immediately.

Unlike them who need to leave because the auction is over, Zatiel can stay here as much as he wants since he is a member of the kingdom.

The Scientia Kingdom is the place with the most advanced magic knowledge in the Magi World and exploring it was something anyone would want to do.

But Zatiel was different and he did not felt comfortable remaining in the kingdom. I wasn't that he felt something wrong but by the level of concern that the true leader of the Scientia Kingdom show for his people, he was sure that this land was under the watch of a Being of Laws and the last thing the Neo-Demon wanted was to draw his attention.

"No need, I will come back when the time is right." Zatiel shook his head and gave no more explanation.

The rest saw these and did not question him. They knew that if he wanted to explain he would have done it, besides this will mean they will not have to wait for him.

 They all activated their golden badges and in the next second, they disappeared from the suite.

Zatiel appeared in a white room with no doors or windows and the only piece of furniture was a table that has three small white boxes on top of it.

He was not alone in the room, Sinir and Gabriel were waiting for him here.

The Neo-Demon eyes narrowed when he noticed the duo. But when he saw the boxes that should contain the Nirvanic Root, Pit Fiend's spine, and most importantly, the Underworld Forge he relaxes and walks to them.

"Why are you two waiting for me in here." Zatiel was smiling as he spoke.

When Sirin saw how casual his behavior was despite he no longer having those three Rank 4 life forms by his side, she could not help but sigh and her eyes displayed a sense of defeat.

She was hoping that Zatiel would act at least a little more modest do to their difference in power but it was clear he did not consider her a threat.

Zatiel was very clear of the behavior of the people of the kingdom and he also knew that the Second Prince will not allow people to hurt him in his presence since the king was interested in him.

"You have to examine the items you bought and I need to know that you find no problem with them." 

She was speaking the truth but of course, such tasks were not usually handled by someone of her position.

Gabriel did not care too much by how Zatiel acted and merely nods before speaking.

"I was sent here by my Royal Father. In case you have decided to leave right now, I was tasked to escort you and your friends back to the empire. We can assure that no one knows the identity of the buyers, however, fights on The Ocean of a Thousand Wonders are very common after the auction is over." Gabriel's face was calm and it was clear he did not consider traveling in an area full of battles, something worth worrying about.

Zatiel did not have a reason to refuse so he welcomes the Second Prince of the Scientia Kingdom into the group before focusing on Sirin.

"Since you are here, I was hoping we could embark on another business transaction."

The Magus was surprised by his words and she already knew that anything related to the man in front of her will not be simple. Their last transaction has allowed her to obtain the knowledge of two books that reached a combined priced of over thirteen billion magic crystal.

She has a great business mind and did not leet eagerness cloud her judgment so she waited for Zatiel to fully explain himself before making a decision.

"I need a constant supply of bloodlines and although the purity doesn't need to be perfect, it also must not reach the point where they have degraded to something inferior. They need to be at least King bloodlines, it doesn't matter if they come from races with disabilities like the chaotic mind of demons or the depravity of devils. I need this business to be made with discretion as well."

The need for bloodlines is very common in the Magi World since there is an entire branch of Magi that follows that path but they are usually also accompanied by a Path Technique that can guide their transformation. Just having the bloodline of a powerful creature is useless if you don't know to use it.

Sirin also found it very weird that Zatiel was not looking for a race in specific and did not care for the side effect of some bloodlines.

But that did not concern her, so after making some calculation about the rentability of the operation, she spoke.

"Due to the standards that you have established, I am confident of being able to establish a steady supply of King bloodlines. For those at the Emperor level, I should be able to occasionally procure some of them although they will have a price of over a billion magic crystal each one of them. I will need time to establish a secure and quiet channel with the hunters, therefore, the first batch will be ready in a year and then every month a new batch will be delivered." Sirin exuded a great charisma as she spoke.

Neither of them even thought about Law bloodlines. That was something no amount of money could buy.

Zatiel knew that this enterprise will need a great amount of wealth and his funds were pretty low right now. Luckily he has a way to handle that.

"If you are willing to use the future money that the books will generate as payment for the bloodlines, I am willing to pay a ten percent commission."

Sirin thought for a moment and since she was confident in her ability to sell the books and the money she will get from them, she agrees with his proposition.

"Excellent. Please send the bloodlines to the Daybreak Magic Tower. There will be a dragonborn to receive them."

Zatiel was very happy after having handled the problem with the bloodlines and once he inspected the contents of the white boxes he says goodbye to Sirin and leaves with Gabriel.

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